10 Best YouTube Apps For Windows 10 in 2023

YouTube is the number one video-sharing platform in existence. It originally started out as a way for people to upload short films and series, but has grown into much more than that over time especially with its endless options of content available on any topic you can imagine!

And because everything goes viral on YouTube nowadays any businesses are turning towards this site in order to promote themselves or their products through videos online; which means we need some good quality apps like "Best Youtube app Windows 10" if we want thematic use throughout our organization device such as laptops/desktops etc.

Does your desktop/laptop not have a YouTube app? Don't worry, we've got the perfect solution for you! There are lots of great video streaming sites and apps that allow users to watch videos on their desktop computers. However if none exist in particular or they're all just wasn’t designed specifically with windows 10 specification then this article might be able to help out by providing some tips about the Best youtube apps for windows 10 available today.

Perfect Tube For Youtube

best youtube app for windows 10


  • As the same suggests it is very clear, this app will be perfect for using in windows 10.
  • The perfect tube will be one of the best and the top-notch Best Youtube Apps for Windows 10.
  • The feature it is providing will be extraordinary and irreplaceable.
  • This app will be regularly developed and got new features
  • The app will be completely designed for the purpose of windows 10 in an effective manner.
  • Along with that, this perfect tube app also consists of built-in gesture support for the purpose of Windows 10 touch screen users.
  • This app is also having the potential to support HoloLens, Windows Hub, and Windows Phone.
  • The perfect tube features will include a most effective user interface in order to browse the featured, trending, and popular videos, the process of opening the links of YouTube around the YouTube app, and the process of switching between the enormous numbers of youtube video qualities very extraordinarily.
  • This app will effectively support the mini player in order to make browsing via the app a little bit simple, so you should never miss the watch time at that time.
  • Generally, the mini player will play the active video.
  • It is also to be noted that, this app is a free app and all types of users can able to download this app for free.
  • As it is free, there are certain features that will be locked like a paywall. If you want it, then you can able to purchase it.

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Tubecast For Youtube

youtube app for windows 10


  • In case you are going to casting YouTube to any other devices, then at that time, this app will be the best option.
  • When it has been coming to casting YouTube, this app will be considered as the top-rated
  • This app can able to cast YouTube to an enormous number of apps and gadgets like Chromecast, Smart TV, Google TV, AirPlay, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Internet box, DLNA, PS4 and Xbox One & 360.
  • Most importantly, this app will also support the 4K videos; play the audio when the device has been locked,
  • Download the videos to the local disk and can able to watch the 360° videos very easily.
  • You can try this app, in case you are searching for the best app to cast YouTube.
  • The cost of this app will be $2.99.
  • The free seven-day trial is also available, so just make use of it.

myTube For Youtube

best youtube app for windows 10


  • This app is one of the most extraordinary apps to watch the videos of YouTube on windows 10 in an effective manner.
  • The most unique thing about this app is, it will be regularly updated and no outdated content will be available here.
  • By using this, you can able feel the freshly updated user-friendly experience.
  • Along with that, this app feature is very rich, so one can able to get quality results.
  • The video playback user interface will be very clear and it will not cause any distractions to the users unlike the official web interface of YouTube.
  • There are also picture in picture mode is available in this app, so that one can able to do multitasking in the system while watching the videos.
  • The most effective features of this app add but do not limit to the particular channel notifications.
  • Process download of videos to the local disk, TV mode, and private mode.
  • Distraction-free and most effective watching experience.
  • Support for the particular live tiles, a process to provide a notification while playing the video on mobile data and from the actual YouTube history process to separate myTube history.
  • In case you want to watch the videos with your friends then there is a new feature is available known as rooms and you can make use of it.
  • The major process you have to do is that you have to just create a room and then from there you can share your password to the friends and then join the room by watching the same videos at the same
  • This app is not a free app; you have to pay $0.99 to get this on your Windows
  • But it will be a worthy one, sure you have to try.

Always have a track at this, since sometimes, you will find this app for free, so grab that app at that time.

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Awesome Tube


  • This app is also one of the most famous and effective Best Youtube Apps for Windows 10 which consists of an enormous number of features that you will require.
  • It does not consist of any special settings page and it is its uniqueness.
  • Wherever it is needed, the needed options will be logically and neatly arranged very easily.
  • It is also a free app and users can able to download it for free.
  • Apart from that, the developer also putting more effort into adding more features to this app by regularly updates it.
  • The major features of this app will be to downloading the videos to the local disk, picture-in-picture mode, separate pages for the purpose of subscriptions, your library and trending, videos can able to be pinned, so that you can able to easily browse the app in a most extraordinary manner. It will also support the live chat and video streams and much more.
  • This app is a free app, but it will consist of ads since it is free.
  • In order to remove those apps, you can able to make a purchase out there.

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Pro Tube For Youtube


  • This app is one of the lightweight windows 10 YouTube apps, which consists of an enormous number of user-friendly features.
  • The UI will be completely derived from the era of Windows 10, but it will still perfectly works in a top-notch manner.
  • This app will very much minimal and user-friendly.
  • It will also never display any kind of confusing or unnecessary options.
  • Without any distraction and disturbance here you can able to watch videos by just logging in with the Google account very easily.
  • This app has been included in the process of the ability to play 4K videos via YouTube.
  • Detailed information on videos, separate local history, views, and subscribers.
  • Support for the process of live video streams and much more.
  • This app is a completely free one and you must try this app, without any hesitation.
  • Sure it will satisfy your major needs.

4K Player for YouTube

best youtube app for windows 10


Whether you have a high-resolution screen or not, making sure that you are playing any given YouTube video in high quality is highly important. Thankfully, one of the easiest ways to ensure that media playback on your YouTube app is clear and crisp is to check the playback resolution. And if you are familiar with YouTube, then you must know that 4K is considered to be a pretty high resolution. This is exactly what the 4K Player for YouTube offers to the user. It ensures that all of the videos that you are watching on YouTube are being played in 4K. When compared to playing YouTube videos in a browser, this player does not show any ads. In other words, you can enjoy all of your favorite YouTube channels without being interrupted. Another handy feature of this app is that it can be a great way to listen to music on YouTube thanks to background playback support.



Those of you who keep downloading a lot of videos from YouTube at the same time might be frustrated from using online websites. Not only are these websites quite cumbersome to use, but you also need to spend a lot of time just to download a couple of videos. Thankfully, that is not an issue with the iTubeGo YouTube app for Windows 10. It is considered one of the best options out there if you are looking for a batch downloader. You can simply create a list of videos that you want to download and then it will download all of them at once. In fact, you can download the videos in any of the 20 different file formats supported by it. And the best part about this YouTube app is that not only can you download YouTube videos, but it even supports more than 10000 websites. This includes social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and various others.


Fizztube App for Youtube

Fizztube Youtube app Windows 10

FizzTube is one of the best and clean YouTube apps for Windows 10 that you can download for free via Microsoft app store. Although it has a paid version, the free edition should be more than enough for most users who want to watch YouTube videos on an windows app instead of in the browser. FizzTube is a combination of three separate apps that lets you watch, download, and convert YouTube videos on your Windows 10 computer. It lets you convert your videos easily as well so you can convert them from one format to another to make them playable on all of your digital devices.

Fizztube is a new app for YouTube that makes watching videos more fun and engaging. With Fizztube, you can add exciting sound effects and animations to your favorite videos. Fizztube also offers a variety of filters and other special effects to make your videos look amazing. If you're looking for a fun, new way to watch YouTube videos, then Fizztube is the app for you!


Wintube for youtube

Wintube App for youtube
WinTube for YouTube is a nicely designed youtube app for windows that serves the purpose it’s been built for and allows you to watch your YouTube videos on your desktop. Via this app you can see it now or listing with lock screen of your device. It also shows list video by category Trending, Music, Sport, Live, etcetera. An extra feature that you might appreciate is it lets you download videos as well. That way, you don’t need to have an Internet connection to watch your favourite videos as those can be downloaded for offline access.

What makes wintube so special? For starters, it has some features that other streaming apps don't have. One of the best feature is the ability to speed up or slow down videos without affecting the pitch. This is perfect for people who like to watch sped-up replays of their favorite sports games.


Youtube TV

best youtube app for windows 10

Ever since its launch in 2017, YouTube TV has proven to be one of the best live TV streaming services, with top channel selection and unbeatable user experience. Now a days Cable TV is slowly fading away and people are now moving over to online TV streaming services or Video On Demand (VOD). YouTube TV is one of these and the YouTube TV app for Windows 10 lets you access all the live channels available on the platform on your desktop computer.

Beyond channels, YouTube TV is easy to use, slick and speedy on a variety of TV and mobile devices. Its cloud DVR is the best in the business, with unlimited storage and pretty much all the capabilities of a hardware DVR. YouTube TV is different from YouTube, the free video service with more than 2 billion users a month. YouTube TV offers an experience similar to cable TV, with live channels and on-demand content available on a variety of devices. It works with Apple TV, Roku (sort of), Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast along with numerous smart TVs, phones, tablets and web browsers.


Impact of YouTube

To connect with the customer, YouTube is the best tool that can able to attract the customer. There is more number of the search engine are available and but YouTube is unique from everything. The video must provide the best information and trusted information to the customers. The true information about your company must be provided there, through that your client will know the complete details of the product. The main duty is to update the new information.

To attract the audience, your video should not be longer and also it should not be too short. It must be short and crisp and must explain the advantages of your product.

The ads must be legal to be displayed so that everyone can able to watch that and even children can watch those videos. If the video is more violated means then sure you have a chance of getting failed in the business. So, always concentrate on your video content to get commercial success among audiences. It is also considering as one of the top-notch video streaming platforms, where people can able to find all kinds of videos out there. All type of video genres is available there, so just one can make use it in an effective manner.

Final verdict: Best YouTube App for Windows 10

In case, you are in need of an app with more features, but it must be fewer amounts, then sure you can go with the myTube. The cost will be very less when compared to the other apps. Even though there are many free apps that are available, many features will never be experienced. That app has also been used by many people across this globe, hence it will consist of extraordinary features. In case you simply want to experience the YouTube apps for windows 10, then sure you can go with free apps.

So, finally, from the above-mentioned Top 10 apps, you can choose your most suitable Best Youtube Apps for Windows 10 and proceed further.


Is there an official YouTube app for Windows 10?

YouTube doesn't have an official app for Windows 10, but that might change in the future. There is also Microsoft's own YouTube-based software available on their store to download! It's pretty good too.

Which YouTube app is good for laptop?

myTube is the best YouTube client you'll find on Microsoft Store for your laptop. It also has a lot of positive reviews from people who use it and love watching videos online or even recording their own!

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