11 Best Apps for Pregnancy Diet & Nutrition 2023

One of the most important things that you need to monitor during pregnancy is the right kind of diet. Since your baby’s health and nutrition are dependent on the type and amount of food that you eat during your pregnancy, you want to ensure that you have the right diet.

Having a good diet during pregnancy is more than vital for the health of both the mother and the baby. While we see a lot of applications of technology in various sectors, healthcare is one of the areas where it shines the best. This is where the tech guys, doctors, and nutrition experts all come together to create apps that are valuable and useful for all people. 

Luckily, we’ve found the best apps for pregnancy diet & nutrition out there to help ensure that you give your child the optimum nutrition that they need. These apps will make it easy for you to stay organized, keep track of your nutrient consumption, and understand how good nutrition is a vital part of your pregnancy.

Just like the best baby monitor under 100, these apps for pregnancy diet will help you become the best possible parent for your baby and keep your baby healthy!

However, this guide is all about some of the best apps for pregnancy diets. So if you are a pregnant woman or someone close to a pregnant woman, you can use these apps to get the best pregnancy diets customized for the mother.

Benefits of Using Apps for Pregnancy Diet & Nutrition

Here are three benefits that you will enjoy when you use these apps during your pregnancy:

1. Help you Create the Right Diet

One of the most difficult things for pregnant women is to create the right diet for themselves and their babies. This is especially difficult if you are a first-time mother and you have no idea what foods to eat!

With pregnancy diet apps, you can easily create a daily or weekly meal plan that will automatically adjust as you progress through your pregnancy.

2. Gives you a Complete Nutritional Breakdown

You’ll never have to worry about lacking a certain vitamin or mineral if you’re using a pregnancy diet app. Most good-quality apps will give you a nutritional breakdown of the food items that you want to eat so that you know exactly what you are consuming, from nutrient content to calorie count.

3. Shows You Which Foods to Avoid

Having a pregnancy diet app can help you focus on eating the right kind of food by showing you which ones to avoid. In some cases, these apps can also help you curb your cravings by showing which food items are safe to consume in moderation.

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11 Best Apps for Pregnancy Diet & Nutrition in 2023

We’ve scoured the Internet for you and found the three best apps for a pregnancy diet. These apps will help ensure that you receive optimum nutrition during your pregnancy.

1. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Best Apps for Pregnancy Diet-1

This app is available for both Android and iOS and was created specifically as a nutrition guide for moms-to-be. Using this app, you can get personalized nutritional feedback based on your health history, age, and BMI. It can even sync up with a fitness tracker! The app offers a food log that helps you track your nutritional intake as well.

2. Mylo Pregnancy & Parenting App

best pregnancy diet apps

The very first one on the list is Mylo Pregnancy & Parenting app. This is an all-in-one stop for pregnant ladies. With over 60K+ ratings on the Play Store, this is one of the top parenting apps. Here you will find the diet chart even for the baby. Along with that, you have regular Q&A sessions with experts. Overall, it is a must-have app for any pregnant woman. 

Download it for Android | iOS

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3. Baby2Body: Pregnancy Wellness

Making the right decisions during pregnancy and parenting is crucial. The Baby2Body app is a comprehensive tool that offers personalized guidance and support to help parents make informed choices. With a wide range of features, this app is a must-have for expecting and new parents.

Download it for Android

4. Sprout Pregnancy Diet App

Best Apps for Pregnancy Diet-2

This simple app is available on iOS. It has a weight tracker that you can use throughout your pregnancy to check if your baby is developing correctly and gaining weight properly. It even has developmental charts and timelines that you can use as a guide, as well as a kick counter!

5. Pregnancy Pounds Diet App

Best Apps for Pregnancy Diet-3

Another app available on iOS, Pregnancy Pounds keeps track of your weight and gives you a detailed weekly assessment. This will help you ensure that you are gaining weight properly for each stage of your pregnancy. This app also has a visual timeline so that you can see your progress at a glance.

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6. Mealime 

Best pregnancy app for second time moms

Probably one of the most user-friendly apps for customized diet plans. Using this app, you can get customized diet plans while also excluding the foods you do not like. If you are really looking for some expert diet plans, this is an app to go for. 

Download it for Android | iOS

7. Pregnancy Diet: Food & Recipes 

This app is, particularly for iOS users. The app comes with some of the best recipes available. The great thing about this app is that the recipes available here are quite customizable and easy to make. So even if you have some restrictions, you can always make the adjustments according to your preferences. If that wasn’t enough, the app also tells you the benefits of each recipe.  

Download it for iOS

8. HealthifyMe - Calorie Counter, Diet Plan, Trainers

Apps for Pregnancy Diet

This is again a great app for getting pregnancy diet plans. This site comes with a lot of features but the main highlight of this platform is the personal touch they give to everything. When you sign up with this service, you get real experts providing you with real and well-researched diet plans that are effective. 

Download it for Android | iOS

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9. Pregnancy Diet App


Again a great app for iOS users. This app is full of great recipes for pregnancy and the diet plans are quite easy to follow. Then the app also comes with workout routines. Working out and building strength during pregnancy is also crucial so overall, this app is great for any pregnant lady. 

Download it for iOS

10. Hello Belly: Pregnancy Tracker and Baby Tips

best Pregnancy-Diet-Apps

Watching your baby grow is a surreal experience. This app helps you enhance that surreal experience by providing professional tips on a daily basis. It is one of the best pregnancy guides in the market. It also comes with a meditations feature which is vital for pregnant mothers. Overall, the app is great and the good part is that it is available for both Android and iOS so you don’t have to worry about different platforms. 

Download it for Android | iOS

11. Pregnancy Tips Diet Nutrition

Pregnancy Tips Diet Nutrition app

Finally, we have the Pregnancy Tips Diet Nutrition app on the list. Now, this is not the most personalized and most intuitive app on the list. However, the app is great if you are just looking to get some tips for your diet online. In fact, it provides you with a categorized list of diet plans for each trimester. The app also tells you which foods you should avoid during pregnancy. Having this app on your phone if you are a soon-to-be parent is a brainer. 

Download it for Android 

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Apps and gadgets make it easy for parents like yourself to ensure that your baby is healthy, from pregnancy until birth. While you are pregnant, you can use these three amazing apps that we picked out to make sure that you are getting the right nutrients for your child. After your baby is born, you should invest in the best baby monitor apps so that you can easily keep an eye on your child as you go about your day.

Do note that some of these apps might be paid and have in-app purchases. If you really want a good and professional diet plan then it is better to pay for it.  

That was all about the best apps for pregnancy diets. We hope this guide helps you to find the perfect diet plan. May you and your baby get all the blessings and health. We wish you the very best of luck with a new phase in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best apps for pregnancy diet?

There are many apps that can help you maintain a healthy diet during pregnancy. Some of the best apps include Ovia Pregnancy Tracker, Mylo Pregnancy & Parenting App, and Baby2Body.

Is there an app to track nutrition during pregnancy?

Yes, there are a number of apps that can help track nutrition during pregnancy. Some of the most popular options include the Sprout Pregnancy Diet & Nutrition app & Pregnancy Tips Diet Nutrition. Both of these apps allow you to track what you eat, as well as monitor your calorie and nutrient intake. They can also provide helpful tips on how to make healthy choices during pregnancy

Why Pregnancy Diets are Important?

During the pregnancy phase, a woman’s body goes through a lot of hormonal and physical changes. Along with that, you also have a life inside you that is growing day by day. It is only natural to know that the regular diet can’t support the needs of a little baby inside the womb and the mother carrying it. 

This is where you need an expert who knows about nutrition and pregnancy. The expert can count in all types of variables and nutrition needed and then create a good diet chart for the mother.

How Do Pregnancy Nutrition App Play a Role?

In a normal setting, to get a nutrition plan for a pregnant lady, you will have to find the best dietitians and then make an appointment with them. After that, you will have to go to their clinic to get the diet chart. Do you see? That is a lot of steps!

With an app for nutrition, you just have to sign up and enter your details. You will get a personalized diet chart instantly from qualified experts. There is a long list of customizations and changes. You get full support and you also do not have to travel anywhere. All you need is a smartphone. With apps, you generally get a very personalized experience. 

One of the other factors to count on is your locality. There is a very high chance that the place where you live does not have expert dietitians for pregnant women. But with an app, you can get your diet and consultation anywhere. So why adjust for one of the most important phases of your life, right?

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