How to Call Someone and Display a Different Number?

Do you know you can call someone without displaying your personal number? Whether you want to protect your privacy, prank a friend, or pretend to be an unknown, it is possible to call someone and display a different number.

In recent times, technology has simplified our lives. From handwritten letters to phone calls, audio calls via the internet, and then video calls, things transformed quickly. In the realm of connecting with known and unknowns, what's only questionable is our privacy. Especially at times when you have a legitimate reason to hide your privacy, such questions come to mind.

In this article, we will show you how to unfold the tricks of calling someone and displaying a different number. Continue reading to find multiple ways to do that.

How to Call Someone and Display a Different Number?

Method 1: Use Call Forwarding

Change your caller ID effortlessly with the call forwarding method. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. First, get a virtual phone number. You can get the number from any service provider that offers call forwarding as a feature.
  2. Now configure that virtual phone number and redirect incoming calls to your personal phone number.
  3. Next, whenever you make an outgoing call by using Call forwarding with a virtual number, the recipient will see your virtual phone number instead of the actual number. To make that happen, either use the service provider's app or follow the method as recommended by the service provider. By doing so, the chosen number will be displayed to the person you're calling.

Method 2: Use Spoofing

Spoofing a phone number means you can alter the caller ID on the recipient's phone. Spoofing is a valuable tool when trying to hide your phone number or identity altogether. To Spoof a phone number:

  1. Search for a trusted Spoofing service online; you can find many options in an affordable range.
  2. Now, once you choose the service, visit the website and proceed with all the formalities. You may need to fill in your phone number, the number you're calling, the desired caller ID, etc. Once done, buy credits (minutes). If you receive a PIN while making the transaction, Save it.
  3. Now dial the number provided (by the website) and enter the PIN if asked. You are done, it will initiate the Call.

CAUTION: Use Spoofing services wisely since they may, at times, result in legal trouble.

Method 3: Use Skype

 Create a fresh Skype account with a new number and hide your phone number while calling. To do so, follow the steps given below:

  1. On your browser, visit Skype, navigate to Sign in, click on Sign up, and then create an account. Use a phone number or an email address to create the account.
  2. Next, click on the Skype Credit link, follow the on-screen instructions, and complete the payment. Please note you may specifically need a US or Canadian credit card.


  1. Download the Skype app (https://www.skype.com/en/) and sign in with the created Skype name and password.
  2. Once you have signed in to your account, go to Account Settings go to Phone numbers, select Add a phone number, and enter the new phone number you want to link to your Skype account. You may receive a verification code, proceed with it, and you can now make calls with your Skype caller ID without using your phone number.

Method 4: Using Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Voice Over IP (VoIP) is a virtual calling system, similar to Skype, that allows you to maintain privacy while calling. To use VoIP, you'll need either an Analog Telephone Adapter, an IP Phone, a Computer, or a Mobile App.

  • Setup for Smartphone (Free): Take a headset with a microphone for clear communication. Set up VoIP on your smartphone for free using Google Chrome and Wi-Fi.
  • Using a VoIP Adapter: If you opt for a VoIP adapter, you can dial as you always have, and the service provider may also offer a dial tone for added convenience.

Method 5: Using Fake Number App

There are numerous Burner or Fake Number Apps available that offer the ability to display a different phone number on recipients' mobiles. These apps are widely accessible for smartphones, providing customizable caller ID information and even the option to record calls. Start by downloading a trusted Fake Number App of your choice. Navigate through its settings to customize the caller ID information according to your preferences. Once set up, use the app wisely to ensure responsible and legal use.

Method 6: Using Google Voice

 Google Voice is a telephone service that provides users with a unique phone number for calling, text messaging, and voicemail. It is compatible with both smartphones and computers. Google Voice is available for use by Google Account customers in the U.S. and Google Workspace customers in Canada, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the contiguous United States. For using the service:

  1. Visit Google Voice (https://voice.google.com/u/0/about) on your browser and create an account.
  2. Now, on the left tab, navigate to Calls, click on the name of the person you want to call, link your device to Google Voice, and make a Call.
  3. You can also search for any saved number from your contact list or dial an unsaved number directly.

Method 7: PBX System

how to call someone and display a different number

The Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system is commonly used within organizations and business environments. This solution is for handling multiple phone numbers, which can be helpful when trying to save your phone identity while calling. While it typically displays a different number while calling, it can offer some features that may be relevant to this goal.

Method 8: Using *67 (Caller ID Block)

how to call someone and display a different number

Lastly, use *67 (Caller ID Block) that, although it won't change your phone number, will hide your caller ID, fulfilling the purpose. All you need to do is,

Add *67 before the phone number you need to dial. *67 works well for most Canadian and North American landlines and mobile phones. However, for carriers like AT&T, use #31#. For usage in the UK, the prefix 141 works.


These were the eight ways to display a different number while calling or hide your identity altogether. However, while using methods like Spoofing, Fake ID apps, and more, ensure you behave responsibly.

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