10 Best Trading App In India 2024

Do you have a “What is the best trading app in India for you?” question in your browser history. If yes, you have just landed in the right place. Be it for intraday share trading or the best trading platforms in India, most of us do not prefer to be tied down to the wires of our laptops or PCs.

The current favorite preference of share market traders is mobile apps. These are easy to access and give the freedom to trade from any location. Here, let's talk about the trading apps in India that rank amongst the first 10 top stock trading names for both beginners and veterans.

1. Zerodha Online Trading App

Kite is an outstanding application that caters to both active day traders and passive investors. The latest update has improved the UI with significant processing speed.

Upon using the app, you will definitely feel the intuitive and clean, super light back-end function that will smoothly serve your trading and investment needs. The F&O trading charges are as low as ₹ 15. If you are worried about the brokerage charges, rest assured, that Zerodha does not charge any brokerage amount for investment.

Added to this, you can seamlessly log in to the app and even customize your multi-market watch views. With real-time charts, you can easily apply more than 100 technical indicators.

best online trading app in india

Google Play Store

2. Upstox Pro App

Another excellent mobile trading app, Upstox guarantees a zero brokerage on app-based delivery trading. In fact, you will find the per transaction on F&O and Intraday trades to be at a nominal rate (₹20). Its charting software has been updated to a sophisticated level with surpassed reliability and speed.

After installing the software, you can instantly access the watch list (pre-defined) of Nifty 50 and many other indices.

Upstox Pro App allows you to create customized watchlists and set price alerts for real-time updates, both for unlimited numbers. You can easily leverage the TFC (Trade from Chart) feature and can use it for direct trading.

best online trading app in india

Google Play Store

Yet, there might be some questions in your mind. Let’s answer the questions without getting you through the hassle. Take a look at the most searched questions from around the internet.

3. Angel Broking Trading App

An excellent stockbroker at your fingertip, Angel Broking mobile trading app is a platform that not only gives easy investment and trading facilities but even ideas to maximize your returns. It has a rating of 4.1 stars on the Google Play store and is a hit among traders.

This trading app ensures real-time fund transferability via more than 40 banks. You can easily check the in-depth market analysis, keep track of the live market data, and never miss any trending information. Also now you can select the chart which suits your trading style - ChartIQ or TradingView.

Angel Broking, being the foremost best trading app in India, works on ARQ technology and offers you a rule-based investment engine. It provides you with the best assistance to improve the performance of your mutual fund and equity. Also, with multiple investment buckets, you can easily enhance your stock section.

best trading app in india

Google Play Store

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4. 5Paisa Mobile App

Being one of the noteworthy discount broker apps in India, 5Paisa Mobile App is an exceptional stock market app that has been installed and used by more than 4 million people. Awarded with the Best Mobile Trading App in 2018, you will find the charges lower than any of the major trading players in the Indian stock market.

It has a one-click order placement feature where you invest only 10 paise per executed order. Added to this, it is a zero-brokerage app and with a trading fee of just ₹ 20 for commodities, F&O, and cash trading segments. If you are a beginner, you can easily learn the basics of trading with its learning videos.

With this app, you can be assured of getting information on stock market trends, access to charting tools, and live updates from markets, like MCX, BSC, and NSC. Also Robo Investment Advisor: A unique feature to help you build a customized portfolio suited to your needs and risk profile.

best trading app in india

Google Play Store

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5. Sharekhan Online Trading App

If you have a set financial goal and are confused about where to start, Sharekhan is, without a doubt, the best choice as a mobile trading app in India. The UI is designed by keeping both the user categories in mind – investors and traders.

Via using this you can place various orders, like Bracket orders (BO), Big Trade Plus, Big Trade, Sell against Margin (SAM), and Normal Order. The updated dashboard gives you a comprehensive view of the real-time market scenario.

This app also has free stock market online learning modules under Sharekhan Classroom. You can easily learn and train yourself and start planning your investments with its goal-based investment tool, NEO.

best trading app in india

Google Play Store

6. Sine by Trade Smart Online Trading App in India

A versatile app, Trade Smart is an all-device compatible app. Rated at 4.2 stars, this app supports the necessary trading segments like currency, commodity, derivatives as well as equity. With Sine, you can keep track of your desired stocks with the Market Watch option.

You can enjoy a host of vital features, like analysis and trade, index watch, scanner, charts, quotes, sell/ buy, etc.

It offers an extremely low brokerage plan (around 0.007%). So, whether you are a pro trader or a new one, your trade per amount will be around ₹ 15. With Sine, you can instantly transfer your funds from at least 28 banks. To identify trading opportunities, you can use scanners and take assistance from live quotes for profitable trades.

best trading app in india

 Google Play Store

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7. Edelweiss Online Trading App

A reigning name in the trading industry, the Edelweiss is one of the highest-stars-rated applications in the Google Play store (4.6/5). With Edelweiss, you can keep track of individual investments alongside 23 reports. These reports include delayed payment interest, cost report, DP bills, Profit and loss statement, transaction reports, etc.

You can instantly access Watchlist, perform trading, and keep track of the Indian stock markets from any section of his app. Additionally, you can pre-set alerts so that you never have to miss any of your targeted prices.

Google Play Store

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8. Stock Note App by Samco

Most of us prefer a one-touch trading option, which allows us to go through multiple information in detail and directs us straight to trading. StockNote offers the same to you without any hidden cost.

Its pay per order throughout the segments is only ₹ 20. To make things simpler, especially the Flat Fee Brokerage plan, it has a calculator where you can choose your preferred options and enjoy the benefits.

You can avail the highest leverage with Samco in this industry – a stark 80x leverage on trading NIFTY Futures.

best online trading app in india

Google Play Store

9. Stoxkart Online App

While trading, we mostly prefer using apps with a friendly user interface. After all, who likes complexities?

Stoxkart Pro is one advanced mobile trading app in India that offers us live market data with cutting-edge charting tools. Being a next-gen online/mobile trading platform, in real-time, it helps you analyze and trade the Indian stock markets. You can enjoy one-touch order placement and can directly trade from research call notifications.

It can help you make goal-based investment decisions by giving you thematic options of investments. Moreover, you can use the market analysis experience for better trading.

best online trading app in india

Google Play Store

10. ANT Mobi App by Alice Blue

Ant Mobi offers you a lite user interface so that you can use a fast, secure, and stable mobile trading platform. With this app, you can analyze news feed and portfolio in addition to keeping track of real-time market data.

Using this app, you can see position reports, trades, and order history. If you want to acquire in-depth market analytics, various trading instruments, and evaluation of stocks, this app offers you all of these features.

Added to this, you can see your account and Demat holdings within the app. Moreover, this app has linkage from multiple banks and you can easily transfer funds across them.

best online trading app in india

Google Play Store

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Yet, there might be some questions in your mind. Let’s answer the questions without getting you through the hassle. Take a look at the most searched questions from around the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best trading app for beginners?

Although all the above-highlighted apps are best for trading, if you are a beginner, you can begin with either of the two apps: • Sharekhan • 5paise

What are the features of the best stock trading app in India?

• Usability • Features • Reviews and ratings • Performance • Speed

How to choose the best trading apps in India?

Here are the relevant things that you need to follow before choosing a good trading app. • Read the reviews from forums, review pages, play stores, etc. • Thoroughly check the mobile trading app features and see which ones fit your parameter • Read related materials and watch demo videos to analyze if you could easily understand its working or not • Analyze your system compatibility with the app’s offered platform.


We hope that the above information will help you to select the one fit for you amongst the 10 best trading apps in India. If you compare the parameters of among the 10 apps, sort the necessary ones, and finally compare them with your requirements, you are bound to get the best stock trading app for yourself.

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