Everything You Need to Know About the iPhone 13

After several quarters of lukewarm sales, Apple is back and better than ever. The iPhone 13 and its premium sister product, the iPhone 13 Pro, are continuing to enjoy a white-hot sales streak, with some versions selling out completely in just a few minutes.

Meanwhile, the device has attracted rave reviews from virtually all quarters, despite some initial bugs that have had a minor impact on functionality. If you're considering purchasing the iPhone 13, here is what you need to know.


First off, there is no denying the importance of gaming when it comes to choosing a smartphone. Close to half of all gaming now takes place on mobile, with apps increasingly displacing websites for online games. Perhaps a standout example of this is the rise of online casino games. Players frequently prefer to play real money games on a mobile phone casino like Genesis, where they can play hundreds of high-quality slots and table games via a single app. Games like these are best enjoyed on a high-quality device.

Fortunately, the iPhone 13 more than delivers. The 4GB RAM means that no game of any type is too challenging. Meanwhile, full 5G connectivity means that no online game will be too much for this device. The vivid display and staggeringly long battery life mean that you can enjoy all-day gaming sessions without having to reach for your charger. For mobile gamers, this is quite simply the ideal device.


One of the most notable features of the iPhone 13 is that it is more affordable than its predecessors. The basic iPhone 13 runs at $799, which is significantly cheaper than the prices for previous releases. As always, upgrades cost extra. The $799 base price gets you a whopping 128GB of storage, compared to just 64GB for the iPhone 12.

Should you need more, then $899 will get you the 256GB model, while $1099 gets you the top-tier 512GB model. Although by no means a budget phone, this represents a significant change of course for Apple, which had previously looked like it was exclusively targeting the luxury market (the iPhone 11 Max clocked in at almost $1500 upon its release).

Core Features

Let's get into the details. This is an iPhone that has the best of everything we know and love, plus some truly great extras that many Apple aficionados have been crying out for for years now. You'll find an absolutely stunning battery life, clocking in at around 48 hours, which is more than any previous release.

Meanwhile, the Apple A15 Bionic processor means that this is pretty much the fastest phone on the market right now. The stunning 12MP camera will provide professional-quality photos in a pinch, while the immersive Cinematic Mode will make gaming and watching videos a joy to experience. In addition, the 174g weight makes this device significantly lighter than previous releases. 

These are the essential things that you need to know about the iPhone 13. This is a lightweight, durable, high-quality device with something to offer every type of mobile user.

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