10 Best Free News Apps in India 2024

In search of the Best News app In India? News widens our horizons and that further helps us to draw our future decisions and choices. It also makes us as citizens aware of how the nation is functioning, both as a whole and in parts.

Reading newspapers or watching news channels is a must for any concerned and responsible citizen. Online news apps just make this exercise easier and also more effective.

Through news apps, we can get a glimpse of the outside world, right from our homes. We can attain the necessary knowledge and stay updated. It also acts indirectly as a medium to raise the voices of ordinary men. It makes our perceptions clear too.

We have, therefore, nominated the 10 best news apps in India in this article for you to choose from. We hope by the end of it you will be kindled enough to download at least one.

10 Best News Apps in India 2024

1. NewsBulb - Unbiased News App in India

best news app in india

NewsBulb offers its content to users in both English and Hindi. Users can also opt for audio news. This application even sorts the 20 most trending news and presents it to readers.

NewsBulb is impartial and prefers displaying only factual content. Readers can also share the news posts to whoever they want. Suppose, something interrupts the user while reading the news - the post or page can be bookmarked and accessed later.

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2. Dailyhunt - Most Read News App in India

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Dailyhunt contains detailed information in over 14 Indian languages including English and Hindi from more than 2600 media collaborators. Alongside the happenings of the cities and the nation, it provides readers with their village and district news as well.

Readers are free to choose from which newspaper they are going to read the news.

Readers can also check what their zodiac has in store for them on a daily basis. Be it the tearing down of rumors, news regarding defense, the employment scenario, or stock updates - Dailyhunt will cater to all your requirements. Recently they have added Local Zone! Get the latest, trending videos from your locality and city.

Users can also upload funny videos, memes, and tag loved ones to get likes, comments, and shares on the app.

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3. Knappily: Must-Have News App in India

best news app in india

Knappily is a versatile news application presenting day-to-day content as well as an attractive digital magazine. As per Google, one ‘must’ have this app on their smartphone for checking out the latest information.

The award-winning app allows sharing of news posts via social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. Copying the news to the clipboard is also possible.

Users can even enable the night mode to enjoy a comfortable reading experience. For a clearer understanding, most of the images can be zoomed in.

Knappily follows an interesting categorization of ‘why’, ‘when’, ‘where’, ‘who’ and ‘how’ for its news articles.

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4. INDIA TODAY - News App In India

best news app in india

Not just the breaking news, India Today also offers contents like live TV shows, videos, Bollywood, lifestyle, and if lucky, users can even catch up with exclusive celebrity interviews. Though India Today has one of the biggest networks in India, it provides news of almost the entire world.

The app is a blessing for cricket lovers. India Today provides a full game coverage of any important match from a team of experts. Are you someone who doesn’t like missing any match of the Indian team? Then, without having second thoughts, download the app now.

Readers can go through the stunning pages of India Today’s e-magazine. The app also maintains an impressive gallery from which viewers can check out snaps of their favorite actor or athlete.

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5. The Hindu - News App In India

  • Play Store Rating: 4.1
  • Developer's name: Kasturi and Sons Ltd.
best news app in india

If you are searching for in-depth knowledge of your city, state or India the Hindu app is just for you! Get access to live updates and even offline news content.

The Hindu offers a customized home screen to readers for their local favorites and interests. The app also has the night mode feature. It can read aloud the news for you as well.

Readers can save posts by marking them as ‘read later’. One can also add comments on the stories they want to get engaged with.

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6. NDTV - News App In India By NDTV

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Users can access the recent posts, stories, photos, and videos from NDTV's newsroom via the NDTV news app. It also updates readers with live cricket scores.

NDTV presents interesting summaries on subjects related to Food, Business, Sports, and more. Users can also keep a track of the stock markets easily through the app. Worried about the election results? It answers that too, live.

Another live element of the NDTV Live Tv app is its radio attribute which is a favorite among many users.

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7. TOI - News App by TOI

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TOI or ‘Times Of India’ is one of the only applications in India that are available in more than 14 languages including English, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, and Telugu. The news app can be operated from 225 plus nations all around the globe. Inside the country, it offers complete news coverage from more than 50 towns.

The app has several categories on gadgets, education, travel, and more with news collected from all across the world. The articles are precise and short. It also has the bookmark feature.

With the TOI app, users can even supervise the time and frequency of their notifications and receive them accordingly.

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8. Inshorts - Best News App in India

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Inshorts employs a unique method of news telling. It picks out the best and trendy news from a variety of sources. Then, it makes a synopsis of the entire content and presents it to users. The users find it simpler to go through the shorter version of the story.

The app offers contents in both English and Hindi. Whether it is about the latest nationwide strike or a breakup between a celebrity couple, Inshorts will deliver almost anything that might interest you.

Inshorts even lets users inquire from the search bar, according to their preferences. It also allows sharing of posts to family and friends via social platforms.

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9. Flipboard - Personalized News App in India

  • Play Store Rating: 4.2
  • Developer's website: https://flipboard.com

Flipboard is an app used by millions all over the world. This award-winning application serves readers with trending news and striking stories.

The name of the app comes from its unique interface which involves the flipping of posts’ pages like one does while reading a magazine or book for real.

From travel to news, design to technology, food to photography - Flipboard will always have something unique and interesting for you. The app has an amazing magazine of its own. You too can create your own magazine by adding pictures and write-ups.

Flipboard has got 25 exciting local editions including the versions for China, Brazil, and India.

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10. Google News - Best News App In India

  • Play Store Rating: 4.4
  • Developer's name: Google LLC
best news app in india

With a whopping 1 billion-plus downloads, Google News is the world's most trusted news app.

Not just content, the app also excels at both UI and UX. Even if your Internet connection seems weak, you can go through the articles without much hassle. Meanwhile, to adjust to the user’s device or connection specs, the app reduces the quality of images and videos to ensure an uninterrupted reading experience.

Google News’ full coverage feature depicts a story written down in different perspectives. It also offers users access to over a thousand magazines available in a mobile-friendly format.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which news app is the best in india?

Keeping all the things in mind, Google News can be considered as the best news app among all others. It is innovatively designed plus is very detailed and descriptive.

Is there a free news app in india?

All the apps mentioned here are free of cost. In case, you want to access their premium versions, you can do so at a pretty negligible amount.

What is the best Android news app india with unbiased news?

All of the above-mentioned apps are neutral in nature. Being impartial, they present the news or stories in front of readers and a few even allow readers to engage further into the discussion and support whichever side they wish to.

Final thoughts

There is a multitude of best news apps in India on the Google Play Store. Declaring a single app as the winner is difficult. Hence to make it easier we came up with a list of the top 10.

All the names we discussed here are quite popular and trustworthy. Some even have features that are pretty, unlike anything you have ever seen. It is advised that you install and try each until you find the one that serves all your needs.

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