Carrom is a game of tricks and strikes. Learn all carrom tricks here

Carrom is now on the list of popular games. Many digital gaming platforms provide carrom games and users love to play it virtually. You will find many people who are ready to give you knowledge about online carrom games and carrom tricks. If you find them useful, then you should listen to them but you have to verify all the things before you implement them. Also, you can verify by playing trial games.

We have provided you with some carrom tricks below that you can use without any verification as we have already verified them by all means. These carrom tricks are mentioned only with one motive, that is to defeat your opponent and to enhance your skills. Only these tricks can help you in achieving your goal, both in online carrom as well as offline carrom.

Some of the Best carrom tricks to Make You a Pro Player

  • Middle Shot

To give an effective start to online carrom, the middle shot is the best carrom trick you can use. This is the first shot you should use at the beginning of the game with all the players in the center of the board. The trick here is to aim at two carrom players who are the center of the board so that you can hit both carrom players concurrently. When you strike two adjacent players simultaneously, they will move in the opposite direction and it will fall in opposite pockets, and bingo!

  • Second Hit

This is one of the most popular carrom tricks you can use in playing online as well as offline. If you are playing against a pro or strong player, then you will find obstacles in your path. One tip to deal with these obstacles is to change your target and pocket another coin. This is the right time to use the second hit carrom tricks. In this trick, you have to use the coin that is coming in the path of your target coin. But if you want to shoot this work, the target coin and the obstructing coin should be on the same line as the pocket. You need high-level skills to use this trick and only then you will be able to get the desired results.

  • Board Shot

Board shot is the carrom trick which is mostly used by pro players as it needs experience and knowledge. Thus, you can use this shot to break the concentration as well as hope that your opponent needs accuracy. Therefore, you have to practice more or you have to just wait your turn. In this trick, you have to hit the striker with high force and it will hit three different sides and then hit the target coin to the side pocket.

  • Center Cut Shot

The center-cut shot carrom tricks is used to target the coin that is placed at the center of the board. You will strike the striker to hit the side of the target can. It will lead to pocketing the coin to the pocket opposite to the sticker’s side. For example, if you hit the striker to the right side, it will pocket the target coin to the left pocket.

  • Back Shot

As you know, online carrom doesn’t allow hitting the striker directly at the back. In this situation, you need a trick in which you can hit the sticker on a point that is the exact opposite of the coin's pocket. The back shot will rescue you and help in pocketing the coin.

In this carrom trick, you have to hit the striker on a point that is the extreme opposite to the coin’s point for this shot. You need to hit the striker with extreme force, then only the striker is pushed back to strike and will pocket your target coin.


To use these tricks, you need to care about three things, the position of the striker, the points of contact between the striker and the carrom players, and the force that is applied to the striker.

If you consider these things, you will surely master all the tricks. To master these shots, you need to be active and concentrated to make all the shots perfect. If you practice wisely and master these skills, it will increase your confidence and help you to dominate your opponents.

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