Difference Between Chrome OS and Android OS

What is the main difference between Chrome OS vs Android OS?

Google, one of the leading 21st-century companies known for its search engine and of course the Android OS.

Aside from a single company, a variant of the Android system runs all the smartphones in the world. It is the most popular and sophisticated mobile operating system on the market. But Google is responsible for another popular operating system known as Chrome OS.

There is a major misconception about Chrome OS that it is also a mobile OS. The fact is quite different. Both Operating Systems are indeed developed by Google and they are similarly based on Linux-Kernel. Unfortunately, their similarities end just there.

Individually they are completely different systems targeted towards different devices.

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What is Chrome OS?

As mentioned earlier, Chrome OS is a Linux-based system, developed by Google. It is also an open-source system, making it free to use for everyone on the planet.

Now, Chrome OS is all about simplicity. It is designed for netbooks or desktop-based systems. And at its core, Chrome OS is simply a web browser. So, just browse videos, Facebook, and more similar to a Windows or macOS system.

What is Android OS?

Android OS is also developed by Google and it is also Linux-based by designed for a completely different segment of devices.

Android was first released under an open-source license that made it available to all. This decision gave birth to several iterations of the OS designed for other devices such as game consoles, cameras, and more.

So, what are the key differences between Chrome OS Vs Android OS?

While there are surely similarities between these Operating Systems, the differences are vast. Both were designed for different classes of devices and with different purposes. Let’s check them out.

  • Chrome OS for Netbooks / Android for smartphones & tablets

Even before Google launched the Chrome OS, they specified that this OS is targeted at people who love to browse the internet. Google also specified Chrome OS to be a desktop operating system.

While the Android OS was designed for touch-based devices like smartphones and tablets.

The Chrome OS may be designed for desktop machines but it is also not like a traditional system. There is more than enough Linux but it won’t run a Linux desktop. The apps are also cloud-based

  • Constant Updates.

Just like the Chrome browser, the Chrome OS gets updated constantly. But this is unlike any sort of patchwork before seen on an OS.

Usually, an update gets released with bug fixes or adding new features. After each update, the Chrome OS will get evolved and continue to do so.

While Android doesn’t come with any such evolving properties. A new version of the OS gets released from time to time and between that time numerous updates and get released to make the running version of the Android OS better optimized.

  • Simple interface

Compared to Android, Chrome OS is simplistic. This is simply Google’s Chrome browser in a bigger form.

When the Chrome OS boots up, there is only a Chrome browser window and drop menu that contains all the app icons.

  • No for Android Apps

Android apps can't run on Chrome OS. The Android apps have to be installed on a local device as Chrome OS will only run web-based apps.

  • Secure and Fast

As the Chrome OS is cloud-based, it boots up within 3 seconds. It is fast and secure. As the OS doesn’t contain any personal data or apps, there is no need to worry about security protocols for viruses or malware.

So, this is it. The most important and fundamental differences between Chrome OS vs android OS developed by the same company. Android is for smartphones and tablets and Chrome OS is just a glorified form of the Chrome browser. It is for the users who love to stay online. Browsing Facebook, watching videos, checking email; these sort of things. It is clean, simple and really fast.

Although, the Chrome OS has not been very popular like Android. After its initial launch, the OS has been popular with only a handful of people. Still, Google being optimistic hasn’t shelved it. Hopefully, in near future, the Chrome OS will be truly valued for its simple minimalistic design.

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