10 Best Shopping Apps in India 2024

Which are the best shopping apps in India now? With advancements in technology, organizations have brought about a change in their traditional ways of selling their products. Nowadays with their busy schedule, customers have assorted to online shopping via online apps where they can buy the products they desire with just a few clicks.

But simply setting up shop online doesn't guarantee selling returns. An online shopping website has to offer much more to its customers to garner attention. Right from safety, to amazing user experience, better payment opportunities, and great offers, a lot needs to be ensured to build a very successful online website on the internet. Listed below, are the 10 best shopping apps in India  that have been rocking the selling charts.

Best Shopping Apps In India 2024

1. Amazon

It is one of the best shopping apps in India. This app has a large collection of original products at affordable costs. It stands out with its classic interface, various products like electronic goods, garments, toys, daily essentials, home appliances, industrial, etc, and many more of various renowned brands across the world.

The app is very user-friendly with fast loading time, categorized in different sections so that customers can easily search. It also enables filtered search according to brands, color, size, and others. Their fast delivery of products has made them extremely successful in the world of eCommerce. Amazon ensures easy returns, order tracking, and easy payments through safe payment gateways or cash on delivery.

Customers can also easily return or exchange their products through the app. Their 24*7 customer service ensures their customers are always well looked after.

Amazon Prime users avail of some extra benefits as well. They get to express fast deliveries and some special discounts as well.

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Playstore link

Playstore rating: 4.3

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2. Flipkart

This is the first name that comes to the mind of any Indian while marketing online. The app includes products in a number of categories such as electronics, personal care, fashion, furniture, toys, etc.

Customers can easily search for the products they want to purchase and filter their search according to prices, color, sizes, or brands. They can also see reviews of other customers regarding the product and choose accordingly. It also offers a number of facilities like easy returns, order tracking, easy payments through cash on delivery or online through safe payment gateways. Its periodic big billion sales attract a large number of customers.

Now with Walmart taking over almost 77% share of the company, it is poised to take the Indian market by a storm. Flipkart Plus members are enabled to various special offers.

best shopping apps in india

Playstore Link 

Playstore Rating: 4.5

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3. Myntra

After Flipkart and Amazon, Myntra comes next in popularity among the online shopping websites in the country. Myntra has gained a reputation for variety in its products, irrespective of gender or age at affordable prices.

The app is updated with all recent fashion products and has thus become one of the first choices for young India. They have detailed information regarding every item and customers can search for the products they wish to buy in a very convenient manner. The products are divided into various categories for easy search of the customers.

Often they provide massive discounts. They also provide fast and secure checkouts, one can add items in the wishlist, which they can later avail to. Customers can also suggest certain products to others easily through apps like Facebook, Whatsapp. If we refer a friend, we can even earn Rs. 100. With the backing of the vast network of Flipkart, it assures timely delivery and easy returns along with convenient modes of online as well as offline payment.

But the app has a few shortcomings in the Android version while the Ios app works quite fine.

best online shopping apps for clothes

Playstore Link

Playstore Rating: 4.4

4. Ajio

Ajio is a name in the online shopping world that grew up from scratch and is now reckoned as one of the topmost names in the online shopping leaderboards. They keep us abreast of both international as well as local fashion trends. Ajio boasts of an online warehouse that has an incredible diversity of products for anyone and everyone. Clothing, footwear, accessories, apparel, you name it and Ajio will present it to you.

Their exclusive Indie collection has caught the eyes of many. We can choose from their wide range of products and shortlist our favorites for later purchase. They provide quicker checkouts and easy payment through safe payment gateways. Customers can easily track their orders and can enjoy hassle-free returns or exchanges within a month of delivery.

best shopping apps for women;s clothes in india

Playstore Link

Playstore Rating: 4.1

5. Nykaa

It is the most popular shopping site for buying beauty products and cosmetics. Nykaa apps have an attractive and smooth user interface.

Their products are original and they have a very efficient team who looks after making this brand a success with in-depth research. They have a varied range of products like makeup, skincare, haircare, perfumes, luxury as well as mother and baby products.

They have already gained the trust of a large number of customers and are earning trust of many with their genuine products. It is only time before they reach the top positions in online shopping in the country.

Customers can track their orders and if not satisfied, they can return or exchange their products easily. The customer service ensures to provide the best service to their customers.

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Playstore Link

Playstore Rating: 4.6

6. Snapdeal

Snapdeal is amongst the leading marketplaces in India, selling varied products including electronic items, books, gadgets, home appliances among others. Customers can find all kinds of products they wish for.

It provides facilities like order tracking, easy returns within a week, delivery updates, easy and safe payments, etc. It ensures safe payment with the help of TrustPay. We can also look for reviews and ratings of other customers and choose accordingly. The items are described in detail.

But its early promising days are a distant memory now. It is badly in need of a stable core team, better user-friendly apps in both Android and iOS. It is also in the deep desire for money so that it can maintain its high standards.

best cheap shopping apps in india

Playstore Link

Playstore Rating: 4.2

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7. Paytm Mall

Being one of the best shopping apps in India, Paytm have a varied range of products from electronics, garments, daily essentials, toys to groceries, baby care, and others of reputed brands.

The app provides a lot of discounts to their customers. They can search for the products they wish to buy very conveniently and get descriptions in detail of their desired products to aid them to choose what to buy. It provides safe payment gateways for online shopping and easy checkouts along with facilities like order tracking, easy returns or replacement of orders, and always-available customer service.

It has earned its fame through its cashback strategy. The purchase of almost any product will ensure we get a cashback and have thus become quite popular among the new generation.

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Playstore Link

Playstore Rating: 3.6

8. eBay

eBay is one of the most grossing shopping websites in the world. It provides us the option to buy as well as sell items.

It is one of the leading retailers in home, electronics, cars, furniture, etc., and has almost anything we want. We can even save money on automobile tools and bid on secondary vehicles. We can also buy or sell fitness gadgets and stay fit and healthy. Customers can make their search narrow through filtered categories. Thus they can buy a large variety of products and even bid on some deals.

Although having an engaging website, the mobile app needs some work. It also needs to work on its customer experience and develop new marketing strategies to take this brand to even higher dimensions.

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Playstore Link

Playstore Rating: 4.6

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9. OLX

The largest among generic marketplaces in India, this is a heaven for us to buy or sell second-hand products. The app gives access to products that are enlisted for selling in our neighborhood.

We will only get registered users and can contact them to buy. We can also sell any item we wish by simply clicking photos and uploading them on the website. We can communicate easily with the purchaser or from whom we want to buy through Chat First app. So we will not receive any spam calls. However, the app needs a bit of work and a better interface to attract more users.

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Playstore Link

Playstore Rating: 4.2

10. Big Basket

Big basket is the largest supermarket shopping app in the country. We can buy vegetables, fresh fruits, daily essentials, hygiene and beauty products, pet care and other varied items at very affordable prices.

They often provide various exciting offers so that we can buy on the cheap. They have a large variety of items that they purchase from farmers directly. We don’t have to go to the market and carry heavy bags back to our home. Big Basket delivers them all right to our door. On our initial order, we are even awarded a cashback worth Rs. 200 above the order of Rs. 1000.

They assure us quality products through fast and safe checkouts. They also ensure deliveries within the time of their products- super fast delivery within 90 minutes. If late, customers are refunded 10% of their bill. We can search the items we wish to purchase quite easily and even search in 7 different languages.

It also provide return and replacement facilities besides having easy offline payments or online payments through safe payment gateways.

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Playstore Link

Playstore Rating: 4.0

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the products available in these websites authentic?

The websites sell authentic and original products of leading brands across the world. Sometimes the products may be damaged or not up to the satisfaction of customers. They can always be replaced or exchanged easily.

Which is the best online shopping website?

These are the top 10 shopping websites in the country according to data available from Google and Playstore. These are all very reliable but Amazon and Flipkart are the two biggest e-commerce platforms at present in the country.

How to get hold of good quality yet fashionable products?

The products come with detailed descriptions and images. Customers are advised to go through and choose wisely. The reviews and ratings of other customers can also be relied upon to select the product to be opted for.


Online shopping is on the rise in India with more and more shopping apps available to download. We have a wide variety of stores that offer great deals for all types of people, so it's no wonder why this trend has grown exponentially over recent years!

The aforementioned online shopping retailers would completely satisfy us as well as providing that perfect shopping experience that we are looking for.

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