Can You Have Two Internet Providers in One House? [2024 Guide]

Some of you might not be getting proper internet speeds at your home from your current internet service provider. That can be really problematic as most of the workflow requires a high-speed internet connection these days. That is why some users think to take two internet providers at the same time.

Now some of you might have a question: can you have two internet providers in one house?

And in this guide, you are going to find the answer to it! Along with that, you will also learn a lot about having multiple connections.

Can You Have Two Internet Providers in One House?

The most important question is: can you have two internet providers in one house? The answer to that is: YES! Of course. There are no government rules that stop you from having two internet providers in one house.

In fact, many people who require a lot of data bandwidth for their work prefer to have multiple internet providers in their homes.

So, Yes, there are no technical or legal issues stopping you from having two internet providers in one house.

However, sometimes the broadband companies or the internet providers have a mutual agreement that says an internet provider should not approach or score the customers who already have active internet service from another provider.

But that is not a big issue as you can easily reach out to the other company and have another internet connection from them in your house.

Pros and Cons of Having Multiple Internet Connections

can you have two internet providers in one house

Now that you know that you can have two or even more internet connections in your house, here are some of the pros and cons that you should know:


  • The speed and consistency are always constant at your house.
  • The networks and range are always stable.
  • You can run heavy stream online in 4K easily.
  • The chances of network collision with another device are very less.


  • Having multiple connections at your home can be costly.
  • There are a lot of areas in which finding multiple internet providers can be challenging
  • Although rare, you might face some technical problems by having multiple connections.

Apart from being a little expensive, having two internet providers in one house can be really helpful especially if you have a heavy workload.

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When to Have Multiple Internet Connections in a House?

Having too Many Devices

can you have two internet providers in one house

One of the main reasons why people need a second internet connection in their house is when they have multiple devices that use the internet.

These days we have smart TVs, smart speakers, tablets, laptops, and mobiles and if you have a big family, good luck providing them with internet with a single connection.

In that case, you are definitely going to need an internet connection.

Slow Internet Speeds

slow internet speed

Another reason to have a second internet connection is because of slow internet speeds. Be it work from home or just watching entertainment content online, having good internet speed is a must.

If you want to watch a 4K movie or play online games then you need at least 25Mbps reliable speed. So when your internet provider starts disappointing you, it is time to have another internet connection at home.

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Poor Service from Current Provider

poor service

People who have broadband or fiber internet provider in their homes know that every now and then, these connections face some kind of issue. And in that case, the internet connection is obviously affected.

Now that might not be such a big issue but you definitely need someone to talk to and raise your complaint. This is where internet providers have a notorious reputation, they just don’t listen to your issues. So if you are facing the same issue, time to have a different internet provider.

Tips to Choose the Best Internet Provider


can you have two internet providers in one house

Your first and foremost priority should be internet speed. After all, that is one of the main reasons why you are looking for another internet connection in your house in the first place.

So find a provider that gives high-speed internet connections and just take their claimed numbers with a grain of salt. The speeds mentioned in the brochure are far more exaggerated than real-world speeds.


can you have two internet providers in one house nz

The second thing you should look for is its availability. Here availability is the load that a given internet provider can handle or it can also mean whether the provider you are looking for is available in your area or not.

Oftentimes, providers have a limited bandwidth of customers that they can handle and in that case, you should confirm with the company and if they do not have the capacity to add new customers, you should look for other ones.


can you have two different internet providers in one house

The next thing you should look for is reliability. Think of it like this: what good is a fast internet connection if it goes out every now and then or has high latency?

So make sure that the provider you are choosing has a good image for reliability.


can you have two different internet providers in one house

Another important factor to count in is the cost to speed factor. For this, you will have to compare your internet provider with other ones. Are you paying more for the same internet speed as other providers? If yes, then why are you paying more? These are some of the questions you have to ask yourself. Also, make sure to choose the best balance between speed and cost.

Connection Type

internet connection type

Sometimes you might get offers from a provider to give you a connection for cheaper rates. That is when you have to see the connection type: is it a DSL connection, is it an optical connection or is it fiber? Based on the type of connection, the price, speeds, and reliability can vary significantly.

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Take Local Feedback

local feedback for internet connection

Perhaps the most important thing to do before getting an internet connection is to take local feedback. Just go around and ask your neighbors or friends who are using the internet service, make a list, and write down the pros and cons because this is not a thing you would want to do over and over again. And no one can give you the best review than the people who are actually using it.

Closing Phrase

So that was all about can you have two internet providers in one house and the answer to that is: YES! There is absolutely no issue in having multiple internet connections in your house. In fact, if you are facing speed issues or you have a lot of devices then having a second connection is the right thing to do. Just make sure to select the best internet provider after doing thorough research.

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