How To Install Apps Directly To SD Card From Play Store [2023 Guide]

Installing apps via Google Play on an Android device may be a straightforward process, but do you know how to install apps directly on your SD card from Play Store? Unlike installing applications directly to the memory space of the internal storage, doing so enables them to work faster and without using up any space from the memory.

All Android devices have an SD card slot but not all of them allow you to install apps directly to the SD card. The issue is that Apps automatically get installed in the internal storage by default. Today we’re sharing how you can install your favorite applications directly to your phone’s SD card using several different methods.

Note that running an app off your SD card will almost certainly be slower than running it on the phone’s internal storage. Therefore, you should use it for apps that do not require a lot of performance. These instructions should work for all Android 6.0 Marshmallow devices and any apps that have been updated to support Marshmallow’s new adoptable storage feature.

Making SD Card as The Default Storage Medium for Play Store

To change the default download location in Google Play, you’ll need to make some changes in your phone settings, as Google Play (the app) itself doesn’t allow you to do so. The exact steps will vary depending on the make and model of your phone and this article covers the basics:

  • Tap on the Settings icon on your Android mobile and you can find the Storage tab in the resulting menuHow To Install Apps Directly To SD Card From Play Store
  • There are three options: installing the app on your internal storage (storing it in its entirety), on an SD card (with some limitations), or letting the system decide where to store itHow To Install Apps Directly To SD Card From Play Store
  • Tap on the SD card and it will now appear as the primary storage option for your smartphone

Android phones have an option to use an SD card for app storage. Although the method for doing this differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, the feature is present in all major Android phones running on Android Marshmallow or higher.

How To Setup Your SD Card Properly?

After you insert your SD card, the Onboarding Wizard will guide you through the process of importing contacts and telling you how to properly configure your SD card. So, insert a memory card into your device and follow the prompts.

  • Tap on the “Setup” option located at the prompt in your notification bar to configure it

install Apps Directly To SD Card From Play Store

  • Go to the tab and select the Use as “Internal Storage” option
  • Before moving apps or files, you should first format your SD Card by tapping on the “Erase and Format” option
  • If you are sure that you have to move your data by a certain date, select "Move Now". Otherwise, select the "Move Later" option
  • A message will display that says "SD card is ready to use". After you tap "OK" to confirm, the process will be finished

How To Install Apps Directly To SD Card From Play Store

The next time you download apps or media, it will automatically save to your SD card. In case you’ve already added an SD card to your smartphone, you need not format it at all. All you have to do is make it a primary storage media and you’re good to go.

How To Transfer Apps to SD Card Manually?

If your phone’s interface doesn't let you change the download location manually, then you should move the apps yourself. Keep in mind that the process may differ based on your phone’s model and android version. Here are the steps required to be followed:

  • Access the “Settings” app through the gear icon and navigate to the “Apps” menu to proceed
  • Choose the application you want to transfer to your SD card
  • On the new interface, you have to tap on the “Move to SD Card” option
  • Wait for the application and its files to transfer properly

How To Transfer Apps to SD Card Manually
With these steps, you can move your desired apps to an SD card without any hassles. Again, based on your phone’s model and version, the settings may differ and therefore the steps may vary. However, you should be able to locate these options with ease.

How To Save Storage Space on Android Smartphones?

Mobile phones these days come with a large amount of storage, but even then, they can still run out of space quite quickly. In this section, we are going to look at how you can potentially save some space on your Android phone:

  1. Delete Unnecessary Files
    If you have a lot of large files stored in your phone's internal memory, you'll need to delete them or move them to an external card. In addition to the phone's integrated file management functions, many Android phones also offer third-party solutions to help you clean up your storage space.
  2. Uninstall Unwanted Apps
    Some of the apps that you have installed aren't as important to you or aren't necessary anymore. If you uninstall them, it will free up space on your phone and allow you to store what’s required instead.
  3. Use a Cloud Storage for Media Files
    You can upload your media files to a cloud service. However, you'll need an internet connection to access them. If you'd like to free up space on your phone and your external card, this might not be the best solution for you.

Bottom Line

Android devices are very popular because they can do a lot of things that smartphones running on other systems usually don't. There are just some features that come with every android device that ordinary phones don't have. One of those features is the ability to install applications directly to the SD card of the phone.

We all have limited space in our phone memory. At the same time, we keep downloading apps and games from the play store. Now when you have read this article, you know how to install apps directly to SD card from play store.

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