5 Biggest WhatsApp Security Flaws

You have probably come across various people complaining about the threats surrounding the use of WhatsApp. One of the most common ones is spying, and its issue is because it mainly occurs in stealth mode.

Therefore, you have to learn more on different Whatsapp spy solutions and various other relevant topics. The guide below should help

Biggest WhatsApp Security Issues

There are various big WhatsApp security issues that you should be aware of, including:

Whatsapp Web Malware

It includes an enormous user base that makes your device prone to issues such as cybercriminals. Whatsapp has a feature that lets users access their devices through a web interface.

However, malicious individuals have caught up with this technology and developed an ingenious way of scamming people. It involves the use of malware, which pass up as WhatsApp web pages but are only meant to steal your data.

Unencrypted Messages

The messages you share on Whatsapp feature a specialized type of encryption system. It helps safeguard your chats from illegal access. However, the feature does not apply to the WhatsApp backups that you make inline. An individual who can access your backup data can easily upload and use them for malicious purposes.

Facebook Data Sharing

Facebook has been prone to use criticism over the past few years, and compromises in data sharing are a typical example. A good example would be the data sharing function that Facebook recently unveiled. According to the policy,

Facebook can gain easy access to the information you have on WhatsApp. And, such a whatsapp message security issue makes your data prone to illegal access.

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5 WhatsApp Vulnerabilities

We’ve consulted cybersecurity researchers to discuss WhatsApp’s biggest security flaws. There are five critical WhatsApp vulnerabilities that you should consider, including:


As one of the top whatsapp privacy issues, CVE-2020-1886 involves a buffer flow issue in the Android version of Whatsapp. The issue applies specifically to WhatsApp versions that came out before V2.20.11. The primary way one can trigger this error is by receiving or responding to malware-based video calls.


The error compromised the Whatsapp desktop client version, which involved the V0.3.4932 and before versions. It involved a specialized threat integrated into a remote code execution vulnerability issue. The issue could eventually cause the source code to make its way to the security system, thus leading to illegal data access.


Another common WhatsApp security flaw that affected Android users. The error involved triggering a malicious receipt, which came in the form of a malicious sticker message. The goal of the sticker message was to compromise the privilege escalation issue.


The security flaw occurred to both iOS and Android devices. It involved the video call handle issue, which led to a severe data access threat. It specifically led to integrity, availability, and confidentiality compromises on the WhatsApp devices.


The issue refers to a stack overflow system issue that occurred to Apple and Android devices. It involved the passage of arbitrary code execution, which happened through a malicious push to talk message. It’s still one of the reasons why whatsapp is not safe.

Quick WhatsApp Security Tips

There are various excellent WhatsApp security tips that you should consider, including

  • Always chat with and respond to close acquaintances only. You never know who might when a new chat could lead to a data compromise.
  • Avoid sharing and setting up your WhatsApp on devices that you don’t own. Use only your phone and laptop as a safeguard from whatsapp security issues.
  • Never install third-party apps that don’t have an excellent online reputation. Yes! Some third-party apps are awesome.


So, is whatsapp safe? Not, completely! Never leave your device without any form of use protection. You have to be careful, especially when using popular software because people make errors. Even companies such as WhatsApp are prone to error, and using a thorough security approach is your best solution.

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