10 Best Baby Face Predictor Apps for Android & iOS in 2024

Having a happy family with your partner and a cute baby is every couple’s dream. Imagining what your baby will look like - will they have your features or your partner’s, couples can spend hours daydreaming about. And especially if you’re pregnant and cannot wait for the day for your baby to arrive!

So, while you spend your days counting down to the fateful day, you can use apps to predict what your future kids will look like. Of course, the picture might not represent reality, but it is a fun and joyful way to pass the time.

There are several such apps on the Playstore and Apple store, so finding the perfect one can be tiring. We have filtered and compiled a list of the Best Baby Face Predictor Apps for you, so read on!

10 Best Baby Face Predictor Apps for Android & iOS


1. Baby Maker & Face Generator

best baby face predictor apps


If you’re going through pregnancy, then this is the one for you! Made by Luxand, Inc., it is a much-loved app by 30 million people.

The app not only allows you to see what your future baby would look like but also allows you to go through the pregnancy. This free baby face generator app would instantaneously give you a cute baby that will resemble you and your partner.

But the best part is the pregnancy tracking and new articles about it. It’ll take you through the weeks, tell the symptoms of the week, and how your baby would currently be at that moment. It’ll even give you the tips to ensure that you remain healthy and deal with the symptoms. You’ll get new articles that will help you in the future while dealing with your baby!

2. Baby Face Generator

best baby face predictor apps



Baby Face Generator is one of the best baby face predictor apps, given its straightforward and easy-to-understand UI. Just use your and your partner’s pictures, and the baby’s face will be with you in moments.

Made by Bhim Singh, the app is rated 4.3 out of 5, clearly indicating its popularity amongst people. Many users pointed out while the gap of five minutes between each generated picture can be frustrating, one can use the time to pick out a Baby name and even figure out what you’ll look like in a few years!

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3. BabyMaker Predicts Baby’s Face

best baby face predictor apps



Millions of people have placed their trust in BabyMaker Predicts Baby’s Face app, and it is so for an excellent reason. Unlike other Baby Face Predictor Apps that simply merge the faces, this app allows you to customize every detail about the baby and help create a perfect mini you. According to users, you have to use pictures with good quality and lighting.

You can pick out the baby’s gender, age, skin tone, hair color, and eye color for customization. If you go into more advanced options, you can decide which parent’s genes should be dominant and the child’s power.

4. Baby Generator: Baby Maker App

face generator online


Baby Generator is a fun yet unique and completely free baby face generator app. You can generate the photo of the baby using the favorite picture of you and your partner. The app can also determine which parent the baby resembles the most!

5. Future Baby Predictor: My Future Baby Prank

future baby generator


Available exclusively for Android devices, the app creates the perfect baby for you! Perhaps it is the most accessible app on the market that takes your pictures, name for the baby, and gender. Just a few moments later, the app will display the prediction!

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6. BabyGenerator

what would my baby look like


Loved and used by over 48k people with a 4.1 rating, it is the best baby face predictor app that uses high-end Artificial Intelligence to predict a baby for you! It analyzes the entered pictures, determines the facial features, bends the result according to the gender and age you input, and then shows a realistic outcome.

7. Fantastic Age

baby face generator online




Available on both Android and iOS, Fantastic Age can help you in predicting your baby’s face along with some other fantastic features. You can figure out what you will look like in the future, who’s the most beautiful one out of all your friends, how your future looks through palmistry, whether you’re happy today, and so much more. You have to get a premium subscription to access some features, but you can test it out through its free three-day trial.

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8. Relax

what would our baby look like


Relax can help you create the face of your future baby, but along with it, you can do several other things! You can find answers to questions like how my future will look like, who will be my soulmate, and so much more. Unlocking it would require you to take a subscription, but you can use their three-day free trials to decide if it’s worth it!

9. BabyGen - Predict & Generate Your Future Baby Face

what will our kids look like


BabyGen is another popular future baby face generator that simply takes the input of pictures of both father and mother analyses the facial structure, eye and hair color, lip shape, and hair type to predict a result. The baby’s picture can be a little misleading, so if you’re looking for some fun, then you can try this!

10. BabyPredictor

how will my baby look


BabyPredictor might seem like any other baby face generator app, but what sets it apart is the slider that allows you to change the influence of each parent. Unlike others with the same baby for the same set of parents, this app gives different results for when the genes of one parent are dominant.


While Baby face generator apps cannot produce reality, they will bring you joy and a sense of anticipation for your future. So, while you wait for your baby to be in your arms, you can spend some time on these Baby Face Predictor Apps and envisage how your baby would turn out!

We hope that these Best Baby Face Predictor Apps were helpful for you, and you’ve already found your favorite!

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