11 Best Infrared Camera Apps for Android in 2023

Do you wonder about the purpose of Infrared Camera Apps for Android and iOS? Do you enjoy uncovering the mysteries of the dark or have you ever felt compelled to wander the dimly lit streets of your city with a night vision tool? Perhaps the only thing preventing you from doing so is the absence of a high-quality thermal camera, or the burden of lugging around a cumbersome device. If any of these scenarios resonate with you, then you've come to the right place!

Lots of infrared devices exist today, and you don't need to acquire a specific device for simple tasks. The good news is there are a bunch of apps that can imitate the way a professional heat detection instrument works, thus giving you stunning results in any light conditions. Moreover, you can capture some incredible photos even during the night, without having a torchlight in your hands.

We know how the idea of capturing the things, which often go unnoticed by the common eye, thrills you. We have compiled a list of the top 11 best Infrared camera apps for android, which can simulate the results of actual infrared cameras. Let’s be honest, not everyone has the deep pockets to buy the expensive cameras that suit the purpose. The best alternative can be the use of free infrared camera apps for android and iOS.

 Best Infrared Camera Apps for Android in 2023



1. Night Vision Flashlight Thermo


 If you are all excited about thermal imaging with the power of night vision and a flashlight torch, then look no further than Night Vision Flashlight Thermo.

What’s more exciting is the range of filters so that every image can be given a different shade. The components of filters like brightness, color settings, and contrast can easily be adjustable. There is no time gap between capturing an image and its screen display, which holds the quality of the image in good stead.

On a side note, one must beware of the fact that the Night Vision Flashlight Thermo imitates thermal vision, for actual thermal images, you must head to a professional.

2. Seek thermal

best infrared camera apps


You would be surprised to know that it has been consistently listed among the top 10 infrared camera apps. Not only that, but it also has a special mention in the press list of 500 special products and various other such recognitions.

With the seek thermal app and a seek thermal camera, you can have a first-rate experience of thermal vision and imaging. Also, the fact that you can use it from almost anywhere in any condition, makes it more useful.

With this app, you can easily capture and share thermal photos. Further, you can also obtain the temperature and other relevant details about the source of infrared emission as a by-product.

3. Night Vision Cam

infrared camera app


Night vision camera is the answer to all imaging difficulties in dark conditions, thanks to a powerful flashlight. Be rest assured that the quality of images is not dampened by light deficiency. You would not be required to carry any extra equipment as an aid to improving quality, and that’s the best part of it.

You can add both conventional and infrared filters to simulate the heat detection imaging. The filters can be adjusted every single time to add something new by altering the saturation level, or brightness. Capturing videos is also quite easy, even in dim conditions. Also, the switch between taking images and capturing videos does not hamper the quality of results.

Essentially, if you are planning for a shoot in the wilderness of nightlife, you can have the Night Vision Cam on your phone. It will be of great help, trust the million-plus people who have downloaded it.

4. VR Thermal and Night Vision Camera Simulated


Enjoy the combination of night vision and thermal vision using VR. The idea itself seems exciting, and so is the actual output.

Interestingly, the night and thermal visions are processed through the video stream present in the inbuilt camera. It has three different types of thermal effects, and two distinct types of night effects. And the bonus? It also provides a UV effect and Honey Bee vision effect.

The bottom line is that the multiple real-time effects are realistic enough to keep you engrossed and hooked to the app.

5. Pixel Infrared 4 cameras

night vision infrared camera apps


Pixel Infrared 4 camera has just arrived on the app store, and it has already clocked 500 plus downloads. This app has been particularly developed for Pixal4 and Google Pixel 4XL devices. Since its launch, there has been a mixed response. However, the developers are working on the flaws.

The reason we have it on the list is to create awareness regarding the device-based infrared camera app, which is always better than any random camera.

6. Thermal camera Fx

thermal infrared camera app-fx


Thermal camera Fx quite clearly is among the best apps in its category. It is quite similar to another infrared camera app. It uses shade effects for infrared or thermal vision imitation.

This app allows real-time video and imaging with multiple filters. You change the filters while capturing your videos. It also provides the option of sharing images and videos. The volume keys can also be used for zooming, which is a bonus. This app has been successfully tested in various handsets like Asus PhonePad7 and Sony Xperia E3. The testing aspect, however, should not be confused with compatibility.

7. Thermal camera VR stimulated

thermal camera app vr


Download the Thermal camera VR stimulated and immerse yourself into a world of thermal camera effects powered by virtual reality. It is as exciting as it sounds.

The usage is quite simple: you just need to put on your mobile VR headset and tap on the VR button on your phone. The moment you tap on the VR option, do not forget to choose the filters. This app essentially uses something called tonal mapping to imitate the infrared effects.

All in all, its real video effects and the flash enhance your virtual experience of the thermal world, which by the way, you can share instantly.

8. Thermal scanner camera VR


The combination of thermographic imaging with VR is what ‘Thermal scanner camera VR’ is all about. Its highlight lies in the availability of different color palettes - Thermal, Mono, Fire and Ice, Heat map, Iron man, Rainbow, Neon, and lastly, Predator. It would be quite an experience to enjoy the thermal vision using such a vast array of color ranges.

To enhance the experience, color gradient editing is used in the video stream of the inbuilt camera setup. It comes in quite handy to dial up or dial down the intensity of the color image, depending on the condition.

9. Infrared camera-Xiaomi Picophone F1 and Xiaomi Mi8



Just like the Pixel device-based infrared camera app, the RGM vision team of developers has come up with Infrared cameras for specific Xiaomi devices. It was launched on 13 July 2019, and since then, the response has been quite good.

Yes, there is complexity and restriction to its use, but when used correctly, it leaves other infrared cameras behind. The number of downloads has crossed the 1000 mark, and the ratings are also quite satisfactory. The cool logo is a bonus!

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10. Thermal night vision camera effect stimulated


Save the best for the last, doesn’t it seem right. Yes, it is a list of the top ten, but all tens apps are equally good in their own rights. Things are no different for Thermal night vision camera effect stimulated application, which provides different color effects to thermal vision. You just need to open the camera, enable the flashlight, and change the thermal night vision to thermal vision to enjoy the cool images. It should be noted that the heat levels detected are based on the pixels.

11. Thermal Camera Prank

Thermal Camera Prank App


This app is perfect for playing pranks on your friends and family! Thermal Camera Prank App makes it look like your phone is a thermal camera, allowing you to see “heat signatures” of people and objects around you. Just point your phone at someone and watch as their heat signature appears on the screen!

You can also use this app to play practical jokes on unsuspecting people. For example, you could hide behind a door and wait for someone to walk by, then jump out and scare them with your “thermal camera”! Or, you could turn off all the lights in a room and pretend to be using your thermal camera to see in the dark.


To cut a long story short, there are hundreds of infrared camera apps for android, and this is where your due diligence comes into play. You need to assess your requirements; for instance, if you want to shoot in the dark, then a night vision camera might serve the purpose well. It also depends on the nature of the usage and tasks, if you have a professional task, look for a likewise camera. But if you are here just out of curiosity and sheer pleasure, the apps should work just fine.


What are infrared cameras and how do they work?

An Infrared camera, or commonly dubbed as the thermal camera, is an instrument that converts the thermal signals, or, more specifically, the infrared energy, emitted by the objects, into an electronic image. This camera comes with a special combination of lens and sensor. The sensors detect the heat emitted, and lenses capture them, which is then converted into an electronic image.

Can I use my phone as an infrared camera?

Yes! On the android or iOS device simply download and run the thermal camera app. You can then easily use your phone as a full-featured infrared camera.

Can infrared camera apps be used for industrial or commercial purposes?

Yes, infrared camera apps can be used for industrial or commercial purposes, such as detecting energy inefficiencies in buildings or identifying heat leaks in mechanical systems.

How useful are the stimulated Infrared camera app?

The infrared camera app merges with the mobile device quite well to render some cool thermal images. However, the users must check for the compatibility of particular apps in a specific device for better results. Quite obviously, the apps might not be on par with actual external cameras. But the imitation calibre of the infrared camera apps is quite flattery.

What is the battery life for using infrared camera apps on smartphones?

The battery life for using infrared camera apps on smartphones varies depending on the app and the smartphone's battery capacity.

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