What Kind of Laptop Do I Have? [Find Model Number & Specs in 2024]

We have many reasons as it is, the users also have many reasons why users would want to double-check the model and requirements of their laptop. They might be contrasting the old laptop to something like a newer one that they choose to buy. They may be matching the device's specifications to the criteria of a computer game to compare whether the user can play it. But whatever the cause, finding a computer's model functionalities and specifications is relatively simple.

In this guide, we'll show you how to find your laptop model number and other important specifications.

Identifying the Model Number of The Laptop

The device's make and model will help determine its specifications and locate debugging detail. Fortunately, the product code is usually easy to find. Turn the laptop on its side. A badge and tiny text can be found anywhere below the user's screen. Much of the time, is where they will find the model of the laptop. That model and manufacturer are often listed collectively, while the company and product name are listed in certain situations.

That being said, this detail is not necessarily contained mostly on the bottom of both laptops. To search the laptop's reference number, users may need to detach the base panel. However, in these situations, it's usually better to find the model within the System Preferences. Throughout the search section at the lower of the browser, select the control panel. Mostly in search engines, select mostly on Settings Menu application. Select System and Security from the drop-down menu. It needs to have been the first choice. Select System from the drop-down menu. It will show information regarding the machine. The name and design of several laptops will be mentioned in some of the given suggestion’s websites.

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Examining the Specifications of The Laptop

There are some other ways that figure out what Processor, GPU, and space of the RAM the machine has if users really need to see that.

Locating the Processor

Under Windows 10, determining which CPU users have is easy.

  • Right-click on the Keyboard shortcut throughout the lower-left section and choose Properties. A drop-down menu would appear.
  • Select System. It belongs at the center of the list.
  • They should have been on the about page at this stage. A segment called System Requirements can be found around partly down the list. In this segment, the processors on one’s laptop would be mentioned beside the word processor.
  • The Device Specifications tab will even talk about just what RAM the user has.

Examining the Motherboard

what kind of laptop do i have checking via motherboard

We may want the device with our choice. It's unlikely that they need to search that motherboard on any computer. That being said, there are several easy steps users can follow if they ever would need, too many causes. Throughout the searching bar in the below part of any page, type machine detail. Throughout the search engine results, there should be an app named machine details. Select it by tapping on it.

This will bring up a lengthy list of data. That being said, near the end of the list, the user can find a segment labeled BaseBoard Maker. That's the name of the motherboard's manufacturer. Further below, they will see BaseBoard Model and sometimes BaseBoard Product, which seems to be the model number of the user using the motherboard. The System Configuration panel will also help them figure out what Graphics processing Unit the users have, including how much storage they had also enabled.

Examining the Graphics Card

what kind of laptop do i have checking via motherboard

(Image Credit: Nvidia)

Whenever it comes to entertainment, we know that the graphics processing unit is critical. They will need to know which type of GPU they have if they want to know if the user laptop fits the specifications of a game or equate it to some other system.

  • Right-click that Windows Applications button in the lower-left corner and pick Properties. This could pull up the menu of many selections.
  • Select Device Manager from the drop-down menu.
  • The user will now be provided with a selection of everything from drop-down options. Any gadget on the phone, including those linked via USB and Wireless, is included in this application.
  • The category labeled Display Adaptors can be found at the top. Choose it by tapping on it.
  • The whole menu will include a listing of the Graphics card. Only bear in mind there could be two choices: including one is standalone GPU another for the processor’s graphics chipset. If two alternatives are open, that standalone GPU would be the option to consider.

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Suggestions to buy with good configurations

The optimal combination between flexibility and portability is found between 12.5 to around 14 inches. If the users don't travel much, bigger screens are good, and smaller ones are better for youngsters. If they pay more cost strive for the following minimum specifications: 1920 x 1080 panel, Core i5 CPU Rather than a hard disc, the computer has 8GB with RAM plus SSD capacity. If they intend to take the laptop somewhere, 9+ hours with power supply battery life will be perfect. If they choose to use any laptop mostly as a tablet, look for the 2-in-1 laptop such as either the bend back and perhaps detachable. If that's not the case, a regular notebook could be a safer alternative.

How to Figure out how much of the RAM the user's Laptop Has?

Many of us need the systems described above can also be used to calculate how often RAM the user's laptop has. That being said, they can also use the guidelines underneath to evaluate the device's RAM in such a different way:
• Only at end of any computer monitor, right-click mostly on the Window control panel.
• Mostly in the drop-down menu that emerges, select the setup option.
• They have arrived at an about tab. They will see a segment named Device specs if the users scroll down moderately. They have less than the number of space storage as RAM. It is indeed usually referred to as mounted RAM.

Is It Possible to Update the Laptop?

Users may be involved in updating their laptop's features while reviewing its specifications. Even so, unlike desktop computers, the laptop's main components cannot be quickly upgraded. In certain cases, updating its laptop's RAM including space is a simple process. There's also the option of improving its graphic card capacity with the growth of new GPUs. If the users have the old laptop that either can't even run the best games, though, they will need more than the high ram required as well as an SSD update. If this is the case, users should generally try buying the better version laptop or the new one. It is all up to our choice.

Final Verdict

So, what kind of laptop do you have? Once you know the model number and specs, it’s easier to find the right upgrades or determine if your computer is capable of running that new game you just bought. If you need any help finding this information or upgrading your laptop, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance. Thanks for reading!

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