4 Ways To Find Your Favorite Celebrity Profiles On Instagram

The increase in the usage of social media among the young generation has made the world accessible at everyone’s fingerprints. People do not need to consult different people to find which shops are best while they can just survey different pages on social media apps and find what they are looking for. Customer reviews also play a helping hand in such a case. But the question arises when a person needs to find a person on Instagram. Reverse image search plays an important role in making things easier to search.

How to differentiate between real and fake profiles and how to tell if an account is using real images or edited. Talking about the specific social media platform, Instagram, there are some methods that the application allows for people to find specific celebrities and other products.

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Textual search

You can search the names of the celebrities you want to find one by one and follow their respective accounts. Textual search in the case of Instagram shows many results corresponding to the name of the person you write. Some of the results may be other fan pages of the celebrity and others may be common people with their private profiles who have the same name as the celebrity. Also, many celebrities do not have their official pages by their names. This makes it even more difficult to search it by text if eve the spelling differs a bit.

Now, you need to search through those pages to find the one which is the official page if it does not contain the blue tick. Otherwise, the blue tick makes it obvious. Also, the results might contain hashtags which are also a method to find the images and the celebrity’s page. But it might be a trivial and time taking job to find the official page this way. This is when image search comes in handy.

Image Search

Another efficient method to directly find your celebrity without having to stalk through other pages to find the authentic one is using an image reverse search tool. The reverse photo search utility allows you to input an image instead of text and run the search based on that image. This means that if you enter the image of your celebrity, it will enlist the search results based on the searching parameters that the algorithm picked from the image.

The reverse image search tool will analyze the facial features and find pictures based on them. The results of the image will yield other identical or relevant images which will include other images of the celebrity in this case and will also contain a section where it will display the links which contain the image or similar images.

This will not only enlist the results containing other websites, but many search engines will also enlist the links from social media platforms which will contain the profiles that contain images similar to the one you entered for image search. Many browsers such as reverse image search use their engines to run a search through more than one platform which includes other browsers and social media platforms from where you can pick the link containing the original account of the celebrity.

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You can run a hashtag search on Instagram and find many images relevant to the celebrity. This feature is very useful if you want to find a large number of images related to the person as the results of hashtags are similar to the image section of image search results as they contain a long list of images posted with the entered hashtag. But if you want to find the real account, it can also be found this way. Open different images and they will contain a tag to the real account of the person.

Many people do not add the tag of the celebrity on the pictures they post on their fan pages. Because of this, it is trivial to search every page by yourself and find the tagged images. Hashtag results include mixed outcomes from different pages which helps the user have images with different tags and a higher chance of coming across an image with the hashtag to the original page.

Official Mark

The official profiles of celebrities contain an official blue tick mark provided by the platform itself after confirmation of the real account. In any sort of search method you take to find the main profile, it will yield many profiles based on the image especially the image search method. Then you can pick the real one by judging the official mark.

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Final Words:

There are many ways to find celebrities online but the best strategy is to use image search. It is not only the most recent advancement but also an easy approach to find the official pages on not only Instagram but across many social media platforms.

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