10 Best Volume Booster Apps for Android 2024

Are you wondering about volume booster apps for Android devices to get louder sound? Watching films, YouTube videos, television programs, and listening to your favorite music are widespread now. When the sound is not loud enough, then it entirely spoils all of your fun.

It is a common issue experienced by many android users. If you want to increase the sound capacity of your smartphone, you can consider volume booster.

Why should you use the Best Volume Booster App For Android?

Fine, volume booster, otherwise called volume increasing and sound booster app, is an ideal remedy for eliminating your problem.

They can add an excellent sense of comfort to the Smartphone’s sound while watching movies or listening to podcasts. As their name suggests, volume boosters help your smartphone to boost the volume of media.

Most significantly, these apps will equalize the sound of your media files. It ensures that this boosting never sound too noisy and loud.

It is good news for android users that these volume boosters come with equalizer, which helps you achieve better volume stabilization.

They also ensure that the volume gets boosted smoothly without creating any stress. In short, the apps not only increase the sound of music you desire to listen but also equalize the sound. This facility makes the sound soothing to hear.

There are endless Android volume increasing and volume booster apps available online for your android devices. Some of these apps do not function well the way they should. If you want to make your pick simpler, you can look at this list of Best Volume Booster Apps for Android. They can work better and brings you different options for increasing volume in the smartphone.

1. Best Volume Booster App For Android - GOODEV

goodev volume booster android


Are you looking for a volume booster with a friendly user-interface? GOODEV is the right choice for your needs. This most outstanding and efficient volume booster tool is easily obtainable on the Play Store.

By using this app, you can increase both the Headphones and Speaker volume of your smartphone to its utmost level. This specific feature makes this app suitable for Android operating users who look for an efficient volume booster for their smartphone.

Generally, people can plug their earphones to listen to music when they in a disturbing environment or they are crowded with mass. Many headphone models fail to enjoy the maximum output. Due to this, the users can hear the sound from outside.

With the help of this volume booster, you can get instant relief from the noise. It also takes your listening experience to the next level.

It is simple to use. While launching this solution on your device, you can find a few useful options through the Settings button used to manage your chosen music.  It also shows you program settings. It includes several functions designed in a way to bring you an excellent music listening experience.

2. Best Volume Booster App for Video - MX Player

mx player volume booster


It is a widely used and well-known volume booster used to increase the audio or video volume to roughly about 200%. Most of the Android owners use it as a video player app. It also comes with volume-boosting facilities that aid you in boosting the video volume.

With Mx player, you can increase the sound to a perfect level which is pleasing for your ears. The good thing about this video app is that it allows you to add the audio files as well. Everything is performed with a settings button.

The users can modify the theme for different colours for spicing up their app.

Even it is created for only video purposes, but you will explore many other exciting fun features while entering the options menu.

You can find this app in different sizes so that you can pick the right one based on your Android version. If you can start playing your video, you can swipe up your screen for increasing the volume. When it comes to setting 15, it takes you to the maximum range of volume in your smartphone.

In the last update by MX Players team, they have added support for USB OTG devices, support of sharing files from other apps and Keyboard Speed Control. 

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3.  Best Overall Volume Booster App - Lovekara 


It is the reliable and most outstanding Sound Booster for your Android smartphone. A single page interface that is simple to use for every kind of Android user. It is a light-weight volume booster application that runs on your Android devices smoothly.

It let you adjust and also control the sound of your media applications, notifications, system sounds, ringtones, alarms, mobile apps, and much more.

This android app has easy and simple to use interface that aids you in controlling different kinds of volumes of Android device from a single page.

There is no need for exploring different pages for changing and also adjust your volume settings. It let you access every option from one solo place.

You can adjust and control the volume easily from your notification panel, so you need not launch an app to adjust the volume.  These are the major features that make this app suitable for music lovers.

4. Best Volume Booster App For Headphone- Music Volume EQ

music volume eq booster


It is boasting of a convenient 5-band graphic equalizer. Music Volume EQ is well-known for its excellent volume control, VU-meter, and sound. This app is nicely compatible with every music playback app of your Android devices. There are two tabs available in this app.

The equalizer is available in the VU tab, which is switching between the tabs. It also includes slider volume control that helps you to modify the sound level of your music.

At increased values of your slider, this app turns out for achieving an increased level of volume. It is really useful when you desire to listen to songs loudly in headphones by using better input impedance.

You can also save all the presets. For enjoying this functionality, you can click on the Preset button and choose Save Preset option from the menu. After that, you can give a name to your new present. Then, a fresh preset is available in your presets list.

You can also customize the sound by using special filters such as Virtualizer and Bass Boost.

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5. Best Volume Booster Manager App - Volume Ace




It is the best manager of music and sounds on your Android smartphone. You can control the sound volume easily and quickly on your applications and smartphone. Also, it is possible for charging the volume settings of the smartphone on one highly convenient display.

You can create the best sound profiles which let you adjust your volume easily. After that, you can program the automatic change of the sound profiles based on the exact time of the day.

You need not worry about missing important calls or SMS. You can plan this app for changing the volume. In short, it will do several things for smartphone users.

There is an automatic change of your sound profile available while connecting your headset or headphones.

You can personalize the app by choosing its style and color.

This app has a flexible program setting that let users adjust the sounds of Android to your needs.

6. Best Volume Booster for Gaming - Sound Booster



You can use this app in your day-to-day life application. This app removes the threshold limiter of your speakers, thus considerably boosting your device volume. There is an exciting feature available in this app that helps you to control the sound settings.

The most important feature of this android application is that it increases the volume of different sound effects of your phone. This feature is not only available for incoming calls, but also extends to games and alarm clock.

If the ringing of your phone becomes loud even after downloading this application, you can adjust your volume slider. It is good news for everyone that this application regulates several things. It includes alarm clock, music, incoming calls, sounds of clicks on the display and SMS.

7. Best Bass Booster App -  Equalizer Music Player Booster


This cool volume booster application is a perfect blend of music amplifier and equalizer. It is made in a classic and expensive style. The unique design of this app lets users increase the sound of Android phones and music playback quality.

This app allows you to listen to your favorite track from this application as per your desire. It let you increase bass, reduce/increase high or low frequencies, and much more.

This application offers smart-sounding of your beloved songs.  By using this application, you can get the ability to make the transitions between your tracks smoothen for proper listening. It has a user-friendly interface which will aid you in learning every useful function quickly.

You can tune, mix, and change the sound of your track, control your music listening and saving your favorite playlists in your application directly.

There is an audio lab available in this app which includes ten ready-made presets. They are entirely on widely-known genres. It consists of classics, jazz, hip-hop, electro, classics, and acoustics. There is an excellent facility available to change the presets based on your preferences.

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8. Best Overall Phone Volume Booster- Speaker Booster App


It is a useful application for boosting the sound on your Android device. By using Speaker Booster, you can also increase the sound of your headphones and speakers by roughly about fifteen to thirty percentages.

It is pleasing news for Android apps users that this application is convenient to use. It allows you to install on your smartphone easily.

With the Speaker Booster, you can adjust the sound of your system and multimedia files by using an excellent algorithm.

Apart from that, it allows users to enhance notifications, alarm volume, and much more. In simple words, this application is available for free.

In simple words, it is the best quality program which helps you to acquire the best possible results while installing it in your system.

9. Best Easy to Use Booster App- Easy Volume Booster App


Do you want to use an easy-to-use volume booster? Easy volume booster is the highly appropriate choice for your needs. The specially designed app does not involve complicated procedures. In ensures that users can enjoy its functionality without following many settings.   Instead, you can increase the sound by increasing its bass.

Another specific feature of this program is that it has simple adjustments. It does not require you to have enough knowledge for using this app.

Hence, there is no need for spending more time on studying its possibilities and functionalities.

Rather than facing hassles, you can enter into the program. It is the right place where you can click on the “Sound” button.

After that, the app optimizes the sound of your Android phone independently.

You can reduce the bass amp for offering the sound back to the original state if necessary. Also, you can close your application.

The primary specialty of this application is that it can works carefully with speakers so that you can lookup at its technical features.

The proper understanding of its features helps you to avoid the possibilities of various harms.  Both the call and settings of this app is adjusted easily to its volume keys.

10. Best Cost Free App - Volume Booster Pro


If you are looking for the best and cost-free Volume Booster application for your smartphone, Volume Booster Pro is a perfect option for your requirements.

The primary function of this application is to increase your phone’s volume in a smooth way. By using this unique tool, you can increase the sound of your phone to its maximum within a single click.

It does not boost the volume when you are using the boost feature. Because this feature amplifies the sound and also uses the built-in equalizer for taking the music to the next level.

It brings you a strong and crystal clear output. Users can boost their media player volume, ringer volume, and alarm volume easily.

In android phone, users are not capable of adjusting their alarm volume, music volume, and voice volume independently. With the help of this sound booster, anyone can adjust these things within a few seconds.

There is a single key required for increasing the sound stream volume to its maximum level.

This single key is enough to turn your device into silent mode. It makes this tool suitable for people who are often attending a meeting. It has a cool user interface and realistic graphic to take your experience to the next level.

Wrapping Up

In android phone, users are not capable of adjusting their alarm volume, music volume, and voice volume independently. With the volume booster apps for android listed above in this article, you can now change these things within a few seconds.

By choosing the best app, you can ensure that your Android device has required sound equalizers and boosters. It allows you to increase your sound and keep your beloved music alive.


If we missed any great volume booster apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest youtube apps for windows!!!!



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