Can You Track an iPhone without a SIM Card?

Imagine one of the worst things to happen to you: Well, there can be many instances that you won’t like at all, but losing your iPhone must be right on top of your list. However, we are not here to scare you by imagining all the worst possible things, but we will expand on the topic of losing an iPhone.

The worst-case scenario is someone stealing your iPhone and taking out the SIM card. Now you don’t have any way to contact your device. However, we all hear some great things about iPhones and how they can be tracked to a precise location. But the vital question is: Can you track an iPhone without a SIM card?

Today we are going to answer that question and learn more about iPhone and its tracking system.

Can You Track an iPhone without a SIM Card or Wifi?

The million-dollar question is: Can you track an iPhone without a SIM card?

To answer that question: YES! You can track an iPhone without a SIM card. But there are a few conditions. First of all, the Find My feature on your iPhone must be turned on, and then it should also have a cellular or WiFi internet connection. Only then can you track your iPhone without a SIM card.

What is Find My Feature?

Now we know that the Find My feature on your iPhone plays a vital role in tracking your iPhone without a SIM card. If someone steals your iPhone and takes the SIM card out, you can use this feature to track your iPhone. Interestingly, it tells you the precise location of your device.

Apple launched this Find My feature a few years ago, which turned out to be really helpful for many things. The feature is used to locate lost devices, like your iPhone‌, ‌iPad‌, Macs, Apple Watch, AirPods, AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, and the MagSafe Wallet. It is also used to send separation alerts when you walk too far away from your Apple device. The feature is also used extensively for sharing your location, family sharing, etc.

It is an essential feature on your iPhone, and you should always keep it turned on. Here is how to turn on and set up Find My on your iPhone:

Step 1: Open Settings on your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap on your name on top.

Step 3: Now tap on Find My.

Step 4: Tap on Find My iPhone.

Step 5: Turn on the toggle for Find My iPhone.

That is how you turn on the Find My feature on your iPhone. This is an important feature and allows you to track your device with or without a SIM card. So make sure to keep it on.

How does Find My Feature Work?

The Find My app on your iPhone keeps taking your precise GPS location every now and then and syncs it to iCloud so that you can access it on any of your Apple devices. It needs an active internet connection(WiFi or cellular) to update and sync the location of your device.

The app can tell you the precise location of your phone. It can even ring it if you are unable to find the device. Furthermore, you can mark your phone as lost(Lost Mode) or even erase data on your iPhone remotely.

Can I Track my iPhone with Find My without a SIM Card?

Now, if you are wondering whether you can track your iPhone with the Find My feature without a SIM card, then the answer is YES, but only if it is connected to a WiFi network or has an internet connection.

Otherwise, it will simply tell you the last known location, which could be the location where the SIM card was taken out. If your phone is stolen, then this information might not be so helpful.

What are the Other Methods?

There are some third-party tracker apps as well that allow you to track your iPhone; then there are IMEI trackers. However, these apps are not as reliable as the Find My app on your iPhone as it is pretty well integrated with the Apple ecosystem. So you can try these apps, but they won’t work as well as Find My. Furthermore, you can also register a police report and mark your phone as lost or stolen to be on the safer side. In some cases, Apple Support also helps you in getting the location of your iPhone, but that is a long shot.

Closing Phrase

So that is all there is to know about: Can you track an iPhone without a SIM card? We hope this guide helps you understand how the stock Find My app can help you in tracking your iPhone without a SIM card. Make sure to avoid any third-party apps as they are a privacy and security hazard.

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