Razer Phone 2 is an awesome 'gaming-phone', but?

Razer sees itself as a gaming phone pioneer. During today's launch of the Razer Phone 2, the company stressed that while other companies may be following suit. It kicked off this new mobile category. But is it really an upcoming, under-served segment of smartphone buyers? And is there enough of a market to support mobile hardware purposefully targeting a specific slice of the overall demographics? Razer clearly thinks that so. Every aspect of its second-generation device is aimed at enticing the gaming fanatic. A 120Hz display refresh rate to an RGB light-up logo on the rear.

When the 1st Razer Phone was launched in 2017, it was well-received in a number of ways, with features like super smooth display, loud dual front speakers, and a powerful 400mAh battery. One of the common complaints from reviewers, however, was that it failed at some of the key functions they'd come to expect from a high-end phone, like a decent camera. This was reasonable enough. The company had built the Razer Phone to cash in on the growing mobile gaming and esports market, not to toss another general interest device on the market.


Why gamers? Mike Chan, vice-president of mobile software told tech website Android Police,  "We believe mobile is the next frontier for esports. Look at Fortnite and PUBG. [Both] made their way to mobile, and these are the two hottest games on the planet right now."

But Chan also stated that mobile gamers are not just people who play shooters or the "hottest games".It's just about everyone, even those who play games that are non-competitive, like Candy Crush. Thus, with the second-generation device, Razer upgraded its camera. It was one of the biggest sore spots. By switching from Samsung to Sony IMX sensors and working on improving the camera software.

Razer also included IP67 water resistance and wireless charging, thanks to a glass panel on the rear. Plus, the IGZO LCD display ranged from 380 nits to 580 nits. The device gained some improvements on the gaming side, as well. There are the RGB lights, which user can set to change color for particular notification alert such as yellow for Snapchat or blue for Facebook. There's a new vapor chamber for thermal cooling running through the device to help keep the Snapdragon 845 chipset at top performance.

But, for Razer to provide not just a solid gaming experience but the overall quality which was missing the first-generation device.



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