Find Your Salesforce Developer Certbolt Certification with the Help of Practice Tests

The Salesforce developers have exceptional skills required to customize apps on the Lightning Platform to expand and meet the business objectives. They are also able to develop data models, build a user interface, understand business logic, and ensure security of customized applications. Becoming a Certbolt certified developer requires that you earn the associated certification. With this, you can demonstrate your skills in designing custom-made applications on the Salesforce platform.

What Salesforce Developer Certifications Are Available?

The Salesforce Developer certification path contains several credentials that evaluate one’s technical proficiency. Let’s have a closer look at the most prominent among them.

  • Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I

This Certbolt certification is aimed at the professionals with skills in building customized programmatic applications on the Salesforce platform. The credential has no official prerequisite, which means it suits both the entry-level or experienced specialists, depending on their career goal. To obtain the certificate, you have to pass a single exam. This is a 105-minute test consisting of 60 multiple-choice questions. The candidates must achieve a passing score of 65% to get this badge.

  • Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II

This is an advanced-level credential designed for professionals with skills in advanced programming on the Lightning Platform. They also have competence in data modeling and can develop intricate business interfaces. To obtain the certbolt certification, you must first get Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I. You should also pass one qualifying exam, which is made up of 60 multiple-choice questions that you need to complete in 120 minutes. The passing score for the test is 70%. To become a certificate holder, you also have to earn four Salesforce Specialist certificates, including Apex Specialist, Data Integration Specialist, Aura Components Specialist, and Advanced Apex Specialist.

  • Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I

This credential is designed for those individuals who have mastery of JavaScript and also possess expertise in the Lightning Component Framework and developing Lightning Web Components (LWCs). The prerequisite exam comes with 60 multiple-choice questions that the students need to answer within 105 minutes. To get the certification, the examinees should score 65%. Besides the qualification certbolt test, the candidates are also required to get the Lightning Web Components superbadge to be awarded the Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I. These two badges can be earned in any order.

  • Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Developer

This Salesforce certbolt certification is intended for those who are experienced in using Commerce Cloud to develop an e-commerce solution. Passing a 105-minute test is a requirement for obtaining this credential. The exam comprises of 60 multiple-choice questions and comes with the passing score of 65%. For more visit

What Steps Should You Take to Get Salesforce Developer Certification?

The first step is to visit the official website to review the prerequisites. If you are qualified for the certbolt certificate, you must start your preparation. It’s recommended that you use practice tests and exam dumps as the top prep tools. They will help you develop your test-taking skills and build your confidence before taking the actual exam. Use only reliable resources to increase your chances of passing the certbolt certification test at the first attempt. The next step is to register for the exam. The registration fee amounts to $200. If you don’t pass your test, you have to retake with the fee of $100.


Nowadays, Salesforce is one of the most widely used CRM platforms in the world. Owing to the high demand for the specialists who are well-versed in this platform, the Salesforce developers have huge career potentials in the industry. With one of the certbolt certifications from the Salesforce path, you can expect a higher salary and faster career growth.

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