11 Best Ghost Hunting Apps for Android in 2022

Paranormal hunting or ghost hunting, as the name suggests has been a medium to detect the spirits around us. Being a spine-chilling activity, it’s not a cup of tea for most people as it is a very dangerous activity. However, for some of the people who have the daring for ghost hunting, there are a number of ghost hunting apps doing rounds in the play store, making a claim to detect paranormal activity by using the phone’s magnetometer and the other present sensors inside a device. With the modern paranormal investigation equipment becoming expensive, these apps have become a substitute as they run on an algorithm that generates detection based on audio and photogenic detections.

While it is claimed that most of the ghost activities occur in and around cemeteries and vacant lands, it should be noted that there are n fixed spots to discover them. Also, it should be noted that while there is a wide range of ghost hunting applications, not every app is genuine and works completely. Most of them turn out to come equipped with pre-loaded sounds and vibrations. To help you with the best ghost hunting app available in the android play store, we have curated a list of 11 Best Ghost Hunting Apps for Android.

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Best Ghost Hunting Apps for Android 2022


1. S.P. EMF meter (Free)

Developed by Spain Paranormal, the S.P EMF meter is a wildly popular app in the android app store with over 100,000+ downloads. This 3-in-1 application works mainly with the main EMF meter and a proximity frontal sensor.

Compatible with devices configured with a magnetic compass sensor, this application provides its user’s with a push Prox. button which requires access to the device’s front camera. Additionally, there is a calibrate button present inside the application to reset the readings in case of faulty results. Lastly, the application is wide renowned amongst its users for providing accurate results using the help of magnetic fields around.

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2. EVP Recorder (Paid)

Recently used in Celebrity Haunted Hotel, this application comes backed with the latest updates in our list of 11  Best Ghost Hunting Apps for Android. The EVP Recorder has a widely distributed database of over 500K users, developed by Spotted: Ghosts.

This digital recorder comes well equipped with features that allows it to download automated recordings from the surroundings. Allowing users with playback options, EVP Recorder allows paranormal investigators to go through the automated recordings. Lastly, this application also allows the use of visual sound recognition top help the experts capture the different ITC sounds.

evp recorder


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3. Paranormal Hauntings (Free)

An application developed by the famous paranormal hunter, Brian Holloway, Paranormal Hauntings is another app that offers real-time results based on the presence of spirits in the surrounding. Present in the play store since 2019, this application has recently been updated with new features.

A major highlight of the Paranormal Hauntings app is its new reverse audio ITC application featuring 10 banks of reversed audio with 2 ambient banks. Additionally, it also allows users to switch between different frequency ranges between ancient Nordic and Sinister chant. Lastly, this app also has an echo feature for those that like to add echo while running their itc sessions.

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4. The Witch App (Paid)

A sister app of Wiccan, the Witch App is yet another application developed by the paranormal investigator, Brian Holloway. This reverse audio application allows the users to manage to sweep through this audio bank disabling the random play of pre-loaded sounds and phases.

Containing over 13 banks of reversed audio based on dark spells and Wiccan incantations, Witch App is a very dark concept based application, advised to use with proper guidance. Lastly, this application also enjoys its royalty due to its live use in public ghost hunting events by 'Most Haunted' investigator, Fred Batt.

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5. Ghost Hunting Tools (Paid)

With over 1 Million plus downloads, the Ghost Hunting Tools app is a great application for talking to the spirits, over a varied period of time. The application comes well equipped with EMF meters and EVP detectors to hunt ghosts and spirits.

Apart from including various meters, Ghost Hunting Tools also includes a word strong dictionary, allowing you to anticipate responses by the spirits. Moreover, the Electronic Voice Phenomena is swift to catch grunts, words, or even simple sentences during recording sessions.

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6. SGK1 Ghost Hunting Kit (Paid)

Also known as SG3 Spirit Box, this application is one of the handiest tools in ou list of 11 Best ghost hunting apps for android when it comes to ghost hunting. Developed by Spotted: Ghosts, this application offers users a soundbank of over 3,000 new sound clips.

Developed in sync by overlaying various forms of recordings from AM, FM, VHF, Morse, and various other ghost box & phonetic audio recordings, it helps the users to clip and record videos of up to 1 second. Additionally, it also allows the users to download extra Soundbanks at the rate of extra 100 sound clips at a time.

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7. ECHOVOX System 3 (Paid)

ECHOVOX System is an all-in-one application that caters to the needs of its users by replacing the EVP recording system. The application performs greatly by amplifying the normal record systems in ur devices in real-time, catching the random phonetics using the microphone input and a natural loop recording echo.

The other features around the application allow a timer, anywhere between 0 to 10 seconds. Lastly, the app comes pre-loaded with a library of phonetics and word elements.

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8. SV1 Spirit Box classic (Free)

The SV1 Spirit box has been used in some of the world’s most haunted locations like the US, Canada, Norway, and the United Kingdom by some of the most renowned ghost hunters. The application uses internal audio playback algorithms to generate 2 sets of random carrier sounds for ghost hunting.

Additionally, the modulated voices change after every 8th of a second, enabling the users to mix the two different voice modules. Lastly, the application comes pre-loaded with hundreds of random sounds from static to speech, open to radio interference, and random phonetic sounds.


9. Ghost Tracker EMF EVP Recorder (Paid)

One of the highly popular ghost hunting apps in our list of top 11 ghost hunting apps for android. The Ghost Tracker is developed by “LaxTon Ghost Sweden”, a team Swedish ghost hunting experts.

This 3-in-1 multifunctional ghost hunting app allows the users to gain control over paranormal phenomena via its EMF-scanner, a Motion Detector, and EVP / Voice recorder. Being an all-rounder tool, this application uses all the above-mentioned algorithms to help you detect EMF (Electromagnetic Fields), Motion, and EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena).

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10. Deadwave (Paid)

Similar to other ghost hunting apps in the list, the Deadwave app works in accordance with the ghost box by providing the users with "raw audio" that spirits can use to form speech.

The application makes use of ITC to allow the users to form a connection with the spirit world. Additionally, with access to the phone's input methods and sensors, Deadwave allows the device to read all the possible readings in a range, in order to provide a detailed analysis of audio signals.

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11. Ghostcom™ Radar - Spirit Detector Simulator

The Ghostcom Radar Spirit Detector is one of the most popular ghost hunting tools on the market. It is a handheld device that uses radar to detect ghosts and other paranormal activity. Many people believe that this device is very accurate and can be used to find ghosts in haunted locations.  It also provides “spiritual statistics” about the ghost’s zodiac sign, emotional state, etc.

Ghostcom Radar Spirit Detector


Summing up:
The best ghost hunting apps you can get on an android mobile phone always come pre-installed as a standard camera and audio recorder. The camera in several instances has been known to be used to capture photographic evidence of ghosts. Coming to the audio recorder, it allows you to record an audio log of your investigation and listen back, serving the purpose of most of the tools. However, the standard voice recorders can only detect and record voices up to a certain amplitude and vibration, which, in most cases comes as a standard in the Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP).

Frequently Asked Questions 


How does ghost detector app work?

With the Ghost Detector App, you can use a combination of EMF detectors and EVP recordings to detect ghosts. The app will measure changes in electromagnetic fields caused by paranormal activity as well as any intelligible speech that may come out from beyond our world when they speak through the voices-which are analyzed for meaning together!

What is the best ghost detector app for android?

There are a few different "ghost detector" apps available for purchase, but it's hard to say which one is the best. Many of these apps use audio recordings to try and detect supernatural activity, but they can be unreliable. Some people have had success using these apps, while others have not. You may want to read some reviews before purchasing one to see what other people's experiences have been.

Do ghost locator apps work for android?

There are a lot of different ghost locator apps on the market, and it's hard to say definitively whether or not they work. Some people swear by them, while others find them to be ineffective.

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