10 Best Money Earning Apps In India 2024

Which are the real money earning apps in India? In this 21st century, using mobile phones and accessing the internet has become a basic entity in the brisk livelihood of human beings. The electronic gadget has been hugely engrossed in our mundane lives as it holds the ability to make life a bit more exciting.

We are spending an increasing amount of time on the internet through our phones. This practice, however, is consuming a whole lot of data. So why not invest a part of it in a productive way? Have you ever come across the notion of "money earning apps" in recent times? You might be wondering? But yes, you can easily earn money by simply using your phone. The only things that you have to provide are time and dedicated efforts.

The real story

Earning money online is not uncommon, anymore. One does not even need a computer or a laptop to make money. This will definitely not make you affluent but at the least can enhance your pocket money for sure. Earning money from the phone itself is one of the best ways to obtain good monthly incomes for homemakers and students.

Money is a crucial commodity in today's world. To sustain our lives, we all need bread. Therefore, earning money is important for an adult to be independent. Being financially self-sufficient helps one to be confident and decisive.

Here, we are going to present the top 10 money earning apps in India before you to make your selection process simpler. Working from home and strengthening your wallet will no longer be nightmare-ish!

Best Money Earning Apps in India 2024

1. Meesho - Money Earning App in India

  • Play Store Rating: 4.3
  • Developer's name: Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal in December, 2015
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People consider Meesho App as one of the best money earning apps in India that require no investment. There are only 3 basic exercises involved - browsing, sharing, and earning.

This renowned app has gained the trust of millions within a couple of years. Its flexible nature attracts the masses. Reselling is the key to grow using this particular app. You just need to possess a good smartphone with access to an internet connection. It has become a biggie in today's world. It too enriches your communication skills.

Once you create a ground of authentic buyers, there is no one to stop your digital growth. On average, an active earner makes Rs 25,000 per month. However, you can earn even up to 2 lakhs per month with sheer hard work.

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2. Foap - Sell Photos For Cash

  • Play Store Rating: 3.2
  • Developer's name: Adrian Dubler
money earning apps in india

Let your photos and videos speak! Turn your beautiful snaps into money. Sell those shots to distinguished brands from all around the globe. Create an attractive web portfolio of yourself. Get amazing feedback from fellow Foap-ers as well.

This app offers you unlimited uploads from your gadget. You tend to get 50% of the selling price as the commission. In this era of selfies, teenagers, young adults, and all photophilous will definitely love this app.

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3. Roz Dhan - Money Earning App in India

  • Play Store Rating: 3.91
  • Developer's name: Roz Dhan official
money earning apps in india

Read resourceful news or play entertaining games to take yourself a step ahead towards money-making. This app is a bucket full of amusement. Fill your pockets, irrespective of venue and time, all across India. It is available 24*7 making it unique among rivals.

Share articles among your friends, earn coins, and convert them into Paytm cash. Moreover, on referring it to your contacts, it delivers you a sum of Rs 50, immediately. It has crossed 10 million downloads on Play Store already.

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4. Frapp - Best Earning App for Students

  • Play Store Rating: 4.0
  • Developer's name: Armaan Vananchal & Niranjan Nakhate
real money earning apps in india

Frapp makes making money from home really simple. Completing objectives, gigs and similar tasks from prominent companies can help you earn.

On the basis of your passion, the app will offer you a number of opportunities. A handful of internships are also presented to students. On fulfillment of the job, you can earn money as well as e-certificates.

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5. Math Cash - Earn Money Via Quizzes in India

  • Play Store Rating: 4.2
  • Developer's name: The team
money earning apps for android in india

Upgrade your math skills and earn money by playing tricky quizzes. Beat the clock and evolve into a rapid solver. Enrich your skills and challenge other players across the globe to win cash prizes. This application is most suitable for the mathophile.

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6. Mall91 Money91- Money Earning App in India

  • Play Store Rating: 4.2
  • Developer's name: Nitin Raj Kapoor
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Attaining money by referring to friends? Have you ever thought of it? Yes, you can earn by referring to your contacts and by playing fascinating games alongside as well. This app's motive is to - ‘boost the lives of billions of natives and help them live their goals’.

You can easily earn money by just using your typical WhatsApp, or other social, groups. The app even rewards users with something between Rs 3 and Rs 500 on their first joining. Use a unique referral code to obtain money per referral.

Earning per sale is not a tough task anymore. More team members added with your enthusiastic participation will lead to more cash on a daily basis. Recently they have added a new feature where you can see daily bumper deals on Scratch cards and wheels on daily shopping items from local shops in your area.

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7. Cointiply - Bitcoin Money Earning App in India

  • Play Store Rating: 4.3
  • Developer's name: Cointiply

Carry out surveys, finish offers, play interesting games and earn coins. Yes, it is possible. With this app earning free bitcoins and dogecoins has now become really simple.

Clicking on ads to visit their site or watch videos can actually pay you. Even chatting with different cryptocurrency enthusiasts can help you to earn here. Making money has become so convenient that you can get paid by downloading Android apps too.

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8. Google Opinion Rewards

  • Play Store Rating: 4.3
  • Developer's name: Google Surveys Team
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Responding to various surveys to earn Google play credits is now a new popular activity. Both iOS and Android users have access to this.

While filling up, they will ask you to be neutral and firm. Write down your responses after giving it a thought. Don't be whimsical and avoid giving impulsive answers.

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9. Cash Karma - Rewards & Gift Card Earning App

  • Play Store Rating: 4.4
  • Developer's name: Darkfield Software LLC
money earning apps for android in india

You can win rewards by accomplishing surveys, trying new products, and much more. Redeem your valuable points and earn additional bonuses. You can even earn rewards while walking or driving by a loyal partner retailer.

You might even be lucky enough to win a number of gift cards from Google Play, Starbucks, Amazon, etc.

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10. Scratch and win cash

  • Play Store Rating: 4.4
  • Developer's name: The team
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This app employs the method of scratching coupons to win coins and cash. Get extra rewards by referring it to your friends.

When earning seems so easy, why wait? You will get 10-13 scratch cards every 24 hours. This lets you earn cash for real. Forget luck and build up your pocket fortune one day at a time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Indian app gives real money?

There are several apps that give real money in India. Examples include Meesho, Frapp, Foap, RozDhan. These apps typically offer rewards for completing tasks such as watching videos, taking surveys, or downloading other apps. The rewards can be redeemed for cash, gift cards, or recharge.

Which is first earning app in India?

There are a few different options for earning apps in India, but it is hard to say which one is the very first. One option is Scratch and win, which allows users to earn rewards by paying their bills and mobile phone recharges through the app. Another option is RozDhan, which also offers a variety of ways to earn rewards.

Which is the No. 1 earning app in India?

There is no one definitive answer to this question as earnings can vary greatly from app to app and from person to person. However, some of the more popular earning apps in India include RozDhan, Math cash, and Cash Karma. Each of these apps has its own unique way of allowing users to earn money, whether it be through completing.


Well, we have shortlisted the best options before you. Each app has its own features which include both pros and cons.

However, beware of scams and do proper research before investing your valuable time and energy in a respective application. Always have a look at the app ratings and the users' honest reviews. To find something genuine, you need to pay some time in choosing the best possible option for you. Still, these 10 money earning apps in india rule the list as they provide the maximum positive outcome to earners.

Working from home and generating revenue was never this easy before. Making money online is just a click away. We all are more or less, cybernauts. In this techie world, earning is no longer a strenuous chore. Android Money earning apps in India reduce a significant amount of obstacles. These apps are hassle-free and hence, make the path towards earning simpler.

We hope this article assisted you in making your ideas clear by removing all the misconceptions you had before.

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