What Is An eFax Vs Fax?

What are the common differences between eFax Vs Fax? Gone are the days of using fax to transmit written information. After the introduction of emails, the usage of fax gets reduced. Though when it comes to reliability nothing can beat fax communication. That’s why most companies use fax till now. However, they aren’t using the outdated fax method instead online faxing has been practiced.

We have provided you the detailed information about eFax VS Fax. Plus, we researched the major differences between these and mentioned that too. You alone need to choose your required one from our points.

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What is eFax?

As eFax is a whole new concept you don’t have any idea right? EFax defines a brand and the term E describes online or electronic faxing. It means faxing over the internet. EFax or online faxing is an easy faxing method. It has eliminated the usage of fax machines. You are all set to send and receive fax over the internet using phones, computers, and tablets.

However, it won’t use the phone. Of course, you don’t need a phone line and in case if the line is busy you are all set to place the printer wherever you need it. You no need to check whether the phone jacks are located and all.

You know you are all set to send as well as receive faxes from your email box. If you want to send a fax then all you need is the recipient’s fax number. If you send a fax to that number it will reach the inbox of that person. That’s why eFax is also called an email messaging system. Likewise, you can even send a fax via email to that particular email id along with the fax as an attachment. The moment the fax is sent you will get a confirmation mail.

efax vs Fax

What is the difference between eFax Vs Fax?

Before you choose between Fax and eFax you are required to understand the major differences between eFax Vs Fax.

  • Flexibility:

When it comes to flexibility you all well know that the fax has heavy hardware units. At the same time, it needs a landline connection to operate as well. On the other hand, if you check eFax you are all set to take it anywhere with the help of an internet connection. Thus, you will be allowed to fax flexibly. In short, you can fax from the place where you are residing.

  • Resources:

The fax requires ink, toner, paper, and proper maintenance. In case if you choose to use it regularly then you can witness that the expense is high. Alternatively, with the help of eFax which is digital all it needs are digital devices to access and function. Plus, the cost is affordable and light on resources.

  • Features:

You are all set to send as well as receive fax documents from other fax machines. These are the best features that you will get with the help of a fax machine. If you look at the eFax then you can send and receive legal documentation through electronic signatures and date stamps.

  • Legal uses:

You will be able to send and receive legal documentation via the submission of signatures and reliable date stamps. The same things you can do in Efax as well that is sent and receive legal documentation via electronic signatures and date stamps.

  • Scalability:

You ought to purchase machines and then find office space for new units to increase fax volume or else you can even remove old and unused units if the volume decreases. On the other hand, if you check the EFax then you are required to purchase a higher number of online fax credits to keep up with demand or reduce subscription size to fit your needs.

  • Documents management:

You know you will be able to print and store all required documents in physical units such as filing cabinets. Plus, you will be able to save and archive received and sent documents on secure cloud servers for easy access.

  • Security:

If you check the security options it has only limited numbers and it will lead to the potential for unauthorized third-party access. On the other hand, eFax is provided with advanced encryption and it is accessible 24 x7 live security monitoring and access controls to files as well.

What are the benefits of EFax?

Here we have provided the advantages you will get by using EFax,

  • Helps to save a lot of money:

If you check the Fax machine then you want to maintain it properly. At the same time, in case if you choose to send a lot of faxes then the paper gets stuck in the machine. Plus, it is a must to spend a lot of money to change the ink toners. Alternatively, eFax won’t require any physical fax machine to function.

It doesn’t need any wires or power cords. At the same time, you are needless to buy paper or cartridge. All you want to do is simply sending a message from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Thus it is cost-effective with no doubt.

  • Secured one:

Though EFax is flexible to the core most businesses make use of conventional faxes all because they think it is safe. But the fact is e-fax is the best as well as secured faxing method. Even you send a fax over the internet it is private, secured, and best. It will offer you the security as well as the privacy you want.

Thus, undoubtedly you are all set to send documents with highly sensitive confidential information to your customers as well as others.

  • Helps to save a lot of time:

Of course, within some minutes you are all set to send thousands of fax thus it shows how it saves a lot of time. You can expect this much speed in the fax machine even if you try to send many faxes as well the paper gets stuck. Within a second the fax you have sent will be received by the recipient.

  • Flexibility:

If you don’t want to use many devices means your workload will get reduce. The eFax need only internet and a device to send a fax. If you have these then you can send and receive the fax.

Finally, EFax is best in all the terms. However, choosing between Fax and EFax is up to you. That’s why we have explained you in a detailed way above. Simply check the comparison between eFax Vs Fax and decide.


So, that was all about the eFax VS Fax. We have mentioned their features and also the major differences between these two services. Now it’s your turn to make a decision according to your requirement. Let us know which one you choose and why.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is eFax as secure as fax?

There is no simple answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, including how eFax is being used and the security measures that are in place. In general, however, eFax is considered to be more secure than fax due to the fact that it uses encrypted transmission methods and provides additional security features, such as password protection.

Can I send a regular fax to an eFax number?

Yes. You can send regular fax to an eFax number. Simply dial the eFax number, and then follow the prompts to enter the recipient's information.

What is the purpose of eFax?

eFax is a convenient way to send and receive faxes without having to use a physical fax machine. It is especially useful for businesses that need to send and receive faxes on a regular basis. eFax can help save time and money by eliminating the need for paper, cartridges or toner, and long-distance phone charges.

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