Best Jesus Apps in 2024 To Live A Faithful Life

Searching for Best Jesus Apps?? Faith in God is more important than anything in the world. God wants you to be in His side always. By obeying every law of God, you would be pleased and give you abundant peace and blessings that you ever could have imagined. Do you like to strengthen your faith even in the hustle-bustle life? Many numbers of ways are available that would be helpful for keeping faith in Jesus.

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Even with the advancement in technology, most people find it difficult to be faithful to the creator. But God manly wants you to turn from your ways and have faith in Him all throughout your lives. With the use of modern technology, it is easier to improve your fellowship with God. When you like to keep your faith in God as the most important, then it is important to pray and read the bible daily.

Communication with God becomes the most important option to stay faithful. To improve your faith further and strengthen you, it is best to choose Jesus Apps, which is useful for you on the go.

YouVersion Bible App (The Best Jesus App!)

best jesus apps


YouVersion Bible App is one of the Best Bible App suitable for Android and iOS. This app mainly has more than 1000 versions of the audio files of the Holy Bible. Now, you could search for more reading plans on this app and market your favorite verse. YouVersion Bible is one of the best Jesus Apps, which would be useful for you and give you a complete option for reading the bible verse in a more efficient way. When you are rich knowledge of the Bible verse, then it is the best option for increasing your faith in God. Listen to the Bible verse when you are traveling on a train or anywhere. Instead of spending idle time, you could easily install this app on your Smartphone and listen to it.

Pray As You Go – Daily Prayer Jesus App

best jesus apps


Pray As You Go is the unique prayer app for your mobile, and it gives you handy features within a moment. You would definitely feel connected with God anytime. Pray As You Go is mainly enabled with the beautiful texts, music as well as question from the Bible verse. Mainly, this Jesus Apps produces complete prayer sessions even every day so that this would be a quick option for praying to God.  When you are distressed or anxiety, then you can connect with Jesus anytime. This app helps you to improve your motivation for your prayer.

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Sermon Audio

sermon audio


When you lie to listen to the beautiful sermon on the go, then SermonAudio is your unique choice for you. It is one of the most incredible resources for more than 1.2 million sermons. You can also get the search option in this app which is easier to filter

  • Search your relevant topics
  • Name of speaker
  • Featured sermons

Sermons on this app are available in both the audio as well as a video option. It is easier for downloading them on your Smartphone and views them even without the internet connection. This mainly has a vast database of the sermons so that it would be easier to download them.

Words of Jesus Daily

best jesus apps


When you like to listen to the words of Jesus, then you can install these Words of Jesus Daily, which would give you complete options for learning more about the sermons. Words of Jesus Daily especially deliver the complete short scriptures that mainly contain words of Jesus. This would be notified to the user on a daily basis. Users can also choose the varied version of Texts as well as the read-aloud feature.

Got Questions Jesus App
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When you have questions regarding the Bible or how to follow Jesus, then you can install this Got Questions, which is completely helpful for you to get the most inspiring insights. Each of the questions will be answered about God, Jesus, faith, as well as living Christian Life. Whether you are new to faith or believer of Jesus for years, you could get all answers on this app. when you are a big part of the journey that deals your life in the right direction with God then you could use this app for getting to know more about the Christian faith as well as personal life.

iDisciple Jesus App
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iDisciple is one of the most amazing and mind-blowing apps that especially offers you a complete insight about faith and Jesus. Whether you like to have a growth plan based on the spiritual aspects of life career, then you can get more answers in this app. you would get more information about the Bible verse.

  • Adoption & Foster Care
  • Bible
  • Children/Teens
  • Evangelism
  • Leadership
  • Life Challenges
  • Marriage
  • Personal Productivity
  • Relationships and more

iDisciple gives you complete information about everything and anything in life. iDisciple delivers you the word of God on your Smartphone and easier to read layouts.

Daily Audio Bible
daily bible jesus apps


Daily Audio Bible is the most favorite podcast app that many numbers of people choose. Even though life changes into chaotic, sometimes, it is essential to read the Bible and hold God every time. God does not want you to go away from him in troubled times. When you ask Jesus about anything with faith, then He will do everything as you ask. All you need is a leap of faith.  Daily Audio Bible is one of the unique Jesus Apps with audio files that is helpful for the workaholic people. Most people do not have time to hold the Bible and read them daily. Hearing the word of God is more important, and this app mainly helps you to know more about the verses in the Old Testament, New Testament, Proverb, Psalm, and many others.

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Storybook Bible (Jesus App) for Kids

story bible jesus app


Giving the kids abundant knowledge about Jesus would be a suitable option for them to grow in their faith easily. Even though most are not easier for introducing Jesus to the toddlers, it is a much more excellent option with the use of this Storybook Bible for Kids. With the use of these Apps, it would be more useful for getting the interactive features with them, and your kids would definitely enjoy it when using this app in a unique way.

This app mainly helps the children to read and listen to all the stories of God in the Bible. Storybook Bible for Kids features awesome graphics that would definitely give you more meaningful content. Lots of bedtime stories are available for the kids and give them quite entertainment. When your children started to live by faith in Jesus, then no evil can harm them. Now is the time to teach your children about the love of God.

Jesus Calling Devotional App

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With the use of this Jesus Calling Devotional app, you can completely grow in the faith, and gives you the extensive option for enjoying your day. Jesus Calling Devotional mainly features the message of Jesus and His love for humankind. It also gives you more about the sermon and directs your mind and soul in a unique way. Jesus Calling Devotional is helpful for giving your daily Bible verse reading and scheduling your plan for Bible readings.

Verses – Bible Memorization App

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Verses – Bible Memorization App becomes one of the most preferred Jesus Apps of all and suitable for easily reading more number Bible verses and memorize them in a unique way. In fact, this app mainly helps you to make completely memorizing the word of God on the go. Many like to use this app and suitable for saving more time in the process.

It is also the best way to lead your time and faith with Jesus. When you are staying close to the Bible verse, then it would be easier to know more about God and His love for us. You can also play quick memory games to keep you on track and gain more knowledge.


Whether you like to Memorize the Bible verse, daily Bible verse notifications, or Bible audio, then the above is the best option to pick. Listening to awesome messages and sermons by great prophets of God and turn your heart and soul to God. Living in faith with Jesus requires some extra work, and these are helpful for you to easily strengthening your faith.

From the above-mentioned scenario, you can find the best Jesus Apps and choose your most favorite one. If we missed anything, tell us about it in the comments!

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