6 Best Registry Cleaners for Windows 10 in 2024

A registry is one of the most essential items in your computer's herd. It is basically a database that stores low-level settings for the operating system and applications that opt to use the registry. Windows Operating System uses the registry to store much information used to control and manage your PC and software. It can be anything from PC hardware information to user preferences and file types. Almost any form of configuration that you do to your system involves editing the registry.

Why clean the registry?

Computer registries can put you in trouble when there is an overflow of unwanted data and information. Even the frequent installation and uninstallation of applications, utilities, and other programs have the potential to slow down the performance and speed of your system. Data is entered in your registry for every program or application, which with continuous installation, gets accumulated. It may lead to your registry crashing and generating error messages. Moreover, it can prevent programs from running properly if you do not eliminate unnecessary data.

What is a Registry Cleaner?

If your PC's maintenance is your utmost priority, then Registry cleaner is a vital tool for you. A registry cleaner is software designed for Windows to remove redundant items from your computer registry. Windows registry is a utility program that removes unnecessary configuration files, identifies and removes empty and corrupted files from your system. It offers a wide range of benefits that are discussed below:

  • It identifies invalid, empty, malicious entries and all unwanted information from the registry.
  • Since the registry plays a crucial role in the functioning of your PC's operating system, it becomes important to create a backup of the registry before making any changes. And almost all the registry cleaners provide this facility of creating the backup and restore options.
  • With registry cleaner, you can even boost your system's performance and speed by removing all the malicious, damaged, and corrupted settings that are capable of slowing down your PC.
  • If you face DLL errors on your system, then the registry cleaner fixes this problem.

6 of the Best Registry Cleaners 2024

1. Advanced Systemcare Pro

This is one of the most popular registry cleaners as it cleans the unwanted and empty registries very effectively. It cleans up the disk space and consequently improves the speed and performance of your PC. It even boosts your internet speed and ensures faster internet speed. This registry cleaner does not just clean your registry but also makes sure to block any secret access to your personal information. Hence, it prevents your online privacy and protects your PC.

You can either buy the premium version or can even go for the free version. You'll get basic features with the free version, while the paid version contains some additional benefits. Also, you can read the detailed Advanced SystemCare Pro review before making a purchase.

2. System Mechanic Pro

If you face constant freezes, crashes, and errors, System Mechanic Pro can be a great option. From blocking malware to removing bloatware, it does everything for you. This tool uses military-grade data wiping technology to ensure the safe and permanent removal of any sensitive file or data. It even helps you retrieve any data, picture, video, or document that has accidentally been deleted. To ensure an error-free computing experience, it uses live updates from Iolo Labs, enabling it to find and fix over 30,000 different issues.

3. Advanced System Optimizer

The task of getting rid of invalid and unwanted files becomes easy with this registry cleaner. Apart from the cleaning part, it evens keeps malware, spyware, and other infectious files away from your system. To delete your files permanently, it uses military-grade technology and also prevents any attempt of unauthorized access. This tool also comes with a game optimizer as well as a memory optimizer. It creates a backup of your important files and also lets you recover any deleted files.

4. CCleaner Pro

CCleaner performs a regular cleaning up of the junk files present in your system to ensure a smooth computing experience. This tool deletes your browsing history and cookies to maintain anonymity and keep your data safe. It comes with the feature of regular updates that makes it even more useful. It won't be wrong to say that it is the world's most trusted PC optimization tool that provides advanced features and is also easy to use.

5. Auslogics BoostSpeed Pro

This tool comes in both free and premium versions. It performs the function of cleaning junk and invalid files from your PC. Even if you choose the free version, it provides you basic protection. It performs the function of PC optimization as well as manual internet optimization. For advanced features like advanced PC cleanup, advanced privacy protection, full registry cleanup, regular scanning, and many more, you can go for the premium version.

6. Wise Registry Cleaner

Cleaning obsolete items and identifying errors and residuals from the registry can be easily done with this tool. The tool automatically creates a backup of your important files before it performs the cleaning function. It even provides multi-user cleaning, which enables you to clean the registry of all your devices. It offers two scan modes, which include fast as well as deep scan mode. You can choose any of the two as per your requirements.


There is no denying that the registry cleaner is a must-have to eliminate residual files that can lead to system errors and even crashes. It is advisable to clean your registry using any of the above tools that fit your requirement. One can even do it manually, but that can ruin your system if not used properly. So, it is better to choose any of the cleanup software utilities as per your needs. It is obvious to get confused amidst these many cleaners, but a proper decision is all you need to make.

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