Why Is My Ping So High | How to Lower It?( With Images)

In general, lagging issues will occur in every technical application. On that basis, in case, you suffer from the lagging problem while playing the online game means then you have to check out the ping. Just go through this article, here you can get the solution for why is my ping so high. Also, you can find how to reduce latency and lower it.

The lag will appear in the game, only when your ping is so high. Ping is a connection speed measurement and also the connection latency. You can also find how to measure the ping out here. Sure after knowing all these techniques, you can able to improve the lag in the online games in the top-notch manner.

What is meant by ping?

Basically, everyone will have an assumption that in case they are experiencing fast download and top-notch uploading speed, it means the internet connection is very fast and responsive. Apart from that, you have to consider ping. The ping will be more important on the time of reaction. Suppose, a computer has requested to you via your computer means then at that time, if you consist of ping with 98ms will be taken to respond to that request in an effective manner.

Now it has been very clear that in order to make use of ping you must need a very low time. In case you and your friends are playing online games and connect with each other’s and having ping time around 150 or more, then sure you will an enormous number of issues. At that time only, lag will occur. So automatically, you will get a delay in playing the games.

In earlier days, ping doesn’t matter for playing games. But as time become very important, the low ping time becomes very visible. This is the major reason, where the low ping becomes very much important while playing the game. It is very important in playing racing games and first-person shooter games.

Procedure to measure the speed of ping

why is my ping so high
  • Via making use of speedtest.net, you can able to test the internet connection latency in a top-notch manner.
  • No matter which below 20ms will be very much effective. But at the same time, anything above 150ms will lead to the lagging issue.
  • So on the whole; even if you have fastest PC gaming with high ping will take you to suffer from lag.
  • It is always better to consider at a very low rate.

Methods to Lower High Ping

It has to be noted that, there is no such any fixed method is found to reduce your ping, but there are many possible solutions are available. The best one is the trial and error process.

The initial method is very simple. You have to close all the files, documents and other programs which are currently open on your system. Also, check thoroughly, there is no downloading process is running at the background since it will affect the ping.

There also will be another issue will occur that, suppose in your home you and your house member are using same LAN connection and they are watching videos on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hotstar then sure your ping will automatically get high.

If there are many devices connected to the same network means, then sure your ping will automatically get high

Using Best Ethernet Cable

why is my ping so high

So, in order to avoid all these issues, you can move your PC near to the router or else it is better to connect the PC directly to the router via using an extraordinary Best Ethernet Cable like the powerline adapters or cheap Ugreen CAT7 Ethernet cable. From that, it is recommended to use the TP-Link AV2000 2-Port Gigabit Passthrough Powerline. By executing this process, you can able to overcome all this issue like poor signal strength, lag and much more.

Check For Proper Connection

This technique seems to be very silly, but it is one of the best common mistakes, that everyone will do. Check the wires between your wall box and router, whether it has been connected perfectly or not. If it is not connected correctly, your internet connection will become very slow and your ping will be high. So, check the wire once thorough to avoid asking why is my ping so high.

RESET Your Router

If the wires are connected properly and still you are getting high ping means, then you can follow the old tricks like turning off the router button and then turning it on again. Before, you are going to plugging the power cable back again; particularly you have to wait for a minute, after unplugging the power cable from the router. If you having a setup which is comprised of separate modem and router, be very clear that you have turned off both.

Get a New Router

If the above-mentioned methods are not working for you means, then it is better for you to go with a new router buying. Buying highly upgraded routers like Linksys WRT32X or ASUS-AC88U will effectively enhance your Wi-Fi coverage and enhance internet connection speeds. Sure it will be very much effective and very useful.

Contact ISP

If you still have problems after executing all these methods, you have no other options left than calling your official internet service provider. The professional only will have all the potential to fix the issues in an effective manner. Sure they will reduce your ping and improve the signal strength.

For those who would like to understand in a bit more detail about “Why is my ping so high”, please watch the video below.

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From the above-mentioned scenario, you can able to know how to reduce your ping effectively and can play game online without any lagging issues.

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