The Number You Have Dialed is Not in Service

No matter how far we evolve in technology, calling someone and expressing your thoughts with your voice is something that will not be replaced by messages or chats anytime soon. That is why people love to call their family members and friends on various occasions. However, one of the messages that can spoil your enthusiasm is “The Number You Have Dialed is Not in Service”. Usually, users get this voice message when they try to call an incorrect phone number. But what if you know that the number is correct but you still get this message? Well, that is what you are going to understand today.

In this guide, you will learn about the “The Number You Have Dialed is Not in Service” message and why do users get it.

What Does it Mean by The Number You Have Dialed is Not in Service?

To understand phone numbers, here is how it works: there are administrators, then there are providers and finally, we have the users. The administrators generate and give batches of phone numbers to the providers. Providers are your SIM card and ISP companies that provide you with networks and internet. Once the batches of numbers are sent to the providers, they can allocate them to users.

When a number is not in use or when it is not allocated to any user then the particular number is not in service. So whenever a user accidentally or non-accidentally dials such a number, they can get the message saying: The Number You Have Dialed is Not in Service.

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When Can It Happen?

Now you know what a non-serviceable number is, we can dive right into why some users get this message. And there can be plenty of reasons why you might get this message.

Dialing the Wrong Number

the Number You Have Dialed Is Not in Service

If you dial a number and you hear an intercept message saying The Number You Have Dialed is Not in Service then there is a very strong chance that you might have dialed the wrong number. Also, if other users are getting this message when they are trying to call you then also, there is a strong chance that they might have dialed the wrong number. So before you make any move, just double-check and see if you are dialing the right number or not. Also, ensure that you give the correct number to other people if they want to reach out to you.

Using Incorrect Area Code

the Number You Have Dialed Is Not in Service

Hey! But what if you know that the number you have dialed is absolutely correct and you still get this message? Well, in that case, there can be several explanations.

Every region or country has its own unique area code and you are supposed to add it as a prefix to a number before you call it. If the number you are dialing is in a different region or has a different area code and you didn’t add it as a prefix then you will definitely get this error message and you will not be able to make the call.

Just make sure that you know where the number belongs to and then search for the area code of that region. Then add it before the number to make the call and hopefully, your call connects.

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Call Forwarding

the Number You Have Dialed Is Not in Service

Oftentimes, many users do not like to be disturbed when they are working but they also do not want to make other people feel as if they have turned off their phones. So to make a deception, they forward their call to a number that is not in service. As a result, even when you dial their correct number, your call still gets forwarded to an invalid number and you get an error message saying The Number You Have Dialed is Not in Service.

You can detect this trick easily, all you have to do is look at the screen when you make the call, if it shows forwarding then you know the reason behind this message.

Weak Signals

weak signal

In many cases, you might get this error message simply due to weak signals or network overload. Yes! That is correct. Network provider companies have different intercept messages for different errors but when the error is not specific and the automated system can’t detect it, the software can send out random error messages and this error message can be one of them.

Unpaid Phone Bills

the number you have reached is not in service

One of the most obvious reasons why you might get this error message is because the person you might be trying to call has not paid their cell phone bills and their network provider has cut their service. That is one of the prime reasons why you might get this error and it can be easily resolved by paying the phone bills and continuing the service.

Spam Callers

Telemarketers, spam callers, and many people use spoofed numbers generated by the software to make calls to people. When people see a legit number, they are more likely to pick it up. So when you miss a call from them and try calling them back, you will get an error message saying The Number You Have Dialed is Not in Service. That's why its recommended to run a reverse phone lookup using a service like information.com before dialing an unknown number.

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Is There a Way To Fix The Number you have dialed is Not in Service?

Contact Customer Support

Customer support from your network provider is the only party you can contact if other people are getting this error when they are trying to call your number. Try explaining your issue to them and they will definitely help you out.

Wait for a While

Sometimes you can also get this error when the network is overcrowded. You can try calling the number after a while and hopefully, the issue will be gone.


So that was all about The Number You Have Dialed is Not in Service message on your phone. We hope that this guide helps you in understanding the issue in a better way. There can be a lot of reasons to why you might see this message and you can fix some of them easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean by number not in service?

When a phone number is no longer in use, it's called "number not in service" or NIS. This can happen with both landlines and mobile phones. When someone tries to call a number that's no longer in service, they'll hear a message that says the number is not active anymore.

If you call someone and it says that the subscriber is not in service, do they still get texts?

If the subscriber's phone says that they are not in service, they are likely not able to receive texts either. However, there is a possibility that texts sent to that number may be delivered once the service is restored.

Why is a cell phone number not in service while changing from one carrier to another?

This is because the process of switching carriers involves a number of steps, including the deactivation of the previous carrier's service and the activation of the new carrier's service.

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