Should You Delete Ghost Followers on Instagram?

Having a large following on Instagram increases your social credibility and brings more marketing opportunities. However, not all Instagram followers are of equal value. Ghost followers, for instance, are inactive and fake users that do not engage with your content. Most of the time, they don't have profiles and are run by bots.

But are ghost followers all bad, and should you block them from following you? Read on as we answer this question and more. Also, if you’d like to grow your account, click this link to boost Instagram followers organically and increase engagement on your content.

Are Ghost Followers Bad to Have?

The problem with ghost followers is that they can make your account lose its credibility fast. For example, some accounts have more than 2000 followers but only 10–40 likes per photo. People can easily spot these metrics and notice the inconsistency. This will then result in the assessment of the authenticity of the profile. So to answer the question, ghost followers are not that good because they don't interact with your content.

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How Did I Get Ghost Followers?

There are several ways you can end up with ghost followers, including the following:

  1. Random giveaways are great for bringing about followers. With a single giveaway, you might rake in hundreds, if not thousands, of followers within a short time. However, while it sounds excellent, it contributes to ghost followers as your followers will only be interested in the giveaway rather than the content you will upload.
  2. A change in your content – Suppose you were initially posting traveling content and later stopped and started off making content on gaming. In that case, your old followers might stop engaging with your content because it is irrelevant. Over time, these followers will become ghost followers who do not interact with your new posts.
  3. Buying an Instagram account - Purchasing an already existing account with thousands of users doesn’t always put you ahead of the competition. Sometimes you may end up with an account that has more ghost followers than authentic users. Also, buying an account and completely changing its content can lead to the previous users becoming ghost followers.

Removing Ghost Followers

At some point, we all get ghost followers, which should not bother you. The problem comes in when there are too many of them. The key to identifying them is checking out how many followers they have compared to how many accounts they are following. In addition, they might not have a profile picture most of the time.

You can take the initiative and restrict them from following you. Additionally, it would help if you block them to prevent them from following you again.


Too many ghost followers hurt your engagement and impact the credibility of your page. If you are in a position to remove them, get rid of them to improve the quality of your followers. It is better to have fewer followers who actively engage with your content than a massive following with less engagement. Active followers also give you more accurate metrics to use when planning marketing strategies.

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