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9 Best Pregnancy Exercise Apps (iOS & Android)

Do you have any idea about pregnancy exercise apps? Want to grab the complete details about it? Then here you can find the solution for it. You can go through further this blog and collect the info about pregnancy workout apps. In general, pregnancy will cause a lot of changes in the body of women throughout the whole duration. Most of the woman will never have the energy to work out or exercise at that time. It is mainly due to the less energy level. But doing exercise during pregnancy is one of the best habits.

Process Involved In Pregnancy Exercise Apps

If you want to give birth to your baby in a normal delivery manner, then sure you can use the pregnancy exercise apps and learn the best workout from there. These apps will give you some great exercise which will make you to get relieve from the pregnancy symptoms like leg cramps and back pain.

Just have a look at below and you can find the list of top pregnancy exercise apps. The apps mentioned below are chosen based on their best performs, general reliability, great user reviews. So you can completely believe these apps and start your exercise today. You can also consult your doctor, before using the below-mentioned apps.

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Best Pregnancy Exercise Apps Of 2020

Oh Baby!

pregnancy exercise apps


This app is one of the best pregnancy exercise apps, which not only consist of the weekly pregnancy workout. It will also consist of the developmental milestones for your doctor resource, baby and a kick counter and much more.

  • A due date will be mentioned in this app, where the exercise will be effectively structured and designed around it to give you the best results.
  • This app will be free for the first six to ten weeks, and then $4.99 will be charged for this app to use further.
  • As the workouts are worthy, sure you can invest in this app.

By considering the all kind of its extraordinary features, this app will provide the best results and it worth for the payment which is making.

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Aaptiv (Top Rated Pregnancy Exercise App)

pregnancy exercise apps


Whenever you need, this app will be very easy for you to do the workout and exercise along with the enormous number of exercises across a huge number of the multiple categories and features.

  • Only seven minutes you have to spend for doing exercise with this app.
  • So you can able to start with the very small routine through this app.

You can also check out the customized programs and classed which are suitable to your needs and goals.

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Prenatal Workout


With this pregnancy exercise apps, you can able to get a new workout regularly every day with its ultimate features. This app is specially designed for pregnant women, those who are in their first trimesters or second trimesters or third trimesters effectively.

  • The yoga mentioned in this app is explained by the highly qualified yoga instructors, so that it will never cause any side effects to the women those who are following it.
  • It will also very effective and safe, so that you can able to enjoy a joy while doing this.
  • Each and every exercise mentioned in this app will be only around 20 minutes, so that it will be very smooth and time-saving for the mother to follow.
  • You can able to customize this app in order to grab the most suitable workouts for you at the time of pregnancy.

You will never feel any irritation or hardness while following the working through this app.

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Yoggy Healthy Prenatal Yoga

best pregnancy exercise apps


As the same suggests, you can guess that this app will offer a regular yoga practice for women to have a healthy pregnancy without any difficulties. In order to reduce the pain during the delivery time, this yoga will be very much useful for a mother.

  • This app is especially dedicated to offering a completely unique experience to feel their body and connect with their baby by having a great stretch.
  • At this time, each and every mom will have a great pleasure of connecting with their baby.
  • In this app, you can find 7 simple and effective exercises to follow.
  • Total time of those exercises to complete will be just 10 minutes.

This will be extraordinary for the quick relaxation and for the effective exercise practice.

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Tone It Up Pregnancy Exercise App


This app is one of the best prenatal exercises and modifications for the postpartum and expecting mothers without any issues.

  • The workouts or exercises have been suggested by the built-in community and top fitness trainers in an extraordinary manner to keep the women to be motivated and supported.
  • The exercise which is suggested here can able to done by women on their home itself.

And those are customized to the women who are in their three months of their pregnancy. Their baby will get strong through this tone it up app.

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Baby 2 Body Pregnancy Exercise App

pregnancy exercise apps


In order to live a healthy lifestyle with great trustable guidance during your pregnancy, then sure you can make use of this Baby 2 Body app in a top-notch manner. This will consist of the additional activities of the customized pregnancy workout plans, mindfulness workout and recipes.

  • Each and everything which women have to follow during her pregnancy will be available in this app along with the exercises.
  • This app will also consist of the healthy podcasts and coaching, breathing exercises and pelvic floor processes.
  • Along with that, it will also include the digestible details on the stages of baby development.

In order to stay active and healthy, you can use this exercise app, without any fail. Women can also stay young, by following these app workouts regularly.

Kegel Trainer PFM Exercises

exercises for pregnant women


By using these apps, you can able to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles along with the most extraordinary daily reminders and easy-to-follow sessions. In order to guide the exercises perfectly, you can able to customize this app for audio prompts or visuals.

  • This app has the potential to make the exercise to be effectively fit in these sessions in the most extraordinary workout that will widely ranging from the time of 30 seconds to 3 minutes.
  • It will never go above than that, it is because of its simple workouts in the most ultimate manner.

As this app consists of 10 different sessions, so it is must to be challenged with a new exercise at each and every time.

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Pregnancy Exercise and Workout at Home

pregnancy exercise apps


Pregnancy Exercise and Workout at Home, as the name itself, you can understand that, this app will be best for doing the workout and exercise at home very comfortably.

  • At the time of every level of your pregnancy, you must follow the most extraordinary and advantageous exercises for effective impacts.
  • The exercise pictures, animations, descriptions and prompt will make each and every movement to be easy to follow included with the effective reps and rounds.

The installation of this pregnancy exercise apps will be very easy. This is also not a paid app. It is completely free.

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Prenatal Yoga and Pilates

pregnancy exercise apps


In this app, popular celebrity yoga and Pilates teacher, Health Magazine editor and famous physical fitness expert Kristin McGee will be along with you to do the exercise. Just follow her very accurately and get benefited through it.

  • The total exercise in this app will be only around 9.43 minutes only.
  • In that duration, she will do some effective five different and unique exercises, which will be a great option for women to grab the advantages in a top-notch manner.
  • These will also effective includes both the advanced poses and the beginner poses.
  • When you are the initial stage, just follow the beginner poses.
  • As the days go on, then you can automatically follow the advanced poses in an effective manner without any issues.

Some women are very busy and do not time to do the workout, those women can make use of the express workout. That will be very quick and offer great results.

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Doing workout with the help of pregnancy workout apps will benefit you and your baby too. Your baby will be active while you are doing a workout without fail. Blood flow will be at a proper level, so that, it will allow you to have a normal delivery. At these days, most of the women are not facing normal delivery; it is mainly due to the inactiveness in their body. From the above-mentioned list of top pregnancy exercise apps, it is you to decide the most suitable app for you to do the exercise suitable to your health. Just try it out and sure you will get benefited through those apps.
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