10 Best Pupillary Distance Measure Apps 2023

Searching for Pupillary Distance Measure Apps? Nearsightedness and farsightedness are perhaps the most common issue discovered. Exposure to too many gadgets or with age, vision problems slowly but surely grips people.

And once it gets a hold of you, you’ve to resort to lenses or glasses to see right.

But before purchasing any such correcting gear, you have to get the interPupillary Distance right. It harnesses these glasses with the correct measurement to enable you to see better. You can calculate this Pupillary Distance for yourself at home. However, a standard measuring tool simply won’t cut it.

You will need a unique measuring tool, and it resides nowhere else but right on your phone - The Pupillary Distance app. These apps will help you determine what frame will suit your face the best. Check out our list of best free Pupillary Distance measure apps for Android and iOS devices!

1. PD Pupil Distance for Eyeglasses

Pupillary Distance Measure Apps



PD Pupil Distance for Eyeglasses is the highest-ranked Pupillary Distance Measure app, available for Android and iOS. An app by Glassify measures your Pupillary Distance quickly and with accuracy.

For measuring, just face the camera holding a standard-sized card with the magnetic stripe, and it'll do the rest! The app will measure the Distance in three steps - taking a picture, detecting eyes and pupils, and measuring.

It'll take a small fee for its services, and we'll leave it up to you to decide whether you want to spend money on it!

2. GlassesOn

Pupillary Distance Measure Apps

Developed by 6over6 Vision Ltd and rated an impressive 4.9 stars, this is perhaps one of the best free Pupillary Distance measure apps. It's a medical-grade app that uses cutting-edge computer vision to scan your glasses and determine precise readings.

It'll provide you with Rx details, including cylinder (astigmatism), sphere (power), axis, along with the required Pupillary Distance.

Tap on the 'Start PD' of the home page and simply follow the voice instructions. After that, the Pupillary Distance App will do everything else!



3. EyeQue PDCheck

free Pupillary Distance Measure Apps android

EyeQue PDCheck is the fastest, accurate, and easiest way to measure your Pupillary Distance within minutes. It'll give you exact measurements that you can then use to order a new pair of glasses or VR headsets.

Although you'll require PDCheck Frames to access this app, a subscription of $12.99 will be required to purchase the frames from the official EyeQue website.

For measuring your Pupillary Distance, just put on the PDCheck Frames, take a selfie through the app and adjust the markers to get precise results.



4. EyeMeasure

Pupillary Distance Measure Apps for ios

EyeMeasure is a Free Pupillary Distance Measure App that will transform your iPhone into a 3D body scanner and measurer. Through the app, you can measure your Pupillary Distance (eye to eye) along with Segment Height from both near and far Distances.

And the best part? Unlike other Pupillary Distance calculation apps, this app does not require any mirror, credit card, tape measure, or relative object. It'll be accurate till 0.5 mm to get the perfect glasses. However, this app is only compatible with iPhone X or higher.


5. Pupillary Distance Meter - PD Camera Measure

Pupillary Measure Apps

Pupillary Distance Meter - PD Camera Measure is another Pupillary Distance App for android. It uses a live scanner or any picture from the gallery and measures the distance with a standard card.

To get accurate results, you can pinch in or zoom out. The markers will track your card and eyes to ensure that the Distance calculated is not wrong. Results will be shown using monocular measurements like O.D and O.S, which can be further used to make glasses or sunglasses.


6. Pupil Distance Meter Pro

With 5 stars, the Pupil Distance Meter Pro by vistech.projects is perhaps the highest-rated and best Pupillary Distance app that the Android store has to offer. It works pretty similarly to the other Pupillary Distance measuring apps - take a picture, use a card for relation, wait a few moments, and the results will be with you!

It also works in favor of people who already have glasses. Its innovative UI will calculate and tell whether the glasses are the right fit for them or not.

And on top of being a measuring app, it is also a frame store. Right after the measurement, you can put your face against the offered variety of stylish glasses and order one if they suit your fancy!


7. Pupillary Distance Measure

Pupillary Distance Measure is a fantastic app to measure Pupillary Distance in Apple devices. Follow its three-step commands after launching the app, and wait for the accurate results to be with you within minutes!

While clicking the picture, you can also select your favorite angle. Its advanced AI will ensure that the measurements remain constant and accurate, despite any change of angles! You can use the results to get yourself spectacles, sunglasses, or even VR headsets.


8. Pupil Distance PD Express

Raking up 4.4 stars in the Apple App Store, Pupil Distance PD Express is a fantastic Pupillary Distance App for iOS and iPad. It works with iPhone X and iPad Pro 3rd Gen and higher.

What sets this Pupillary Distance calculator apart is that it does not require any relative cards, no steps but gives the perfect measurement in any case!

It'll calculate the Pupillary Distance in millimeters which can be then used to buy power glasses, sunglasses, and VR headsets.


9. Smart Optometry – Eye Tests for Professionals

Smart Optometry is a Pupillary Distance App recommended and used by professionals. Used by over 5000+ eye specialists, you can easily rely on the measurements provided by this app.

It is a professional platform that can measure your near vision in millimeters. And if you require it, you can even change the unit using its free vortex converter.

Available in 11 languages, this free Pupillary Distance App can be used with any dialect you feel comfortable with! You can find the app on both iOS and Android devices.



10. MIRA - Professional

MIRA is yet another professional Pupillary Distance calculator. It has all parameters that you might require to get progressive lens fitting. Besides the PD, you can also get Fitting Heights, Pantoscopic Angle, MonoPDs, Vertex Distance, Box sizes, and Wrap angle.

You won't even need a scaling device to get the right distance. Its sophisticated algorithm would automatically calculate the distance by taking a 3D scan of your face and delivering the results.



If you are a newly minted glass user or a perpetual user in need of new glasses, getting your Pupillary Distance right is always clever to achieve the best pair.

Having the wrong number, or off, will probably affect your eye in the long run and even increase it. So, be sure to pick a reliable app from our list of best Pupillary Distance Measure Apps to get accurate results!

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