10 Reasons Why Should Students Have Phones in School

According to research, more than 50% of American students who are 12 years old, own a phone. That percentage goes up to 85% when it comes to teenagers owning a smartphone. These findings help us to delve into the mindset of these youngsters as to how they are using their phones. 

Besides, we will also read about some of the top 10 reasons why should students have phones in school. It is high time, that educators do something about it, and make it acceptable and legal. Many students feel that a smartphone is a must-have because it can help them learn more about the concepts and expose them to the latest technologies around the world. 

How do phones help high school students?

Besides, it can help them develop their passion in a particular field. For example, Teresa (name changed), is a 14-year-old high school American student, who uses Tumblr to improve her reading & writing skills.

Since her parents have given her a smartphone, her grades in verbal, oral, and written skills have dramatically improved over the last two years. When she feels bored, she watches Webtoon to see & read comics. 

Moreover, she intends to become an animator and is keen to develop her animation skills, once she finishes high school. 

Reasons why should students have phones in school

Setting responsible digital boundaries

Giving a phone to a student, helps them to learn self-discipline. It helps students to set responsible digital boundaries both inside and outside of the school. The earlier students are taught to maintain the phone limits, the better it is for them. 

Provides students with safety

Phones provide safety to students, as they can communicate with teachers & parents in case of an emergency. America has seen a lot of emergencies in schools & colleges. Naturally, parents will be worried and concerned about their kids & wards. 

Having a phone enables them to communicate instantly through videos, messages, and texts. 

Enhanced learning

A phone can provide enhanced learning to students. Students can use the device to learn & understand difficult concepts through different methods. Besides, a phone enables them to find out more about outdoor activities like sports clubs, tennis clubs, and so on. 

They can join these clubs and improve their outdoor skills as well. If it wasn’t for these sports clubs, cycling clubs, and trekking clubs, then there wouldn’t have been proper physical activities leading to future champions. 

Provides students with a barrage of activities

Continuing on the above point, a phone provides students with a barrage of activities. It helps them stay focused and concentrated on their goals. When they have time off from school and homework assignments, students can take part in some proactive exercises like crowd-speaking, drama, and acting. 

Offers students with a positive change in life

As students move around and interact with juniors, seniors, and their teachers, it helps them have a positive outlook on life. They learn so many things by meeting different people. They get to know more about the outside world, without somebody having to do it for them. 

Effective learning of concepts

Students can learn concepts better. They do not have to panic when reading something that is new to them. It is heartening to note that students love to learn more about touch concepts. They are no longer hesitant to find out more about that particular concept. 

It can be used as a tool

A phone can be used as a tool. You can use it as a calculator, timer, clock, and so on. You can also have reminders in there. Supposing, you are forgetful, then it would be nice to have a reminder on your phone. 

However, place the reminder date a few days earlier than that of your actual date of completion of the assignment. 

Helps foster group work

A phone helps foster group work among students in school or college. You can now contact your classmates and discuss the project online. This is when you have several groups who are working on a particular project. 

Enables creativity

This is the dream for any teacher. You always want your students to be creative and have their own abilities or skills. Supposing a particular student is interested in photography, then that student can be encouraged to use the phone to take photos, videos, and wildlife photography as well. 

Can be used to have memories

A happy student always wants to have those wonderful memories of school & college life. the best way to do that would be to take photos of their classmates, teachers, and the school in general. 

These days, it is common to see some students document their school life. So, this can help other students garner confidence in attending school or college. When other students view the documentary, they feel that they also create a positive school life. 

If you are still not convinced as a parent, then you may find our post reasons your kid should have a cell phone, interesting. Do go through it, we can assure your fears & doubts about kids owning phones will be cleared. 

How do phones enhance the creativity you have?

Though research has shown that students spend only 5% a day pursuing creative hobbies or worthy causes on the phone, there is plenty of scope in it. It leads to generating an interest in a subject like writing or music.

When students are constantly exposed to some form of hobby or creativity, it becomes a regular habit. Several university researchers who have done studies on students using a phone have noted that Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok are ideal social platforms where students can learn a thing or two about creative hobbies, that may lead to a high-paying profession.

After all, students need to be ignited with the fire at some point of time in their lives, to genuinely pursue the hobby. For example, researchers found that many students who want to become animators, spend time on Mingo, which helps them learn & understand more about animation. 

So, as we can see, phones can be used by students in school. Are you a school student, who does not have a phone? If then, you may be interested in our post, on how to convince your parents to get a cell phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should phones be allowed in school?

Phones should be allowed in school to help students learn self-discipline. Though it may take time, they will eventually learn it. Moreover, it helps them learn concepts qucikly, and the device enables them to communicate with elders when they are facing some kind of an issue.

What is the advantage of students using mobile phones?

The basic advantage students have is communication. They can communicate with their parents, or teachers in case when they are in some kind of trouble. Moreover, they can also contact their friends, through calls, texts, messages, video calls, and recorded calls as well.

Can phones be a distraction to students in school?

It wouldn’t be fair to say that phones are the root cause of distraction for students in school. It is like saying, using technology in automobiles is a distraction. Just like it is up to the driver to know when not to use technology when driving a car, likewise, students should learn the self-discipline of when not to use phones during school hours.

Some educators have expressed their worry and concern over phones becoming a distraction for some students, but the majority of students feel the other way. They have expressed their satisfaction with using phones as it helps them complete assignments on time, giving them quality information.

Can phones be good for school?

As we said in the above answer, phones have proven to be an asset for the learning stage of many students. Students have openly claimed that phones enable them to finish homework and assignments on time.

Moreover, some students have learned more through phones than from the textbook, which is a good thing. This goes to show that the device is giving students a purpose and goal in life. Like we read, students who are interested in animation, spend time on learning apps.

Why does my kid want to use a phone?

Your kid wants to use a phone not because they want to show off in front of their friends, but because they are curious to know more about technology. If you have a 12-year-old kid, then it is high time you let them own one.

Of course, you can keep an eye on their phone activities, and have a word with them about the proper usage of the device. Giving your kid a phone enables them to become outspoken, smart, and safe.

Should you give your 12-year-old a phone?

Yes, 12 years is a good age for a kid to own a phone. Researchers & educators have encouraged parents to provide their kids with phones if they are 12 years old or older. However, when you have a 10-year-old kid, then you may want to reconsider.

How many kids have a phone?

In America, more than 50% of kids own phones by the age of 12. It is only a matter of time before the age is going to come down. When it comes to teenagers, more than 85% own a phone, and that number is going to increase in the coming years.


There you go. These were some of the top 10 reasons why should students have phones in school. Gifting a phone to a 12-year-old child would probably be the best investment any parent can undertake. 

So, why don’t you, as a parent, allow your kid to own a phone, and let them immerse themselves in a complicated world of phone experiences that we, adults don’t tend to understand? 

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