8 Best Voicemail Apps for Android in 2024

What is the need for the best voicemail apps for android? In today's world, everyone is in a bit of a rush, which makes it hard for them to spare enough time to type an email or a reply to an important text. For that purpose, they turn to visual voicemail applications. Visual Voicemail applications help you to communicate quickly with people across the globe via voice messages. 

With the help of the internet and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), you can easily receive and send voicemails. Such immersive android voicemail apps boost interactive capabilities and save time that might be wasted in typing. Such tools will also transcribe the voicemails into text and emails which in turn increases your productivity. Some of the visual voicemail apps for android are free while some have licenses or premiums that you have to pay for to access quality service. 

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Best Voicemail Apps For Android 2024

Google Voice

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Google Voice is a cloud-based communication network which is designed for business of all sizes as well as for personal use. It provides you with a phone number using which you can make calls, text messages, and can send voicemails on both smartphones and computers. The software allows you to filter spam automatically and block numbers which you don’t want to connect with. You can also manage your time with customizable call forwarding options, text messaging options, and voicemail addresses. With the call forwarding option, you can even forward important calls and voicemails to your main number. 

Google Voice offers advanced voicemail transcriptions that can read texts in the app and the emails that you receive. It also enables international calls via your cell operators at reasonable rates and without charging for overseas minutes. 

In addition to all these features, it can synchronize through your different devices so that you can access the software on desktops or on smartphones on the go. There is also a backup facility that stores calls, text messages, and voicemails sequentially so that you can check the records quickly. But one main drawback of Google Voice is that it operates only in the United States and the user must have G Suite accounts in order to use this application. 

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HulloMail is one of the best voicemail apps Android as well as iOS. With the help of this app, you can read, search, share and play your voicemails according to your need. It transcribes your voicemails so that you can scan and go through your important voicemails without even listening to them. 

Many of the exclusive voicemails can even be saved forever so that you can use it later on. The app also allows you to block unwanted callers so your mailbox always remains filled with voicemails of your need. Based on the type of your subscription, HulloMail is available in two versions - HulloMail Lite and HulloMail Pro. HulloMail Lite allows you to perform basic actions like reading, playing, and managing your voicemail, creating unique greetings for friends and relatives, pushing alerts if you miss a call on cases when your phone is out of service or has no coverage, and replicating your voicemails to emails for protection. 

Along with this, it also permits you to transcript your first 10 voicemails each month and to implement anti-hacking tools to ensure security for your voicemails. All this comes at the cost of $0.99 per month. The HulloMail Pro Voicemail Apps version extends the facility of transcription for all voicemails and provides unlimited cloud storage for a monthly subscription of $4.49.


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YouMail Visual Voicemail App is well known amongst the free voicemail apps for android as it enables the users to send and receive unrestricted voice mails. The program has a graphic user interface that is easy to use and does not require any special skills to work on. YouMail helps you to keep track of those people, who have left you a message so that important voicemails can be read later as well. 

Furthermore, you can pick which one to listen to, what to save or delete, so that you can call back people or even mail them back. This simple feature aids in retrieving the messages within a short period of time and in turn increases your productivity. YouMail also helps you to restrict spammers, give greetings by your name, transcript and respond to messages automatically. 

For backup, all these visual voicemails are stacked in a huge mailbox, storing at least 100 files that are permanently saved in the cloud, sorted in folders. So you can access your voicemails from the cloud using your smartphones, tablets, or computers from anywhere. In short, it allows you to have quick access to your message status on-screen and simple voice messages viewing techniques with only ONE tap for quick replays. Now you can lock the app using your phone's biometrics. Recently they have added the option to block a number from the message view screen.

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InstaVoice does have a visual voicemail transcription, but with a twist. It seeks to provide a simple platform for handling an infinite number of voice messages from any phone number you want. This brings in a whole new experience of listening, replying, and managing unlimited voicemails that are linked to your number. InstaVoice also helps you to send and receive secure foreign calls, over the internet or WiFi, from your personal phone. 

Apart from this, it facilitates you with free and unlimited Visual Voicemail and Missed call notifications even when your phone is switched off or unreachable. These missed calls show up on the 'Missed Calls' tab from where you can directly call back or comment via a voice or text message. You can also link multiple numbers (up to 10 numbers) to a single account and manage all the missed calls, voicemails, and messages for each number. 

Along with these features, InstaVoice uses a new voice-to-text transcription engine, to transform all your voicemail to text messages. To save your voicemail, use the backup feature provided with the software. Through InstaVoice's 'ReachMe' option, you can connect to a WiFi that lets you send and receive calls even without a SIM card.

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AT&T VoiceMail lets you access and tracks your voicemail straight from your mobile, thus removing the need to call from your mailbox. Whenever you receive a new message, a status bar alert pops up and from there you can instantly access your voicemail. 

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The unique features that AT&T Visual VoiceMail provides are - the ability to play messages in any sequence, reading out the text transcriptions of your message, and saving messages to your smartphone’s memory. With the help of this application, you can also forward calls to another virtual number available on your phone. However, in order to access WiFi Calling, your mobile must have a cellular data connection. 

Voxist Visual Voicemail

Voxist Visual Voicemail for android

Voxist Visual Voicemail is one of the best android app for checking voicemail. Via using this andrid app, you can see who called and what they said, without having to listen to the entire message. The app also allows you to easily delete voicemails or forward them to others. Voxist is an excellent choice for people who have a lot of voicemails to check.

The only downside of Voxist Visual Voicemail is that it's not available on every phone carrier. But, if your carrier does offer it, We highly recommend using this app instead of your phone's default voicemail system.



Base Visual VoiceMail enables you to access and track your voicemails with the help of your smartphone. To use this service, you need to connect to a 2G/3G/4G network of Base Company or to the internet via Wi-Fi. This software allows you to check the list of your voicemail messages where you can select which ones to listen to, send, erase or respond to from your mailbox. 

Apart from this, you can also share your voicemail messages, change your voicemail password and save a greeting. This software also supports the Base Company’s faxmail feature. If you are connected to the Base Company Network, receiving your voicemail messages via this Visual VoiceMail app will be charged according to your data tariff plan.




MetroPCS Visual Voicemail is a free Android software launched by MetroPCS for handling and controlling messages of all kinds. This software directly transfers both incoming and outgoing messages to the mailbox. 

With the help of this app, you can listen to your emails in sequential order, update your contacts, easily control your inbox and send replies with one click. In situations where the wireless network is inactive or the handset is silent or partially off, you will be notified via an email message. Later on, you can directly access the messages that you have missed through the previously sent mail. After the recent update, you can now even add the Visual Voicemail Unread Messages widget to your home screen which lets you keep track of your unseen messages.

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Summing up

In our fast-paced life, the usage of voicemail applications is unavoidable. In certain instances, it even performs as a lifesaver. All of the aforementioned apps come in conjunction with powerful resources and versatile functionality. So you can pick whichever best voicemail apps you want from the list to save your precious time and thus escalate your productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does android have a voicemail app?

Yes, it does! It is called Google Voice and can be downloaded from an app store such as the PlayStore. The primary goal of this app was to provide users with an alternative way to navigate their traditional phone-based voicemail system on their mobile phones.

What is the best voicemail app for android?

Google voice is the best voicemail app for Android. Some of the alternatives to Google voice are Hullo, YouMail, and Instavoice. All of these apps can be used on an android device and provide general voicemail.

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