myTube App Review: A good YouTube App For Microsoft

Often, we have been asked the same question by many of our friends and colleagues, "How do we minimize YouTube and still watch the videos?"

Even we have pondered over this question while watching an interesting video on YouTube and some crucial features came up. To make our life easier and our watching experience on YouTube, Microsoft Store has just the magic wand we all needed - the myTube App.

That’s the best way we could have built up for that!

What is myTube?

Developed by Ryken Studios, myTube is currently a third-party YouTube app on the Microsoft Store. It lets you watch YouTube on the Windows 10 operating system. Now, we were quite impressed with the app as it solves the problem of background playback of your YouTube videos.

This means, whether you are working on an Excel sheet or a Word document, or even on Photoshop, you can still run YouTube in the background. Be it listening to music on YouTube in the background or watching a video in a miniscreen, this myTube has just made it easier all the way.

mytube app review

What do we get with myTube?

Now, we shall start answering the frequently asked question on the internet. This will help us better answer your queries.

What is the best YouTube app for Windows 10?

The answer for most of us using YouTube on Windows 10 will be the myTube app. The developer has packed a lot of impressive features. It currently runs on the version 4.0 and has a superb and friendly interface that makes it easy to handle, you can go by our words.

Gone are the days of multiple settings to achieve the best performance, as myTube does it on its own, based on the phone’s system requirements. The myTube app supports a maximum quality of up to 2160p media playback. So, it never let us compromise with the quality of the video while on the myTube app.

The myTube is supported on Windows OS on both tablets and PCs, which gives us the option of streaming videos.

mytube app review

The best part about myTube

Although all of these are pretty attractive features for us to have, the best bit about myTube is the uber-clean UI. Apps that work as overlays on the screen often prove to be irritating because of heavily crammed up windows.

But myTube brings with it the Compact Overlay mode and comes with a sole Title bar that houses different options on it. Thus, it ends up wasting much less space on the screen, making it a smooth experience. Add to it, the fact that it has recently jumped into the Xbox One bandwagon and has gotten all the gamers excited.

This could only mean one thing, a complete gaming experience with your very own playlist.

best youtube app for windows 10

Does the myTube app have issues?

The myTube app isn't free of its own share of troubles though, and we should let you know about them. The most important is, myTube being a third-party application, can run into issues every now and then due to poor optimization on the YouTube platform.

This can cause myTube to stutter to a point where the app gets forcibly closed down at times. We faced it quite a few times.

With each update on YouTube or a change in an API, users may face problems that the developers and Ryken Studio might have to fix.

Download myTube App

Should you try myTube then?

The app might have a few flaws, but nevertheless, the features have been packed together to make it impressive. You can do so much more with myTube and we will surely recommend it.

Featured Imaged Credit: Ryken Studios

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