Bleachbit vs CCleaner [2024 Review]

Bleachbit vs CCleaner? Which is better? Even if you buy a high-end computer today, it will not perform the same after some time. And in the case of entry-level computers, you might even run into performance issues. This is especially true if you are using Windows as the operating system on your computer. It is generally caused due to background processes and other tasks running on your computer. Such tasks and processes can consume a lot of system resources on your PC.

Not only that but all of the different programs installed on your computer also create a lot of temporary files on your computer. Over a long period of time, such temporary files can take up a lot of space on your computer as well as slow it down. While you can manually clean all of these files and get rid of background programs, that can be quite time-consuming.

This is why there are a lot of system cleaning apps available out there for computers. These automate the whole process of cleaning your system as well as offer multiple features to the user. And one such highly popular cleaning software for computers is CCleaner. While it is highly useful, you can find multiple options out there if you are looking for the best CCleaner alternative.

One such highly popular CCleaner alternative for computers is Bleachbit that also offers various things to the user. Hence, we are here with a complete review regarding Bleachbit vs CCleaner. You can find all of the important differences between these programs in this article. So, if you want the perfect system cleaning program, make sure to go through this Bleachbit vs CCleaner review until the end.

Differences between Bleachbit vs CCleaner

Before taking a deep look into the features and options offered by both of these software applications, let us check the following differences between Bleachbit and CCleaner:

  • While Bleachbit is an open-source and free to use software, CCleaner offers multiple versions to the user some of which are paid and some are free to use.
  • If you are new to such system maintenance programs, CCleaner is the better option as it is much easier to use with a simpler user interface.
  • You can get a great customer support service if you go with the premium edition of CCleaner that is not available with Bleachbit.
  • A great thing about Cleaner is that it has an active threat monitoring system that is the same as an antivirus software that you would install on your computer.

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Features of CCleaner

Bleachbit vs CCleaner

There is a wide range of features offered by CCleaner that can be handy for different kinds of users out there including the following ones:

Free Edition:

  • It offers basic optimization of your system that gets rid of all temporary and useless files.
  • You can use it to protect your online privacy and security as it automatically gets rid of all historical data and cookies from your computer.
  • This edition allows you to disable all automatic startup programs on your computer that can lower the bootup time.
  • The ‘Cookies to Keep’ list can now import any text file.
  • Chrome Beta cleaning has been restored

Professional Edition:

  • You get real-time threat detection that is quite similar to an antivirus program.
  • It provides automatic program updates and automatic scheduled system optimization for saving a lot of time
  • There is a technical support feature that can be quite handy for new users.

Professional Plus Edition:

  • This edition can be used to recover deleted files from your computer.
  • It even offers a disk defragmenter for improving disk performance.

Features of Bleachbit

Even though Bleachbit is a free and open-source, it still offers a decent amount of features that include these ones:

  • You get a file shredder that deletes files permanently in such a way that they can never get recovered.
  • Despite being free, there are no limits or ads in this software for a great user experience from this open-source program.
  • There are multiple basic system optimization features for increasing system performance.

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Final Thoughts: BleachBit or CCleaner

Now that you have gone through this article, you must know a lot about both BleachBit as well as CCleaner. And if you are wondering which one is better out of Bleachbit vs CCleaner, then both of them can be a great pick for different users out there.

While Bleachbit makes for a great option as open-source software, CCleaner offers additional features to the user especially if you go with the paid version. This includes additional features related to file recovery on your computer that can be quite handy while trying to recover an accidentally deleted file. Although, if you just want to optimize the performance of your computer, you can go with either of these as per your wish.

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Is BleachBit safe to use?

This is a question that many people have asked, and the answer is not always clear. BleachBit is a powerful tool that can be used to clean up your computer, but it can also delete important files if you're not careful. Before using BleachBit, be sure to read the documentation carefully and make sure you understand how it works. Otherwise, you may end up losing important files or damaging your computer.

Is CCleaner pro worth it 2024?

Yes! CCleaner Pro is a great tool for optimizing and cleaning your computer. It can help improve your computer's performance and remove unwanted files and programs. However, it is important to note that CCleaner Pro is not a necessary tool for everyone. If you do not have any issues with your computer's performance or if you do not have many unwanted files and programs, then there is no need to purchase the pro version of the software.

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