How to Clear Clipboard on Android (With Pictures)

When you are reading this article, certainly you need to access and clear clipboard content from your Android mobile phone. Essentially, your entire search activities will be recorded by the Android system automatically.

For all this, you need to perform a copy-paste function for which clipboard is used. The clipboard is a temporary platform to store your copied content. When you copy something on your Android mobile including links, messages, and pictures, it will be stored on the clipboard by default. Also, the clipboard history can be secured by the most recent copied items. At the end of the day, all older items you copied to the clipboard will be gone naturally. All things considered, this is the essential information you ought to learn before you begin to clear clipboard history on Android.

For any reason, if you want to clear clipboard history, then you simply go to the right place. This article offers systematic solutions on the most proficient method to clear clipboards on Android phones and tablets. Thus, you can peruse and get solutions for the Android clear clipboard here.

Where Is the Clipboard on an Android Phone?

The data is stored in RAM by the clipboard service when you save text to the clipboard on your Android. On stock Android phones, there is no area or clipboard folder on your phone where you can see that data. On Samsung phones, the clipboard history is stored in a file in the Clipboard catalog.

Clear Clipboard on Android

However, even on a Samsung phone, that file isn't open without establishing the phone. Yet, you can even now grow your clipboard history on any stock Android phone by using Clipboard manager applications.

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Copy and Paste on Android like a Pro

If you haven't utilized an stock Android device previously, the copy-paste functionality is very simple to work with on Android cell phones. Generally, individuals copy content from the browser. So if you are deprived to copy something, here is the way to do it.

Copy – Paste on Android

Long press on the content you need to copy. Select or access Clipboard option once the menu pops up. This will guarantee that a blue mark (pencil icon) is put on the content. You can alter the length of the blue handle dependent on the content you need to copy and hit copy. If you are in necessary to copy everything that is accessible, just press the select all button.

Though in a portion of the applications like Twitter, the blue handle won't show up, and when you long press on the content, it will copy the whole content for you. When the content is copied, explore where you need to send it, and in the content box, long press once more. This will make the paste button show up, which when clicked, will paste the whole copied content. Isn't copy-paste simple?

How to Clear Clipboard on Android?

Check out the best possibilities of clearing clipboard contents on Android smartphones or tablets.

Steps to Clear Clipboard on Samsung or Other Android

Since you are a copy-paste professional, it is additionally essential to clear out certain significant copied things, that you don't need any other individual to access from your phone. There are can be numerous reasons why you would need to clear the clipboard. It might be because of the reason that you have copied an excessive number of things and might want to get the needless chunk out from your device or whatever else.

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If you're copying and pasting some personal data like passwords, the thing you need is for that data to remain stored in your phone's memory. It bodes well to erase sensitive clipboard things when you're ended with them.

If you're utilizing the Clipper Clipboard Manager, you'll see that when you select the three points on the right side of a selection, there's a Delete choice. You have to use this to delete those clipboard things.

clear clipboard on android

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The steps are as followed:

Step 1

First, find Android clipboard clear options. Here you can tap the clipboard icon to open the Android clipboard. After you have discovered the clipboard content, click the "click" button on the lower right corner. You can see two choices of "Delete from clipboard option" and "Lock to clipboard option".

how to clear cache on androidStep 2

You can clear the clipboard on the android phone automatically. Pick “Delete from clipboard” to erase a clipboard from your Android device. If you need to clear all Android clipboard content, then you can click the "Delete All" choice on the top of the clipboard.

Clear clipboard on Android

Step 3

When you do this, whenever you copy anything to the clipboard and afterward tap the clipboard on the Google Android console once more, you'll see a history filled with all recent things you've added to the clipboard.

cache on android phone

Step 4

To delete any of these things from the clipboard and select each item you need to delete. Then tap the trash icon to erase them.

clear cache on android

The clipboard manager that accompanies your native keyboard app relies to a great extent upon the version and brand of your Android phone. For instance, the Samsung Keyboard includes a clipboard manager tool too. The keyboard is normally the essential method to get to and deal with your clipboard without an application.

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Extra Tips before Clearing Clipboard On Stock Android

Since this article is discussing how to clear a clipboard on Android, we have a few tips before you clear your clipboard:

Make sure which part or record you need to clear. When you press the "delete" button, you will lose the file forever.

It is good for you to do it in a full battery, in addition to when you are clearing the history. If your phone is turned off while it is handled, you likely need to repeat the steps from the beginning.

Do a steady evaluation to deal with your files. Some of the time it is difficult to delete certain files from which you are afraid that it would be required later on. Then, deal with your file by choosing which one is required and not. If your storage is run out, you can move to another device or external storage.

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Copy and pasting text is a basic and successful approach to convey repetitive messages to spare time and effort. However, it is imperative to realize how to clear out excessive data, once there is no requirement for it any longer.

Tell us in the comments below if this was simple enough to replicate. We're glad to get you out and hear your opinion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the clipboard folder in Android?

Access the messaging app on your stock Android, and press the "+" symbol to the left side of the text field. Select the keyboard icon. When the keyboard appears, select the ">" symbol at the top. Here, you can tap the clipboard icon to open the Android clipboard

How do I clear the clipboard in Google search?

To clear the clipboard of google search, click the three dots in the upper right corner of that entry. This will open a small menu with three options. Click Delete to remove the entry. If you want to clear the entire clipboard, then instead of clicking Delete, click Clear all.

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