Why is My Phone Dying on Charger? Reasons and Fixes

Have you ever noticed that you put your phone on charging and just use it casually and instead of getting charged, you see a drop in the battery percentage?

Well, that is something that does not happen a lot but it can definitely happen and there are a number of reasons behind it.

Well, the obvious reason why this happens is that your phone is using more energy than it is receiving while charging. So we need to understand why that happens. If your phone "dies" when the battery icon is showing a positive charge, it means that you have suffered some sort of damage. The best thing to do in this situation would be to take the time and energy needed for charging so as not to risk further damages by continuing usage on an empty outlet or USB port located nearby where possible without any chargers available at all!

But still, in this guide, you will understand some of the reasons why your phone does not charge properly and does during charge.

Why is My Phone Dying On the Charger: Reasons and Fixes

Use of Power Hungry Hardware Components

power hungry hardware causing phone die on the charger

In many cases, a phone dying on the charger usually occurs when you are using a lot of performance-intensive resources during charging.

For example, if you are editing a huge HD or 4K video, or playing heavy games for longer durations, the hardware components can consume a lot of battery and that is why your phone might not get properly charged.

So if your phone’s hardware is consuming more power than the charger is capable of delivering then you will see the phone dying on the charger issue.

What you can do is close all the power-hungry apps and then restart your phone. Now put it to charge without doing anything. This will resolve the issue for you.

Damaged Cables or Ports

damaged charging port

The cables carry the current that charges your phone and if those cables are damaged then proper electric flow will not take place. The same thing applies to the ports as they are the receiver for power on your smartphone. If the charging cable or port on your phone is damaged then you will face this issue.

If you have a damaged cable, replace it ASAP and also try using a different charger to see if the port is good or not.

Damaged Charger

why is my phone dying on the charger

Another reason why your phone might be dying on the charger is because of a damaged charger. When the charger is damaged, it won’t be able to produce the correct power needed to charge your phone and as a result, your phone will charge really slow or not charge at all. That is when you will see your phone dying even when plugged in.

First of all, you need to try a different charger and see if only your charger is at fault or not. If the malfunctioning is exclusive to your charger then you should replace the charger and get a new one.

Low Wattage Charger

why is my phone dying on the charger

Every battery has its own limits to what wattage of charging it can support and if the charger does not meet those limits then there will be issues. It is always recommended that you use the official charger from your smartphone manufacturer that is supplied in the box or the charger that your phone’s manufacturer recommends.

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Damaged Battery

why is my battery going down while charging

Another prominent reason why your phone might be dying on the charger can be due to a damaged battery. Over the course of time, a battery goes through wear and tear and losses its total capacity gradually. It is a very natural process and all the batteries go through it. So if you have an old smartphone, chances are that its battery cells are dying and that is why you are getting this issue. What you can do is, get your battery checked and if it is damaged, you have to get it replaced.

Software Bug

why is my battery going down while charging

In some rare cases, a bug with a new software update can also cause this issue. It does not happen a lot but it has happened in the past. You need to contact your smartphone’s customer support to get clarity on this. If there is an issue with the update, do not install it and if you have installed it already, you can roll back to a previous update.

Closing Phrase

So those are some of the main reasons for your phone dying on the charger. It is usually related to hardware issues and most of the issues can be fixed easily. We hope this guide helps you in resolving your issue.

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