Battle of the Platforms: What Social Media Apps Should I Use? 

There seem to be new social media platforms appearing on the market all the time. Whatever our age, we pretty much all engage with it in some capacity because social media has transformed not just the way we communicate as well as how we approach education, employment, and eCommerce. With that in mind, there is a broad spectrum of platforms to choose from and keep up with. Read on for a breakdown of some of the most popular.


Instagram is used mainly by millennials and Gen Z. This super-popular photo and video sharing platform has been around since 2010 and is now owned by Facebook. Instagram currently has about one billion users and is popular with a broad spectrum of users, old and young, worldwide. Instagram, in part, owes its popularity to its simple nature. You can easily post an image or video and quickly filter it to your liking.

Instagram may be the right platform for business use if you are looking for a highly visual platform for advertising your products or services. Video is emerging as a powerful marketing tool, and Instagram now has a reel function that allows you to share short films with a broad audience.


Which social media platform you choose to use may relate to your technological age. A recent survey found that 14% of participants aged between 16 and 24 spend five hours on YouTube, and 11% spend five hours a day on TikTok. So, it's unsurprising that YouTube continues to be hugely popular as the second-largest search engine after Google. Nowadays, most people post on the platform with the hope of going viral or making money.

Still, there is also a wide variety of users who enjoy it because it offers the opportunity to learn, express opinions, or simply share their passions. It also has many benefits for businesses, whether large or small, giving you the chance to upload longer videos with more in-depth content on products or services.


what social media apps should i use

If you are a recent college graduate, freelancer, or anyone focused on career progression, this is the social media platform you may want to invest more time in. This platform is different from the others mentioned above as it is predominately business-oriented. It takes a bit more effort to set up an impressive LinkedIn profile than on other social media platforms, but you can quickly start networking once you have.

If you are a business owner or freelancer, it is also an excellent platform for generating leads, connecting with clients and customers, and sharing insights.


There has been a lot of buzz in the news recently about Twitter, which has an average of 217 million monetizable daily active users. If you like to keep up to date with the latest news and interesting people, Twitter might be the social media choice for you. It is pretty straightforward; you share short messages or tweets, limited to a maximum of 280 characters, with your followers.

Twitter can also be a good tool for promoting your business, products, or services, engaging with customers, and even supplying customer support.

The Future

Whether you're looking to find more content about your passions, share some photography, make connections to help your career progress, or just talk about your day, there's a platform for it. And, because of this, the potential is staggering - just look at Meta, for example. In short, there's the power to transform industries and influence culture, and it'll be fascinating to see where it will go next.

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