Yuka App Review in 2024 – Make Wise & Healthy Choices With this Grocery App

Shopping for your groceries does not have to be a mind-boggling experience. This is especially true when you want to ensure that you are consuming healthy, chemical-free food items. Moreover, you want your family to intake proper & healthy food. 

What better way to learn & understand more about the ingredients that make up your food items? This can be also true for cosmetic items as well. We present to you the Yuka app. Through this app, you can find out the unhealthy ingredients, that you need to avoid. 

This is done through the rating system present on the app. All you need to do is scan the barcode of the product that you are interested in getting for yourself. The app provides you with a scoring system of whether the product is good or bad for you. 

Likewise, it has a different grading for cosmetics. If it shows you the red dot, that means that the product can be dangerous for you. When it shows the orange dot, it shows that the product is at moderate risk. 

If it shows the yellow dot, then it means that it is somewhat risky, and when it shows the green dot, that means, it is safe for use. 

Yuka App Pros & Cons


  • Completely independent rating system: It has a completely independent rating system, and does not depend on other rating websites. So, you know that the scores provided are independent and solely based on their rankings. 
  • No paid promotions: The premium version comes with no paid promotions. It can sometimes get very annoying when you have paid promotions on the app when you are trying to gather crucial information. 
  • Ad-free: The premium version is also free of advertisements. You do not have to worry about the advertisements popping up constantly
  • Uses legitimate sources of nutrition information: The app uses legitimate sources of nutrition information. Now, you do not have to be concerned about the information that you are dealing with on the app. 
  • Cosmetics rating system with tailored algorithm: It has a rating system that comes with a specialized algorithm. That means the data that is being provided to you is genuine and original. 
  • There is a free download option: You have a free download option as well. If you are keen to find out more about your grocery items, then you can download the app for free. The premium version comes with some additional features. 
  • The pricing of the app: The app can be downloaded for free. However, when you want some critical features that can provide you with crucial information, then the paid version would be ideal. It is affordable, priced at $14/ year. 


  • The cosmetic rating does not use Nutriscore: The cosmetic rating does not use the Nutriscore that is implemented in the ratings. So, you can’t be sure about what you are viewing on some of the products. Though, it is a minor flaw, there is nothing to be worried about. 
  • Rating system is European and may not be accurate for US safety standards: This being a French app, is designed for European usage. However, people from all over the world can use the app. But, if you are an American, then you can’t be sure if it applies to the US safety standards.

What is the Yuka App?

The Yuka App is an app that provides you with scoring or ratings about food items and cosmetic products. It is done with the help of a system known as Nutriscore. The ingredients, the additives, and the preservatives are taken into consideration. 

The interface is user-friendly, and the ratings are simple to know. But some users from America, have claimed that their ratings of some products are inaccurate. The app is based on the European rating system, and some products produced outside Europe may have some changes. 

With the Yuka app, you can do the following:

Find what you are looking for quickly: You can find what you are looking for by just scanning the barcodes of the products. It is quite easy & simple to do. You need to download the app on your smartphone, you can either use the Android or iPhone. 

Lead a healthy lifestyle: This app is ideal for those of you who plan on leading a healthy lifestyle. You can now consume healthy food items, and use cosmetic products that are safe for your skin. 

It is inexpensive: The app comes with a free & premium plan. You can use the free plan, which is quite decent because you can scan the products you are looking for. However, you have a limitation, unlike the premium plan, that offers you a wide range of other features as well. 

Yuka App – Top Features

The Yuka App reviews attribute acknowledgment and appreciation to the Yuka app because of its innovative features, some of which are as follows: 

Provides accurate scoring

The app provides you with an accurate scoring method. This is done through evaluation of the organic dimensions, additives included, and nutritional profile.

Provides transparency and clarity

Using a single scan, you are provided with everything that you are looking for. This is done through a research scoring method of the app. Based on the scoring, you can make a good choice. 

All products are analyzed

All products are analyzed with the barcode number. You do not have to worry about the product that you want to get for yourself. It could be a food item or a cosmetic product. You know that you are getting something safe for consumption, and to use on your skin. 

Yuka App – Pricing Plans

The Yuka app comes with both free & premium plans. While the free plan can be suitable and has decent features, the premium plan is helpful. A few of the premium features include:

  • You can do as many scans as you want.
  • You can also search for items without using the barcodes.
  • You can scan products without an internet connection as well.
  • You can set custom alerts depending on your requirements.
  • You can get a lot of information on the additives and ingredients used.
  • There are no advertisements or pop-ups to deal with.
  • You can also make use of the tips to live healthily.

We come to the vital question, of what is the pricing plans of the Yuka app. 

Free Plan

There is a free plan, where you can download the app for free, and begin to use it. You can make some healthy choices with the help of the free app. However, it comes with a limited set of features in it. 

Premium Plan

When you want additional features and want to be able to access a complete database of products, then the premium plan might help you. You do not have to scan the products to know about the safety ratings. 

Besides, you can access close to 1 million cosmetic products, and 1000 new products almost every day. We found the download and installation experience to be smooth. You may want to have a decent internet connection to ensure that the app gets downloaded quickly. 

When you are not sure whether to use the free or paid plan, then you might want to use the free plan for a few days and begin with the premium plan.

Yuka App Alternatives

Other apps can provide you with a list of products that are safe for consumption and use. In our opinion, when you are looking for something that is worth your time & money, then we highly recommend the Open Food Facts & Fooducate.

Using the app, you can compare and scan over 1.3 million food products for free.

Open Food Facts vs. Yuka

Open Food Facts is way more popular than the Yuka app. That is probably due to the fact that the app is open source, and millions of users are providing their input to the app. However, the features and the pricing of the Yuka app are extremely competitive. 


Yuka app provides you with a better scoring & rating of millions of food items and cosmetic products. That means you can make a proper decision, on whether you want to get one for yourself or your family or not. 

On the other hand, Open Food Facts merely lists out the facts of the product. Now, since it is open source, you may or may not be able to trust the facts provided to you. In most cases, you may have to do some research for yourself. 


Open Food Facts is free as it is open source. However, the Yuka app has a free and premium version. The paid version of Yuka is exceptional providing you with everything that you need to know. We found both apps pretty useful.

Open Food Facts vs. Yuka – What should I go for?

Yuka is the winner. Though Open Food Facts is a stunning app, it does have some shortcomings compared to Yuka. Yuka has way too many features, and the free app itself is sufficient for many users. 

Fooducate vs. Yuka

Fooducate is another exciting app that was developed to help you lose weight, and keep away from high-calorie food items. Besides, you can also keep an eye on your calorie intake, and workout as well.


Fooducate offers you a massive 3,00,000 products to scan. Moreover, you can find out the food items that are healthy for you. It also enables you to understand the nutritional value of the food with the help of A, B, C, and D ratings.


Fooducate has a free and paid package. You can make use of the Pro and the basic Pro Plus packages. The pro will cost you $3.99/month, and the basic pro plan plus will cost you $4.99/ month. Yuka comes with a free and premium version.

Fooducate vs. Yuka – What should I go for?

We felt that Yuka was the winner, solely because it can provide you with a wide range of products, compared to Fooducate. Fooducate is a phenomenal app and can help you lose weight, and lead a healthy lifestyle, but when it comes to the real deal, Yuka is simply miles ahead. 

Summary of the Yuka app review – Is It Worth the Money?

All in all, we would highly recommend you to use the Yuka App, when you are keen on consuming healthy food and using chemical-free cosmetic products. Moreover, with the premium plan, you can make use of unlimited product scans, and find information on several million products without having to scan the barcodes. 

How Does The Yuka App Review On Google/Apple Store?

Yuka is a popular app on both Apple/Google ecosystems.

Yuka app review on Apple App Store4.8 star

45.5K ratings

Yuka app review on Google Play Store4.7 star

108K reviews

10M+ downloads

Frequently Asked Questions on Yuka App

Is Yuka a trustworthy app?

Yuka is definitely an accurate app that can provide you with the crucial data that you are looking for. However, it may not be able to provide you with everything that you are looking for. The main purpose of the app is to have a good understanding of the ingredients, make proper decisions, and choose healthy products.

Who is behind the Yuka app?

The app was designed & developed by three individuals. They are two brothers, who are Benoit and François Martin, and a friend, Julie Chapon. The app wants users to make informed choices, and choose healthy products.

What kind of app is Yuka?

It is a mobile app that you can download for free. You can scan the barcodes of cosmetic and personal care products. By doing that, you get detailed information on the product and make proper decisions.

Is Yuka based on science?

The app is not based entirely on science. It mainly makes use of scores that are based on 60% of the nutritional value. This is done with the help of Nutri-score. It is a nutritional labeling system, that is scientifically recognized. Moreover, 30% is done on the additives, and 10% is done based on the organic criterion.

How does the Yuka app rate?

Once you have scanned the barcode of the product using your smartphone, you can instantly access the product sheet. If the product is excellent, then it gives it a score of 75 – 100. When the product is good, then it is scored 50 – 74. Finally, if the product is alright, then it is given a score of 25 – 49, and when it is poor, then it is scored <= 25.


We have ended our discussion on Yuka App. It is a helpful tool that can help you make wise and healthy choices on the items that you consume. Its UI is pretty easy to use & navigate. Moreover, you just have to scan the barcode of the product.

You are provided with crucial information about the nutritional content of the item. You understand what you are feeding your body. You make informed decisions that you can prove to be healthy, and avoid harmful contents for your body. 

The app also comes with a premium version that provides you with additional features. On the whole, it is a fantastic product for those of you who are in search of healthy food products and want to lead a fit lifestyle. 

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