How to Text Someone who Blocked you on Android

Just like any other mobile platform or operating system, an Android phone also allows its users to block phone numbers. Once someone blocked your number, you will not receive any phone calls or text messages from them. Such a feature can be quite handy for getting rid of any spam calls or text messages. Although, people might also block each other using this feature. And if your friend or relative has blocked your number on Android, that can be quite frustrating.

Thankfully, there are a few other workarounds out there that you can consider using in order to call or text someone who blocked your phone number. You can find all of the important details regarding this in this article. This includes things like how to tell if someone blocked your texts, more details about Android phone blocking, and more. Most importantly, you can learn how to text someone who has blocked your number on Android by going through this article until the end.

How to Confirm if Someone has Blocked You on Android?

You may think that the other person might have blocked your number, but it's crucial to confirm whether your messages are genuinely blocked or if there are other factors affecting delivery, such as:

  • Misconfigured settings in the device.
  • Third-party apps with call management features.
  • Accidental pocket dialing.
  • Unintended screen taps while navigating through contacts.
  • Device glitches or software issues.
  • Automatic call-blocking features based on algorithms.
  • Misconfigurations in call-blocking apps.
  • Network or signal problems causing misinterpretation.
  • System updates or changes in the Android OS.
  • Human error in understanding or selecting settings.
  • Accidental blocking due to phone sharing.
  • Security apps with call-blocking features.

Well, to keep you out of grey-zone, you can determine if your phone number is genuinely blocked or not, just follow these steps given below:

Step 1: Try Calling Them With Another Android Phone

One of the simplest ways to ascertain whether you've been blocked is to make a call from another person's phone. If your number has been blocked, the call may be instantly rejected, or you could be directed to voicemail. Alternatively, your phone may indicate that the dialed number is busy, signaling a potential block. To further investigate, try changing the caller ID by dialing from a different Android phone.

If are able to call them with a different phone number, this indicates that you are blocked intentionally.

Step 2: Enable Text Delivery Reports in Android

Similar to messaging apps like WhatsApp, the standard Android texting app can provide insights into message delivery. However, this feature is not activated by default and requires manual configuration.

Navigate to the Messaging app on your Android device, access Settings, and enable Delivery Reports.

how to text someone who blocked you on android

Subsequently, send a message to the contact in question. If you receive a delivered notification, it indicates that your messages are reaching the recipient, suggesting that you are not blocked.

Now that you know how to confirm if you are blocked or not, let's find out the solutions for "How to Text Someone who Blocked you on Android".

Method 1: Try Calling them on an Android Phone

how to text someone who blocked you on android

If someone blocked your number and you place a phone call, the call either gets rejected right away or you get forwarded to voicemail on your personal phone instantly. In some cases, your phone might keep telling you that the dialed number is busy which also means that you are blocked. After confirming if you are blocked, in this case, all you need to do is change the caller ID.

Here is a simple way to change your Caller ID:

  1. Use a Caller ID Spoofing App:
    • Download a reputable Caller ID spoofing app from the Google Play Store.
    • Follow the app's instructions for setup and configuration.
    • Enter the desired Caller ID information you want to display.
  2. Google Voice:
    • If you have Google Voice, you can use it to change your Caller ID.
    • Open the Google Voice app.
    • Go to Settings and navigate to the "Calls" section.
    • Enable "Caller ID (outgoing)" and select the number you want to display.

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Method 2: Send a Message on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging services out there which almost everyone uses. Because of this, there is a very high chance that you might only be blocked on their Android device and not on WhatsApp. To check this, simply send any message to the given contact on WhatsApp. If you see double ticks, it means that you are not blocked and the message has been delivered. Otherwise, your contact has been blocked on WhatsApp as well.

how to text someone who blocked you on android

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Method 3: Use Anonymous Texting Services

Another way to text someone who blocked you on Android is to use an anonymous texting service. As you can tell by the name, these texting services allow you to text any phone number out there without needing a phone number at all. And the best thing about these anonymous texting services is that they work even if you are blocked. You can simply visit it, enter the receiver’s number, and send any text of your choice for completely free.

how to text someone who blocked you on android

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Method 4: Place a Call on WhatsApp

As we have mentioned previously, WhatsApp can be used to tell if someone blocked you or not. This is due to the reason that you might not be blocked on WhatsApp. Hence, the first thing that you should try is to call them over WhatsApp. If you are not blocked, then you will be able to call them as long as you have an internet connection. Another great thing about this is that you can either place a voice call or a video call as per your choice.

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Method 5: Use a Random Number Generator

There are a few apps out there that generate a random phone number for free. You can then use this number to call anyone you want. And since such apps use a different phone number, you can still call them even if you are blocked. Many people are worried if such apps show their caller id to the person they are calling. Once installed, you can open and log in, and then enter any phone number you want to call for free.


After you have been through this article until the end, you should have been through a lot of details regarding Android phone blocking. This includes related to both text messages as well as phone calls. And if you are trying to reach someone who has blocked you on Android, then we have many solutions for that as well. You can find all of the steps required to text someone who blocked you on Android up above in this article. If you have any doubts or tips regarding texting someone who has blocked you, then feel free to post those in the comments section down below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to tell if Someone Blocked your Number on an Android Phone?

Before you go ahead and try to text someone who has blocked your number on an Android phone, you should be able to tell if someone blocked your texts for real or not. In some cases, your messages or calls might not make it through due to network issues. Not only that they might have even deleted your contact without blocking you. And in such cases, you should first know if someone blocked your phone number or not.

What happens if Someone Blocked your number on Android?

After you know how to tell if someone blocked your number by checking all of the things mentioned above, you must know if someone blocked you or not. In case you are blocked, then you should also know what happens to the texts that you send. Whenever you send a message to someone and they have blocked you, the message will not get delivered. On the receiver’s phone, there will not even be any notification or something else.

How to Text Someone who has Blocked you on Android?

If you have been blocked by someone on Android, then it is highly likely that you would want to text them. Unfortunately, since you have been blocked, there is no way to get your texts delivered. However, there are some workarounds that you can try to text someone who blocked you on Android. While these methods will not send a text message, they will certainly convey your message.

What happens if you Text someone who blocked you?

When you block a contact, their text messages go nowhere. The person whose number you've blocked won't receive any indication that their message to you was blocked by you. Their text will remain as if transmitted but not yet delivered, but will actually be lost to the broadcast.

How to Call Someone who Blocked you on Android?

It is not possible to directly call a contact who has blocked you on an Android phone. Your call will not go through, and you will hear a busy tone. Your best option is to try reaching out to them through another means of communication which we have discussed in the above article.

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