Satechi Launching USB-C Hub for New iPad Pro: 4K HDMI, Heasdphone Jack, USB-C With Power Delivery, and USB-A

Satechi introduced a new USB-C hub with one HDMI output, one USB-C port with Power Delivery, one USB-A port, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.ipad usb

Satechi Created this new USB-C Hub for new iPad Pro. The Aluminum Type-C Mobile Pro Hub allows the tablet to be connected to a wide variety of peripherals. Such as a 4K display via HDMI or a wired keyboard via USB. The headphone jack is also valuable since the new iPad Pro lacks one for wired headphones.

Pre-order is available for $45 in Silver or Space Gray. The price will rise to $60 when it begins shipping around mid-December.

Features of Satechi USB-C hub are:

1. Beautiful Design: Brushed aluminum finish perfectly complements your Apple computers and accessories.                                      The elegant Type-C Hub is available in Gunmetal, Silver, and Gold

2. Multi-Use : Use the Type-C Hub with USB peripherals and devices, as well as SD and Micro SD cards.

*Please note the Micro and SD cards cannot be used simultaneously.

3. Compact : The small size makes the Type-C USB Hub easy to fit into a purse, backpack, or laptop bag.

4. Easy to Use : Accessing your media is easy with the Satechi Hub – and no drivers are required!

*Please note this hub does not support pass-through charging.

All in all, if you need microSD and SD card readers for importing photos to the new iPad Pro, then consider the HyperDrive hub. Otherwise, the Satechi hub is a good option for $40 less at regular price.

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