Best Free Online Alternatives to Hefty Student Software

Are you looking for best free software for students? School is expensive and time-consuming. There are classes to attend, assignments to complete, projects to pursue, deadlines to meet, books, and soft to purchase and if this is not enough, students have to ensure that the results for each of these are impeccable. This creates a lot of pressure, one that might negatively affect your performance in all of them.

Fortunately, thanks to technological advancements, it has become much easier for students to complete some of their tasks by using software. Furthermore, it is not obligatory now to install it on your laptop and purchase a license as, luckily, every kind of software, despite the functionality, has numerous online alternatives with more and unique features. When looking through the options, ensure to confirm that it is compatible with any device, easy to use, and comprehensive.

Free Software for Students 2020

Online Plagiarism Checker

free software for students

Nowadays, a plagiarism checker is a must-have tool for every student. However, it is important to check and choose the most reliable one to ensure the academic integrity of your assignments and scientific works. One of the most precise tools on the market is Edubirdie plagiarism checker. This software allows you to check plagiarism without registration. Actually, registration is not required as the tool is completely free.

Edubirdie works to ensure that your work is 100% unique, which is a requirement of any piece of writing. You can use it with files in various formats or paste your work directly. The process takes a few seconds or minutes, depending on the size of your document. Then, the checker gives you a report on the unique parts and those that are duplicated.

The process is simple, easy to understand, and fast. Furthermore, you are assured that your work is protected. Also, according to their support team, Edubirdie checker uses the same database as Turnitin does, so you can be absolutely positive regarding the results of the check.

Small PDF


Small PDF is an online tool that allows you to upload documents directly to the website. It is compatible with a wide range of document formats. You can use this software to convert files from and to pdf.

Small PDF offers a free option, where you are not required to sign up or provide any details. This version has less access. It, however, allows you to convert, edit, share, and download the completed work.

Alternatively, you could sign up for the free trial that comes with more perks. While the free trial grants users access to resources to convert, edit, split, and do other things with pdf documents, Small PDF has more to offer for those who have a subscription.

This instrument has many more options to work with pdf files than a well-known Adobe Reader and is much easier and cheaper to use.



This is alternative software that a college student can use instead of their usual audio and video editing tools. Audacity is compatible with multiple devices and file formats. However, it would be best if you were keen on the form you store. The end-result is to ensure that it works with the different computers you might use to access it.

Audacity has multiple functions in the world of audio and video, including recording, editing, and converting.


online free presentation maker

The creation of quality images is crucial to the grades you get. Canva is one of the best free software that allows you to edit, design, and tweak images to the level of perfection you need them to be.

The software is user-friendly, hence easy to understand. It’s complex in its capacity, in that you can perform a wide range of activities. This makes it an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced creators.

Canva offers a free version that has all the necessary starter features. There is an option to upgrade to a paid alternative for those who want to enjoy additional elements.



This software is used by those who study different disciplines that involve design, such as engineering and architecture.

SketchUp's free version comes with 10GB cloud storage, and you can upgrade to a paid version that has more. This is one of the leading alternatives to Autocad, the tool which is quite pricey taking into account all the required extensions.


free software for students

Codepen is an online code editing software, a real treasure for any IT or engineering student. In case you need a good code editor but you do not want to have many programs on your desktop, Codepen should be your first choice.

All you need to do is to set up a free account and start coding. Your ‘pens’ are automatically saved online so you can be sure of their security. Apart from that, Codepen is not only an online software but also a community of coders. You can share your work with others and study their code as well as participate in community projects and challenges and upgrade your skills as a frontend developer.


Education does not have to be a burden that hinders you from enjoying the process. You can look for free software for students and other resources that fit your faculty to not only ease the process but also improve your prospects for succeeding.

With the vastness of your options, you might need to use more than one type of software, depending on the end-goal. However, since the focus is on making learning as easy and effective as possible, you should always go for solutions that offer all-rounded resources for a particular task.

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