10 Best Wrestling News Apps 2024 [Interesting & Exclusive]

Are you a wrestling fan? Want to get the latest updates and news about your favorite WWE superstars? If yes, then it is the right time for you to download the official wrestling news app from Google Play Store and iOS app store. There you can find a lot of collections of interesting wrestling news apps and from that, you can choose the most suitable one for you. Proceed further with this guide and check out the list of top 10 wrestling news apps.

10 Best Wrestling News Apps 2024

Have a look at below to grab the clear details about the top best 10 wrestling news apps:

  • Wrestling-Online.com

wrestling news app

This wrestling news app is considered to be the most popular android and iOS app to get recent and up-to-date news from the wrestling world. This app is preferred by most of the wrestling fans to provide high quality content. This app mainly represents the website in a mobile-friendly version. It is having special news categories such as WWE, AEW, Impact Wrestling, NJPW and much more. You can also share the hot wrestling news through messengers, social media or any other apps. Then you can save your favorite articles to check out later.


  • WWE

best wrestling news app

WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) is the most popular and famous wrestling company. Most of the wrestling lovers prefer to watch WWE when compared to other companies. Therefore they have developed an app for giving a hot update and news about their own company. Apart from the recent news, here you can also able to find every detail about every WWE superstar. You can also able to watch some exclusive matches and biography from this app to gain more knowledge about WWE. This app is highly recommended for those who love to watch wrestling.


  • Suplex

top wrestling news app

In general, watching the success of wrestlers can inspire you a lot. But a real inspiration comes from your success and failures. Those who want to become great wrestlers can download this app now from the Google Play Store or iOS app store without any hesitation. It is a wrestling journal, which lets you know about wrestling events that you are looking forward to participating. In case you want to get proper access to collect the complete information about wrestling, then definitely you can install this app. Its user-friendly feature can impress you.


  • Pro Wrestling News Hub

wrestling news app top

If you are an All Elite Wrestling (AEW) fan, then sure you can install this app now and get the latest hot updates and news. In the play store, it has been named as AEW News - Pro Wrestling News Hub and in iOS; it has been named as Pro Wrestling News Hub. Apart from AEW news, you can also able to get news about other companies such as TNA impact wrestling, WWE, ROH, NJPW, Lucha and much more. This app is popular for rumors and predictions.


  • Sportfusion – WWE News Edition

wrestling news app

In case you don’t want to use premium WWE apps, then sure sportfusion is considered to be the best alternative version. Here you no need to go for the premium. You can get everything for free along with famous WWE matches. Here you can find how the WWE superstars are maintained their bodies. You can get exclusive tips from them to be in great shape and physique. You can find the most recent news about WWE happenings along with proof. Therefore you won’t be misleading with false information.



  • Wrestling World News

wrestling news app top

This is the best wrestling news app which covers all kinds of news from all types of companies. They will provide you the original source of the latest news they are providing and hence you can trust them without any hesitation. This app has been created and then supported by the WWE insiders. Hence you can able to get better access for the up to date information and news from the wrestling world. You can also get the live results of exclusive matches from this app.


  • ESPN

wrestling news app top ESPN

Generally, ESPN is one of the popular American sports channels that everyone is aware of. It can guide you with the latest news that is connected with various kinds of sports. Therefore if you want to get the latest update and news about wrestling, then sure you can check out this app from the Google Play Store and iOS app store. This app is best at streaming live matching results and updates about how superstars are preparing for their match.


  • Feedly - Smarter News Reader

wrestling news app top

If you want only news and nothing more than that, then sure this app is a great option for you. With this, you can get clear details about the current wrestling trends and rumors. You can also check out various spoilers and predictions by accessing this app. Those who are looking for user-friendly wrestling news can go with it.


  • eWrestling News (Android)

wrestling news app top

This is the best wrestling news and rumors app for android users. It mainly focuses on collecting the latest news from the wrestling world. If you use an android device, you can able to experience the cool features of this app. You can check out videos and podcasts, social posts created by WWE and pictures of divas and news about them.


  • WrestleFeed (Android)

wrestling news app top wrestlefield

If you want to get more entertainment every day, then sure you can download this android app without any hesitation. It can let you discuss about wrestling with your friends and have fun. To use this wrestling news app, you need to create a personal account or else log in with your Facebook account. By doing so, you will get regular notifications about the latest buzz and news through this app.


Final Verdict on Wrestling Apps

So why are you still waiting? From the above mentioned scenario, now you have explored the list of interesting wrestling news apps. Therefore without making any delay, you can visit the Google Play Store or iOS app store to install your preferred wrestling news app.

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