10 Best Measure Distance Apps Of 2021

Distance between two points is defined as the space prevailing between the present variables. Distance as an entity is used to carry out a number of mathematical calculations and applied in several formulas to gain the required output.

Distance plays a vital role in measuring the area covered by a property, house, building, for measuring the dimensions within the house, for measuring the dimensions of any fittings to be made, etc. The use of measuring distance can be found to be in construction sites, real estate business, carpentry or masonry work, traveling industry, etc.

Using a tape measure was the ideal way of quantifying any dimensions. However, with the development of technology, the concept of tape measure has been made digital. Several human errors can occur when using a tape measure, which can lead to inaccuracy and then in completion of the determined task. Using digital equipment for the same is considered to be much more efficient and accurate.

It has also been seen that owning digital equipment for measuring dimensions may not be affordable or feasible for everyone. Keeping that in mind, a number of measure distance apps have been developed that provide all the necessary features for measuring distances.

These apps work with determining a fixed point and then moving the device in hand along, to the endpoint. These apps are also integrated with GPS and Google Maps. This feature is beneficial to measure the distance between two locations or places. By using the map, two points are plotted on the map and the distance between them is calculated by the app. Some of the apps may also offer an additional feature of calculating the time that would be required to travel the said distance.

With the increasing trend amongst people to be fit and have a healthy lifestyle, keeping a track of the progress that they have made is important. The distance measuring apps can be used to determine and record the distance traveled by you while performing any fitness activity. This is done by measuring the change in motion from one point to the next while walking, jogging, or running. The fitness apps utilize this distance data to correspondingly calculate the calories burnt during any fitness activity.

Using mobile apps for calculating distances is an easy and accurate process that allows you to store, retrieve, modify, or delete any data as per the need. Storing the previously measured dimensions as data is one of the most useful features offered by such measuring apps. Also, using these apps scrape off the need to note down the measurements that are being taken. Some of the benefits of using an app for measuring distances are as follows,

  • Accuracy: Digital measuring apps are proven to be more efficient and accurate with their measurements as they make use of digital technology as against the traditional way of measurement that uses a tape measure.
  • Calculating Functions: A number of mathematical calculations can be made on such applications that can help in the measuring process.
  • Previous Work: The apps maintain the users' profile which stores the data of the measurements taken. All the past data can thus be accessed at any time by the user.
  • In-field Features: No additional equipment is required to measure or to record the measurements taken. Both of these tasks can be carried out with the help of a measure distance app itself.
  • Cost-Effective: They are cost-effective in nature as the apps have to be downloaded on your digital device itself.

Best Measure Distance Apps Of 2021

The top measuring distance apps are categorized and determined by the efficiency and accuracy of the service that they offer to their users. These apps are available to download from the local app store on a digital device like a smartphone or a tablet. Some of these apps available on the Google Play Store in the devices having Android Operating system are as follows:-

1. GPS Field Area Measure

It is free of cost measure distance app that is used to calculate distances between two points. Evaluation of an area is done on the basis of the measured distance, the perimeter of the area. It measures distance in the unit square feet, kilometers, and acres.

measure distance apps


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2. Measure 

It is a measuring distance app that provides units of meters, miles, and feet to be used for the measuring purpose. It is also facilitated with features that include GPS area or GPS distance. Areas of countries or distance between two points in a map can be easily calculated by using this app.

apps to measure distance


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3. Smart Measure App

Based on the concepts of Trigonometry, this measuring distance app helps to measure the distance and height of the declared target entity. The unit used by the app for the measurement is feet or unit meter. It offers features like the virtual horizon, sound effect on/off, screen capture, and material design.
free measure distance app


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4. Measure Map

 It is an app that is used to determine the distance measure between two points that are located anywhere on the globe. It is available to download for free. It also has a paid version app with some of the additional features. One of the benefits of using this measure distance app is that one can import the coordinates which can eventually help to draw and plot the distance on a map. It provides measurements in the units of meters, kilometers, feet & miles, yards, nautical miles, etc.


5. Easy Measure Camera

It is one of the 3D camera dependent measure distance apps. It uses the camera lens of the device to create a virtual world based on the concept of augmented reality. It can be used to measure the height, width, length of an object, and also the distance between it and the camera lens. The feature offered by this app is the ability to share the results with other people using the same app.

app to measure distance


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6. Size Up

It is a smart app based on the concept of tape measure used in real life. It is used to measure the length, width, and height of a surface. The unit used for measurement in this measuring distance app is metric, centimeters, imperial units, or inches. The app also offers the additional feature of collecting, storing, and sharing measurement data for future reference.


7. Mapometer

It is the type of app that is mostly used by walkers, runners, and cyclists to measure the distance of their walks, runs, hikes, and rides. This type of measure distance apps makes use of GPS and Google maps to measure the distances. This app can be used to keep track of personal achievements and progress. It also helps the user to control and modify their activities as it offers the feature for updating and changing them.


8. Auto Distance

It is a measure distance app that is very user friendly and is easy to use. The camera of the smart device having this app has to be pointed to a fixed point at a distance to measure the space between the camera lens and the chosen point of reference.


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9. Maps Distance Calculator

It is an app that makes use of the maps to measure distances between two points that are determined by the user. These points are plotted on the map by making use of the GPS and the distance between them is calculated. This measuring distance app is also used to determine the best route that can be taken between the two static points.


10. Pedometer Step Counter

It is a health-based app that is used to measure and keep a track of the distances traveled, covered by the user during their walk, jog, or any other fitness activity. This app also offers other fitness-related features like measuring calories, a flight of stairs climbed, active time, etc. It can also be used to measure the BMI index of the user and to keep a record of their vitals.


Having a multi-field use, a measure distance apps prove to be very beneficial and efficient in its performance. The scope and features of such measuring apps can be increased in the future by integrating the basic features of a distance-measuring app with additional features that can be used as per the requirements of a particular field.

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