How to monitor Facebook activity effectively? See the answer here!

Have you ever wondered about how to see someone's activity on Facebook?

As you may know already, Facebook is still one of the popular social platforms to use today. Since it’s filled with millions of active users monthly, all kinds of people can basically join in, including the suspicious ones.

Of course, keeping the kids safe is every parent’s duty. To do that, parents can do several things, such as:

Use Spyware to Monitor Facebook Activity

There are actually various methods to see someone's activity on Facebook. You can either take the direct approach, which is highly risky, or use the spy apps that can gain access without the need for physical access.

Amongst the top spy apps, you can try one called eyeZy, considered one of the best methods to check someone’s activity on Facebook. Let us introduce you to it.

1 – eyeZy Keylogger

how to monitor facebook activity

Another method to monitor Facebook activity eyeZy can offer by using the Keylogger for Android. This is the solution if you want to see someone’s activity on Facebook without actually befriending them.

Keylogger is another function provided by eyeZy that any parents can use to monitor their kids' actual activity on social media. The basic function is to monitor what their kids are typing, and parents can act immediately if they notice something is wrong or suspicious.

By saving the target’s credentials, you can access their account with no trouble. If they type something, you’ll always see it. This feature will be very helpful for both the kids and the parents to increase internet safety.

2 - eyeZy Facebook Tracker

So, how do you see someone's activity on Facebook? The best answer could be using eyeZy Facebook Tracker. The tracker works in a simple way to give you the information you need about someone’s account details on Facebook.

With this feature, you won’t be able to directly penetrate someone’s safety by going inside their account remotely. Instead, the app will obtain crucial information about your target. By installing this app, you can get all the information, including:

  • The messages (sent and received)
  • The attachments within the messages, including all videos and pictures
  • Group chats

Once installing the app on the target’s phone, you can find this crucial information on the given control panel. Basically, all the features and functionalities can be accessed there.

How to See Friends' Activity on Facebook?

So how to see someone's Facebook activity without being friends? You can see the solution above, which is by using the keylogger. But what if you want to see what your friends are doing on Facebook?

The simple answer is checking the notifications center, although it certainly has some setbacks, including:

  • The very person should be on your friend list
  • Their profile should be adjusted for public

To do that, you can just login into your Facebook account and click the bell button on the top bar. This is where you can see all the notifications, including your friends’. So, the next time they post something or do recent activities, it’ll be put into your notifications.

What Does It All Mean?

By using the Facebook friend activity tracker, obtaining someone’s information on Facebook won’t be hard anymore. By gaining information about what they’re doing on Facebook, you can actually tell what kind of person they are on the internet.

You can tell someone’s behavior based on their activities, such as:

  • How they comment on someone’s post
  • How they comment on their page’s post
  • The images they uploaded
  • What kind of content do they post or repost on Facebook?

Now for the parents, they can protect their kids more effectively by seeing what kind of activities their kids are doing on Facebook. If they notice something bad or out of the ordinary, they can act immediately to prevent something bad from happening.


As you can see, there are some ways you can identify someone’s activity on Facebook. Since social media isn’t always full of goodness, it’s better for the parents to give decent protection to the kids by giving them extra monitoring via spying apps that can work safely and effectively.

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