Why is my computer fan so loud all of a sudden?

Isn’t it super annoying to hear that irritating noise of laptop fans while working on it? Have you ever thought that Why is my computer fan so loud?

If you hear such noises of your computer fan loud and that too very often whenever you are using your laptop for long then this is a clear signal that your laptop fan is not working in a proper way. This is a much severe problem to be taken care of.
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Relevance of Computer fans

Laptop fan is generally located on the inside of the base of laptops. Is has the following important functions to perform

  • Remove heat - The large amount of heat generated by the working of laptop machinery is removed by the convective cooling of the laptop fans.
  • Filter out dust -Not only the heat generated but also the dust particles that often come in contact with the laptop surface are also filtered out by the circular motion of the laptop fans.
  • Protect CPU - Prolong working on the laptop makes the CPU too hot and which may even lead to bursting of the system if that heat remains trapped within the laptop machinery. Thus, laptop fans protect the CPU from getting damaged.
  • Permanent Damage - If this irrelevant heat is not removed within time then it may lead to permanent damage of the machinery as well.

Why is my computer so loud all of sudden? How to make your Computer fans less noisy?

Computer fan loud can be made less noisy by adopting the following basic strategies,

Cleaning the computer fan

You require around half an hour or may be less to solve your query that Why is my computer fan so loud, by using this technique. Follow the below steps to clean your laptop fan

  • Just open and clean the graphic cards as well as CPU fan. Also clean the other components and shed away their dust. Make sure that your laptop is shut down while you are doing this.
  • You can use a canned air bottle for this purpose of proper cleaning of the CPU. You can easily buy such a bottle online from Amazon for nearly $ 5.
  • If after cleaning your computer fans didn’t work well or didn’t work at all then it is time to change them.
  • If your query about Why is my computer fan so loud has made you land at this point that after cleaning your gadget fans now you need to repack the whole gadget. First, check whether you have assembled everything properly. Even after that if your computer fan is not functional then it is time to replace it with a new one.

If you are using a laptop  

Laptops generally have one fan. Try to blow canned air over it at an angle in order to shade away all the dust properly.

If you are cleaning your desktop fan

Desktop generally has two fans one is the CPU fan and the other is the Graphics card fan. Just view proper tutorials to open your desktop and then proceed with the canned air to clean your fans and resolve issues related to your computer fan loud.

In the first place do not let your computers and laptops become that hot 

If after opening your laptops and computers you find out that the fans are properly installed and cleaned and still computer fans loud are troubling you then you are actually giving a lot of load to them. Better properly shut down your laptops if you need to work or play games via HDMI Cable on them for longer sessions. Even if your computer fans are working normally but the heat generated by your computer is way too much for them to deal with and thus you have computer fans loud.
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Run the task manager and end the irrelevant programs 

Why is my computer so loud? The answer to this question lies in the fact that at times too many randomly opened programs unnecessarily occupy the system memory and increases the load on to the CPU of your computers and laptops. This increases the heat and thus makes computer fans loud. You can use the windows task manager to figure out such irrelevant programs which are running in the background without your knowledge or without any requirement. To do this follow the given steps –

  • Go to the Control Panel and search for the Task Manager over there.
  • It will display a list of all those programs that are presently running and increasing load on the CPU.
  • Select the programs which you want to stop running at that moment.
Why is my computer so loud
  • Just right click and select the STOP option from the list of actions to stop those programs from running.
  • Also, you can click on the More details option which is present right at the bottom of the Task Manager bar.
  • In the Processes Tab, click on the column containing the CPU option to view a list of all the programs that are using most of the CPU's capacity.
  • All those programs which use a high percentage of CPU should be your immediate concern to be stopped programs less than 25% of CPU are still safer to use.
  • Make it your primary concern to repair all those programs that are using CPU through the roof.

Do not experiment by running any software

At times, people start to look for online solutions to reduce the noise of their computer fan loud. This is really fatal for your laptops and desktops. You might get many suggestions to download so and so software so as to lessen the noise and resolve your problem of Why is my computer so loud? Do not download any such software. They may contain viruses which may damage your system and corrupt your file.

Wrapping Up

We hope that the above article will really help you lessen the noise of your computer fans loud which are otherwise too noisy to bear for The relevance tuned to this blog for more such informational stuff. Also, if you're a hardcore gamer and would like to know how to use switch pro controller on pc? Click Here

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