How to Check Mouse DPI in Windows 10 [2024 Guide]

How to check mouse DPI in Windows 10? Often a DPI of a mouse decides its affect-ability. A DPI (Dots per Inch) is used to measure the sensitivity of a mouse. DPI is also at times known as PPI, pixels per inch. PPI means the number of pixels the cursor of your mouse moves per inch. So, a mouse with a higher DPI will move the cursor on the screen more distance than a lower DPI mouse. Also, DPI is different in relation to the common mouse sensitivity setting. DPI alludes to a mouse's hardware capacities, while sensitivity is only a software setting. The mouse with a higher DPI has some extra benefits which help you in online click test games to score high ranking. If you're in the market and looking for a new gaming mouse, you might have come across the terms CPI and DPI. Some gaming mouse comes with a CPI switch and some with a DPI switch. So before buying a new gaming mouse, you should know the difference between CPI and DPI. It is one of the most preliminary factors to consider before buying a new gaming mouse. Not many can differentiate between the two without confusion.

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A sensitive mouse is useful for gaming as the cursor will respond to even small movements of the mouse. Top-of-the-line gaming mice enable users to modify their DPI settings for more accurate targeting. Wondering how you can take full advantage of your gaming mouse? Your mouse can lose a ton of the advantages and charm it is known for in the event that you neglect to set it up correctly. There is a possibility that your mouse's DPI or sensitivity is set excessively high.

 But what if you don’t know your mouse’s Dots per inch and would like to check your mouse DPI?

Well, don’t worry…

In this quick guide on how to check Mouse DPI in Windows 10, you will learn how you can easily check your mouse’s DPI.

Let’s dive into…

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How to Check Mouse DPI in Windows 10

The evident thing you can do is scan online for the mouse’s make and model. If it is an unbranded one then there’s a possibility that you’ll discover a specification sheet that records the DPI figure.

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Change Mouse DPI with on-the-fly Button

If your mouse has the DPI on-the-fly switch then by simply clicking on it you can directly change the mouse DPI. The button permits you to rapidly and continually change your mouse DPI.

  1. Find the on-the-fly DPI catch on your mouse. It's generally on the top, or bottom of the side of your mouse.

2. Press or slide the button to change your mouse DPI.

3. The LCD will show the new DPI settings, or you'll see a notification on your screen to disclose the DPI change.

Check Mouse DPI Via Using Microsoft Paint

  1. Open Microsoft Paint

Open Microsoft Paint by searching for it in your Windows 10 taskbar or your list of applications.

  1. Set Zoom Level

Set your zoom level to 100%

3. Select any Brush tool

Select any brush tool and place your cursor to the far left of the screen. In the bottom-left, the first number should show '0'.

4. Final Step

Hold the left mouse button and move your mouse around 2-3 inches. Without moving your mouse, check out the first number within the bottom-left and note it down.
Repeat this process multiple times, then find the average of every measurement. this is often your DPI.

Use Online Analyser To Check Mouse DPI in Windows 10

If you can’t discover your mouse’s DPI, utilize this online DPI analyzer to estimate the value.

Install Software

If you have an unbranded mouse that depends exclusively on Windows’ Stock mouse driver then you ought to have the option to download the appropriate software from the manufacturer's site. Though inexpensive mice have a fixed DPI that you can’t change. Mice with adjustable DPI can change their settings through the mouse setting in the operating system or through software provided with the mouse. For example, a top-notch gaming mouse normally has customization software given by the maker.

In Windows, you can access DPI settings through the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center.

This may appear like a silly way to determine your DPI, however, it works near perfectly. Since MS Paint comes with the ability to check the pixel your cursor is at, you’re able to do a bit of experiment to seek out a somewhat accurate measurement of your DPI.

Mouse acceleration

  1. Go into Windows’ mouse settings Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Mouse and click on the Pointer Options tab.
  2. Untick the Enhance pointer precision.
how to check mouse DPI

On the off chance that you have mouse driver software installed, ensure any mouse acceleration is disabled. If mouse acceleration speed is disabled your movements are like for like. This means, that when you move your mouse two inches on the mouse pad, it will move a similar distance on the screen, in the event that you move your mouse a distance of 5 inches on the mouse pad, it will move a distance of 5 inches on the screen.

Pointer precision makes the mouse pointer move at various lengths relying upon how quickly you move your mouse, which is negative for gamers.

Navigate to the DPI analyzer website. Measure the rough distance that you have to move your mouse to make the pointer go from the left side of the screen to the right. With the help of a ruler measure the distance and enter it in the Target distance box on the website.

Since you’re unaware of your mouse’s DPI you can’t put a value in the configured DPI box.

Next, click on the red crosshair at the bottom of the page and drag it to the right. Make sure your pointer doesn’t reach the edge of the monitor as it will give an incorrect result. When you let go of the button, you will get a figure by Actual DPI.

how to check mouse DPI


Improve Mouse Performance

  1. In-Game Mouse setting

In case you're an enthusiast of computer games, you should incline toward better mouse performance to improve the gaming experience. So, in addition, to adjust the mouse DPI in your computer, you can likewise arrange the mouse settings in your games. Most professional gamers use a DPI setting between 400 and 800.

2. Update Mouse Driver

An outdated mouse driver can cause issues in your mouse, so you should update your mouse driver for better performance.

You can manually update the mouse driver via looking on the producer’s site, downloading the most recent and right driver, and introducing it to your PC. This requires time and computer skills.

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How do I change my mouse DPI and sensitivity?

Nowadays lots of mice have buttons to change the DPI setting. Some even have in-build displays which show the current setting, while others don't. To check clicks per second of your mouse there are several other methods that can be found online.

If your mouse doesn't have any buttons, or they're not doing what you want, then open your mouse software (if preinstalled) and look for options to change the DPI as we discussed earlier in the article. You should be able to determine an exact DPI setting.

For those without dedicated mouse software, use the Control Panel settings detailed above and adjust the Pointer speed slider until you like how much your cursor is moving.

Alternatively, use the Windows 10 Settings app, click on Devices, then Mouse and you'll find a Cursor speed slider that does the same thing.

In a nutshell: 

Whether switching your DPI or not depend entirely on your personal preference. It is all up-to you if you want to change your mouse sensitivity or not.

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