How Can I Recover My Photos After Factory Reset Without Backup?

It is never a good idea to factory reset your device without having a plan B, also known as a backup plan. And why is it so because when you engage the factory reset command, you are trying to return your device to its default settings? Hence you will end up losing all the extra applications installed on your device, documents, audio, videos, and even photos stored on your device.

But can factory reset be reversed? The answer is NO. Once it's initiated, it's a done deal. So is it possible to get your files and documents after the factory reset? Yes, you can but before we go into that, let's find out why factory reset and data backup are essential for your device.

Do I Need To Factory Reset My Phone?

There is no straight answer to this question. You only factory reset if you see the need for it. Here are a few pointers on why you should factory reset your phone.

  • You have recently connected your phone to a computer that the virus might have corrupted.
  • You visited or downloaded an application on a malicious website that might have compromised your phone.
  • Your phone has been acting up without any successful remedy.
  • Some of your videos and audio cannot be accessed or have been seized to function.
  • Your device is prolonged, and you can't figure out why.
  • You are either in the process of acquiring a new phone or need to sell the old one.
  • You need a fresh start.

In other words, a factory reset is as good as cleaning your device and restoring it to its factory settings. It helps to clear up junk, malicious files, and applications, free up more storage space, eliminate viruses that might have corrupted your devices, and improve your phone's efficiency. Remember, you can repair the drive without losing your data by factory resetting when you initially back it up.

Is Data Recovery After Factory Reset Possible?

The answer to this question is Yes. Getting all your lost files and documents is possible; however, the success of it will depend on which recovery has been employed. For instance, if you did a data backup on internal storage applications such as Google Cloud drive then it's effortless to get it back the same applies to external devices.

However, it's quite a different case when there is no other way to retrieve files when you did not store even one. But that should not devastate you because another option remains to integrate the data recovery software into the data recovery process.

How To Recover Photos After Factory Reset Without Backup Using A Data Recovery Tool

With so many recovery software out in the market, one cannot lack a choice. Disk Drill, developed by clever files, is one of the best photo recovery solutions in 2024 and can be used to recover a range of files, irrespective of the file formats, size, and content. It is easy to operate and hence can be used by anyone.

Here is a step-by-step process for retrieving deleted photos with photo recovery software.

  • Download and install Disk Drill on your computer
  • Connect your android device using a USB data cable and turn accessibility on
  • Launch Disk Drill and give it access to your device
  • Locate where the android device is and click on it to allow scanning
  • Allow Disk Drill time to scan and retrieve deleted files.
  • Go through the scanned results and check for the photos you need to recover.
  • Mark what you need and proceed to recovery
  • Choose a different storage location if you so wish; otherwise, you will restore the recovered files in their previous location.
  • Click on recover once you are sure to finalize the process.

How To Select A Good Data Recovery Software

Shopping for data recovery services or software might be a bit overwhelming because many brands have promising results. So how do you know which one suits your needs and if it will work out? Here are a few tips to help you reduce the hassle of looking for recovery software.

  • It should be easy to operate even with people who are not so conversant with computer technology
  • It should be able to recover files as it promises
  • Should have a broader range of supported file formats
  • Can retrieve files and documents on most electronic media
  • Allows a preview of files before recovery is initiated
  • Can recover temporary and permanently deleted files
  • Should have a round-the-clock online customers support system
  • Should work efficiently without relying on a secondary application

Why Backup Your Data?

Data lost through accidental deletion can be challenging to manage; however, we can minimize complete data loss. Therefore it's advisable to have more than one data storage for an extra backup who knows when you will need it.

Instead of storing your files and documents on one device, you can opt for;

  • USB drive
  • Hard drives
  • Flash drives
  • Memory cards

You can also use internal backup options like Google Drive and the cloud. Remember that Disk Drill recovery software has a feature that allows you to back up and give files or documents in various formats and vast storage space. Besides, it can also repair corrupted external hard drives in data recovery. Counter-check again if you have everything necessary secured through a backup.

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