How to Wake Someone Up When Their Phone Is on Silent Mode? [5 Ways]

Many people have a habit of putting their smartphones on silent when they sleep or do something important to avoid any kind of disturbance.

While doing that has its own perks, sometimes there are situations in which you want to reach out to a person and their phone is on silent mode. So what can you do in those kinds of situations? Is there a way to wake someone up when their phone is on silent mode?

Read through this article, to explore about 4 proven ways that work! for waking someone up when their phone Is on Silent Mode.

Method 1: How to Wake Someone Up When Their Phone is on Silent Mode?

How to wake someone up over an Android Phone?

	how to wake someone up over the phone

The important thing here is to understand that if you want to wake someone up when their phone is on silent mode then the recipient must allow you to do so. If the recipient has not allowed you to disturb them when their phone is on silent mode then there is nothing you can do from your end to make their phone ring. Then no matter if they are having an Android smartphone or an iPhone.

Now, let’s see how you can add a person in your contacts to ring your phone even if it's on DND:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings on your device.

Step 2: Select Notifications.

Step 3: Access the 'Do not disturb' option.

Step 4: Choose 'Calls and messages'.

Step 5: Tap the + icon to add contacts.

Step 6: Use the search bar to find and select the desired contact.

Step 7: Press Done to confirm the addition.

Step 8: Repeat these steps to include multiple contacts in your device's 'Do Not Disturb' exceptions.

Once they do all of this, for both calls and messages, only then their phone will ring when you call them with your number or send a message to them. Even with all of this, the other person has to enable Do Not Disturb Priority mode.

Note: If they just turn on the simple silent mode, then your calls or messages will not notify as an alert. It only works when "Do Not Disturb Priority" mode is turned on.

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How to wake someone up over the phone iPhone?

	how to wake someone up over the iphone

The process for waking up someone when their phone is on silent mode is more or less the same. The person on the other side will have to add your contact to their emergency list contacts. Then they will have to change their Do Not Disturb Mode settings to allow calls and messages from your contact. Once that is done and they have enabled the Do Not Disturb Mode with priority calls and messages, then this method will might be able to wake the person up.

Here is a step-by-step guide for iPhone:

Step 1: Open Settings on your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap on Focus.

Step 3: Select 'Do Not Disturb'.

Step 4: Under the Allow Notifications section, tap on People.

Step 5: Choose 'Allow Notification From' and tap on Add.

Step 6: Use the search bar to find the relevant contact and select it from the search results.

Step 7: Tap Done to complete the process.

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Method 2: Using Find My Phone Feature

	how to wake someone up over the phone

Both iPhone and Android smartphones have the Find My Phone feature built-in. It allows you to ring a phone even when it is on silent mode. It is made to find your phone if you have accidentally dropped it somewhere and can’t find it. But you can use this feature to wake someone up when their phone is on silent mode. To do so, you will need the Google Account details or iCloud details of the other person.

If you have the account details, you can log in to the same account on your phone and use the Find My Phone feature to ring the phone. The person having the phone will definitely wake up with this feature but getting their account details is a long shot.

Method 3: Using 3-Party Apps To Wake Someone Up

By using 3rd-party special apps, you can set alarms on many phones at once, even if they're on silent. This helps when you need to wake someone whose phone is on silent or DND. It's like having an alarm that can be controlled from anywhere and that too, for anyone. These apps are great for coordinating wake-ups or events without any fuss. They're a helpful way to get everyone on the same schedule without causing any disturbance.

We recommend using Galarm app, which is really easy to setup and gets the job done.

Group Alarms

You can also use other third-party apps like Wakie Chat that works for both Android and iOS, or Air Horn and Police Siren (only for iOS) to wake someone up over the phone. For Android, you can find multiple apps, by just searching "Group alarms" in the play store. Also, ensure to only choose apps with 4+ app ratings.

Method 4: Turn On the Flash Notifications for Calls and Messages

Activating flash notifications for calls and messages serves as a valuable tool for ensuring that you stay informed, even when your phone is on silent. This feature provides a visual cue through the brief illumination of the camera flash whenever you receive a call or message, making it particularly helpful in scenarios where audible notifications are not suitable. Not to mention, the flash in fact works even when the phone is on silent or DND mode.

Flash call

Whether you're in a quiet setting, attending a meeting, or trying to wake up someone without disturbing others, the flash notifications offer a discreet yet effective way to capture attention. This feature can be easily enabled in your device settings under accessibility or notification preferences, contributing to a seamless and considerate wake-up experience even in silent mode.

Set up Flash for iPhone:

Step 1: Open the "Settings" app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on "Accessibility."

Step 3: Under the "Accessibility" menu, tap on "Hearing."

Step 4: Look for the "LED Flash for Alerts" option and toggle it to the ON position (green).

Now, your iPhone will use the LED flash to alert you to incoming calls and messages when your phone is on silent.

Set up Flash for Android:

Step 1: Open the "Settings" app on your Android device.

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on "Accessibility."

Step 3: Depending on your Android version, you may need to tap on "Hearing" or directly find the "Flash notification" or "Flash alerts" option.

Step 4: Toggle the "Flash notification" or "Flash alerts" switch to the ON position.

Note: The exact steps may vary slightly depending on your Android device's manufacturer and the version of Android it is running. If you cannot find the option in the "Accessibility" menu, check the "Sound" or "Notifications" settings.

Now, your Android device will use the flash to notify you of incoming calls and messages even when your phone is on silent.

Method 5: Emergency Bypass for iPhone

In addition to the previously mentioned methods, you can also employ the Emergency Bypass feature on iPhone for important calls. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the Contacts app on your iPhone.
  2. Find and select the contact you want to set as an emergency contact.
  3. Tap "Edit" in the top-right corner.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the contact details and tap "Ringtone."
  5. Under the Ringtone options, you'll find the Emergency Bypass toggle. Turn it on.
  6. Tap "Done" to save the changes.

By enabling Emergency Bypass for a specific contact, their calls will ring through even when your iPhone is in silent mode, ensuring you don't miss important calls during crucial times.

Closing Phrase

So that was all about how to wake someone up when their phone is on silent mode. There is no straight method to do it and it can be only possible if the other person wants it to be. So you can definitely try the methods above.

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How can I wake someone up if their phone is on silent mode?

Use a continuous call: Make a repeated call to the person; the vibrations may disrupt their sleep even if the phone is on silent.

Are there apps specifically designed for waking someone up discreetly?

Absolutely, try alarm clock apps with vibration settings: Many alarm apps offer customizable vibration patterns, allowing you to create a distinct and gentle vibration sequence to wake someone without disturbing others.

Can I wake someone up if their phone is on silent without repeatedly calling them?

Yes, consider using emergency bypass: Mark the contact as an emergency contact to allow calls and notifications to come through, even when the phone is on silent. This ensures important calls are not missed.

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