4 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing The World

The introduction of the internet into the world was a revolution! It made communications easier and allowed entire businesses and education systems to function virtually, among many other applications. 

But when artificial intelligence started to make its way into the world, there was yet another revolution that changed how we use technology. AI has drastically improved business communications, automated travel, better security, and many more. 

Below is a list of some more ways AI is changing and revolutionizing our society as we know it!

1. Business Communications

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Business is an incredibly fast-paced industry; if you are a part of running a business, you will have to keep up! 

Some companies are capitalizing on the opportunity for AI to make this fast-paced communication easier to keep up with, such as cloud contact center solutions. 

These resources help modernize communications with customers and partners so that you can focus on your products and move your business forward, rather than just keeping up. 

2. Sustainable Agriculture and Engineering

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Recent technological advancements in artificial intelligence are giving engineers and scientists new abilities to manage environmental monitoring. 

This is incredibly important and needed to help improve the condition of the environment - and AI helps because it makes real-time data collection and prediction from the field much easier and faster. 

For example, using AI, agricultural engineers can record weather patterns in an area where crops are affected, and artificial intelligence systems will be able to learn from these patterns. 

With the learned information, AI can then make predictions for future growing seasons as to what the weather will look like, providing agricultural engineers and farmers with the ability to plan accordingly. 

3. Cars and Transportation

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Many companies today, like Tesla, rely on artificial intelligence to improve the transportation industry. 

Creating self-driving cars requires an AI system that can both take in information about the surrounding world and make decisions based on that. 

For example, when an automobile's auto-pilot mode is on, the car uses input sensory data about the road, driving conditions, and other vehicles on the road to control the acceleration, brakes, and steering. 

The car controls all these factors to keep you safe as the environment changes around you.  

4. Cell Phone Identification Technology 

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Whenever you use the “Face ID” security option on your cell phone, you are using artificial intelligence technology. When your phone scans your face, it analyzes the identifying traits that make your face unique and compares it to the data that it has stored. 

AI is needed for this because it will need to scan your face and decide whether it is you or not, regardless of changes in lighting around you and small changes in appearance. Every day you might look slightly different, which would throw off a regular computer code. 

For example, if one day you're wearing glasses, makeup, or a hat, a regular computer code will most likely break. 

With AI, though, it can adapt and learn to recognize your face despite the little alterations and keep your system running effectively without problems.  

Final Thoughts 

In Hollywood, artificial intelligence is sometimes depicted as the ‘bad guy’ like in popular movies where robots take over the world. But in reality, it's much safer and more valuable than some people realize. And it's already becoming a part of everyday life for most people.

AI is revolutionizing the world of business, engineering, agriculture, and automotive transportation. It's even in most of our hands every day in the form of face recognition and security. AI is here to help and make our lives easier and safer!

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