9 Best Compass App for iPhone and Android 2024

Which is the best compass app of 2024? In case one has no idea of where to move further, at that time, the compass will be very useful. As the technology gets developed, the old compass has no impact these days, because the usage of smartwatches and GPS devices become more popular. Are you thinking that compass is nothing in front of today’s technology? Then you are wrong! Still, the compass will be the best option, at the time of your outdoor adventures. In case you have lost somewhere, at that time, you can use your map & compass to find your way. Check out MyOpenCountry for an in-depth guide on how to use one correctly.

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Still, serious hikers, survivalists, and backpackers have been using a compass, to get a better trekking experience. Now you can make use of the compass in your phone itself. Many best android compass apps have been invented now in an extraordinary manner.

Best Compass App Advantages and Disadvantages

Without using a real compass, you can able to get a lot of benefits via having the best android compass app on your android os mobile. Even though the compass apps are easy to use, hassle-free, and very convenient, but some of the apps will not provide accurate results. Below, you can find the advantages and disadvantages of a compass app. Also, you can check out the functionality of the traditional compass with the comparison of this app.

Advantages of a Best Compass Apps

  • Compared to a traditional compass, the compass app is free. By simply downloading in the android play store or app store, the process will get
  • It will also be very convenient when you are at your outdoor adventures.
  • Since it is on the phone, you can able to use it even in dark places; there is no need for But a traditional one must need a light.
  • This app will have many additional features like a barometer, GPS and altimeter.
  • It is very minimalistic or simplistic.

Disadvantages of a compass app

  • By having a trail or topographic map, the Traditional compasses are very easy to use.
  • The major disadvantage of the compass app is that in case your phone is running out of battery, then at that time, you can’t use this app. But a traditional one can be used all the time.
  • Compare to the GPS devices, the compass apps do not have that many
  • It is a true fact that, even though the technology developed ultimately, but compass apps could not able to match the accuracy of the traditional

Below, you can check out, the list of Best android compass apps of 2024

  1. Digital Field Compass – Best Basic Compass Apps Of 2024 for Android
  2. Altimeter GPS Pro – Best Overall Compass App (IOS and Android)
  3. Commander Compass – Best Full Featured Compass App (IOS)
  4. Smart Compass – Best Basic Compass for iPhones
  5. Compass 55 – Best Compass or GPS Combo (IOS)
  6. Compass 360 Pro – Most Useful Simple Compass (Android)
  7. Gyro Compass – Most Realistic Compass (IOS and Android)
  8. 3D Compass Plus – Best Educational Compass (IOS and Android)
  9. Compass Galaxy - Best Beginner Friendly Compass App for Android


Digital Field

Digital Field Compass app is one of the best android compass apps of 2024 basically. Now and again you needn't bother with the majority of the light that accompanies most compass apps. It doesn't have maps or extravagant foundations yet it has an astounding evening time mode to save your night vision. You need something that is at last exceptionally straightforward yet extremely, extremely amazing. The Digital Field Compass has a manual declination setting and can tell suppose you are having magnetic impedance.

Suppose you have everything else you require for navigation available, why still confused? This is about the best-advanced orienteering compass on out there yet it doesn't stop at land navigation. This is the place the Digital Field Compass comes in. It has settings for pitch and roll that make it a strong oceanic compass too. It disposes of all the garbage and fills in like a damn effective compass that is light on battery use to protect battery control.


  • Very Accurate
  • It is free in the Google play
  • Easy and Simple to Use Layout
  • Great For Orienteering
  • Nighttime Mode is available


  • Nothing Extra features are available

Altimeter GPS Pro

The Altimeter GPS Pro is the best overall compass app for both Android and IOS. For absolute value, not very certain apps pile up to the Altimeter GPS Pro. It will demonstrate your height and can even demonstrate your assessed GPS exactness so you know whether you might get a little off-kilter. It does pretty much anything you would ever require a navigation app to do and most likely significantly more. A standout amongst the most valuable highlights is the assortment of maps accessible to use related to the compass.

The app tracks information on your speed, time, area, and direction and enables you to share that information alongside your beginning and consummation focuses and course by means of the email should you need a record of in case you need assistance. In its essential navigation mode alone, it has separate, directions, time traveled, speed data, and the absolute time slipped by however that is simply beginning to expose what's underneath of what this app can do. This app is a long way past a toy yet a genuine completely included navigation application that could secure you from some disturbing circumstances. You can look over standard maps to help with getting where you need to be.


  • Features are highly useful
  • Information is very precise
  • This is Free


  • For Beginners, it may be too complicated to use

Commander Compass App

Commander Compass is the best full-featured compass app for IOS. Commander Compass app does as such much that it's difficult to fold your head over it. For each point, you can see remove, direction, azimuth, height, speed, and time of entry. It fills in as a standard compass however can be utilized related to a few map foundations to show signs of improvement thought of what lies in the direction you are going. This is anything but a basic app however utilizes the unpredictability well.

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With the majority of this, it would be difficult to get lost. You can navigate to realize focuses by entering them physically or securing them so you can return later. To round out the highlights, Commander Compass can indicate arranges in many configurations, height, course, current, and most extreme and vertical speed. You can secure and see directions for various focuses at once which is incredible for seeing vicinity. It very well may be utilized to navigate by stars, the moon, or the sun and has broad star graphs.


Fun and useful information
Tons of Features are available in this app
It is free in the app store to download
Astro-Navigation Mode


Regular Ads will cause disturbance
It is very tough to navigate

Smart Compass App

Smart Compass is one of the best iphone compass apps basically. It additionally has Google Maps backing to almost certainly observe what your outcome on heading is in the direction or to give you the direction to a known milestone. For a simple to utilize compass, it's difficult to beat the Smart Compass which consolidates a great deal of the highlights of the more dominant compasses on this rundown however in a rearranged and simple to utilize design.  Different modes are a telescope mode, night mode or computerized compass making this an inside and out helpful app.

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All around, this is a strong app for navigating. A little installment gets you a metal finder and the capacity to share your data. It does the nuts and bolts of transforming your cell phone into a precise compass yet can likewise utilize your mobile's camera to indicate demanding direction to an area you point it at. In the same way as other alternate compasses, it additionally gives you your bearing data, facilitates, speed, and can-do screen catches.


Very Accurate
It is free in the app store to download
Easy and Simple to Use Layout
For Orienteering it is very great
Nighttime Mode is available


Nothing Extra features are available

Compass 55

Compass 55 app is the best compass or GPS combo for iOS. This app attempt to be a completely included navigational help comes total with compass, GPS in different organizations, separation and direction, navigation, waypoints, maps, courses, and even a speedometer. Furthermore, that is all in the essential rendition. It's difficult to include much else. Be that as it may, it does. Move up to master and you will get local Google Maps or the capacity to include your own map server, GPS tracks that can be sent out and shared disconnected map support, and the capacity to peruse courses from different GPS gadgets.

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There is an organize converter to switch between any of the basic frameworks so it can work with any physical map. This is genuinely a full-highlighted app however its utilization takes somewhat more practice to be capable with. You can share your documents with your PC or other advanced gadgets. It even has a pace counter to follow strolling separations.


Combines GPS and Compass
Very Useful and Powerful
More amount of features
Course information can be tracked


To get full features, you have to make payment
It is very tough to navigate

Compass 360 Pro

Compass 360 Pro is one of the best android compass app. It is a straightforward program; which adds simply enough additional highlights to make emerge of the group. It gives you degrees in decimal configuration and generally speaking bearing making its utilization basic yet ground-breaking enough for those with some navigation information. There are compasses with more and compasses with less yet none join the convenience and usefulness of the Compass 360 Pro.

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One of the genuine sparkling stars of this app is its capacity to demonstrate course in either evident north or magnetic north making it convenient for general navigation or for use with a topographic map. This is a genuine worldwide compass app that works far and wide dissimilar to a portion of the compasses out there that are great just in one half of the globe. As the compass swings starting with one bearing then onto the next, the development is smooth and look is spotless with a great expert look.


It is a great tool for teaching
Really very easy to use
Free in the Google play store to download
It can also be used as a traditional compass


More Ads will be there in this app
A lot of Power is used
No Extra Features are there

Gyro Compass App

Gyro Compass is the most realistic compass for IOS and one of the best android compass apps of 2024 . In case you need a compass on your mobile that capacities indistinguishably to a genuine world compass, you need the Gyrocompass. It has an incline pointer simply like the absolute best standard compasses available and a bezel that can be turned and utilized simply like a genuine physical compass. This app is the best-imitated compass without any doubt you can get for your savvy gadget. This is really the app for individuals who love great navigation.

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It is anything but difficult to utilize and colossally incredible as a great navigation help. There are no additional highlights or following. No maps, only a delightfully structured vintage compass format. Like a genuine compass, you can utilize it to discover magnetic north, genuine north, and your compass bearing. In case you have a cell phone that has an effective magnetic sensor, grab this compass app. It even shows magnetic quality so you can make certain of an exact perusing. When you don't need anything more or as a showing help, this is an incredible device that does precisely what it proceeds.


Effective for Teaching
It is Free
Same Real Compass is there


No additional Features
Not useful for beginners

3D Compass Plus

3D Compass Plus is the best educational compass for both IOS and Android. Obviously, a compass doesn't need to be all genuine use; it very well may be fun too. It sets aside a few minutes to include some additional flavor and can truly be an incredible device for those keen on orienteering. Anything you do with the 3D Compass Plus will energize. Also, that is the place 3D Compasses truly make their mark. By a long shot, the best utilization of this application is for training.

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The expanded reality sees utilizes the mobile's camera to demonstrate a 3D compass, map, arranges, address, speed and time all on one simple to peruse screen. It can instruct those new to compass navigation on the connection between orientation and travel. You can indicate the camera get a heading toward an article or take a video demonstrating your course and fare it for your companions to pursue. Set it up and get strolling. Use it as an instrument or for diversion.


It is very Fun to Use
A top-notch Teaching Tool
It is Free ( Android/iOS)
Lots of Features are available
Augmented Reality Mode is used


It may be distracting
Not follows Traditional Compass

Compass Galaxy

Compass-Galaxy App Android


Compass Galaxy is a functional and simple android compass app without unnecessary permissions. Even though its simplicity, this compass works great for everyday usage as long as you are not close to the magnetic field.

The compass does not have lots of ads and uses little device memory. The app also notifies you anytime it needs calibration.  Just gesture a "figure 8" with your Android device to calibrate it.


It is very easy to use
A top-notch Teaching Tool
It is Free ( Android)


No extra Features
Does Not follows Traditional Compass


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